O! ’tis eternal life to know 908
O behold the Lord expiring 157
O believer! 932
O, beloved Saviour, haste, 400
O bend my will to thine. 1083
O beware of fondly thinking 719
O beware of trust ill-grounded 719
O bless the Lord, my soul! 420
O bless the Lord, my soul! 420
O bless the Saviour, ye that eat, 1122
O bless thy servant, dearest Lord, 450
O blessed be Jesus, for answering prayer, 1104
O blessed Jesus, ne’er may those 937
O blessed sight, O lovely form, 950
O blest devotion! thus to meet, 911
O blest exchange! transporting thought! 1081
O break the yoke of sin and death, 46
O breathe on us a gale of grace, 952
O bring no price! God’s grace is free 817
O bring thy worthless worm relief! 1124
O cast us not away, though vile! 1041
O change my captive, mournful state, 953
O come, and conquer, Lord, for me, 1087
O come and dissipate my fear 928
O come, and give the weary rest 942
O come and spread your woes abroad, 1109
O come, Lord Jesus, quickly come! 838
O come, poor helpless thirsty soul, 986
O come, thou much-expected Guest! 310
O come, with thy resistless word, 1087
O confer that grace again 802
O could I but believe, 278
O could I know and love him more, 771
O could I lift this heart of mine 676
O could I say, The Lord is mine, 1079
O could I to my Father’s will 507
O could we but with clearer eyes 803
O could we make our doubts remove, 1022
O crucify the man of sin, 1067
O crucify this self, that I 1075
O defend thy purchased flock 706
O do I feel a want of Christ 676
O do not frown my soul away, 941
O do not tarry long. 773
O dwell in me, fill all my soul, 1075
O fearful, O faithless! in mercy he cries 993
O fill it, Lord, with thy sweet word, 378
O fix our souls above, 608
O for a closer walk with God, 958
O for a glance of heavenly day, 316
O for a heart prepared to sing, 410
O for a heart to praise the Lord, 1024
O for a heart to seek my God, 285
O for a living faith to view 561
O for a sight, a pleasing sight, 481
O for an overcoming faith, 464
O for faith, and hope, and patience, 1096
O for faith this choice to make, 616
O for grace our hearts to soften! 133
O for grace to love thee more! 968
O for his sake our guilt forgive, 164
O for love, for faith, and patience! 615
O for my help do thou awake, 384
O for the joy thy presence gives 381
O, for thy truth and mercy’s sake, 1060
O garden of Gethsemane. 153
O Garden, scene of tragic love! 153
O give me, Lord, thy righteousness, 115
O give me strength, Lord, as my day 1065
O give me strength to bear 1083
O glorious hour! O blest abode! 473
O God, be merciful to me! 385
O God, be merciful to me! 385
O God, be merciful to me! 385
O God, be merciful to me! 385
O God, be merciful to me! 385
O God, be merciful to me! 385
O God of grace, of love immense, 942
O God of mercy, hear my call 1098
O God, our Help in ages past, 1139
O God, our Help in ages past, 1139
O God, our King, whose sovereign sway 370
O God, thy powerful aid impart 1051
O God, to thee we pray. 434
O God, who holy art, 671
O grace, thou bottomless abyss, 96
O gracious God, in whom I live, 1051
O grant him bright celestial views, 450
O heal my loathsome, stinking wounds, 510
O heal them with thy balmy blood! 838
O help me, or I die. 393
O help me to obey thy laws 1070
O help my unbelief. 731
O help my unbelief. 764
O help my unbelief! 820
O how could he so sweetly smile 191
O how good our gracious God is! 826
O how sweet that sound to me! 759
O how sweet their songs arise 918
O how unstable is my heart! 711
O! I fear ’tis all a cheat! 280
O! I have seen the day, 338
O I sink beneath the load 780
O if to me thy strength be given, 291
O ignorance extreme!) 39
O Jesus! full of truth and grace, 1060
O Jesus, thou fountain of grace, 380
O Jesus, to me now impart 380
O Kedron, gloomy brook, how foul 153
O keep me at thy sacred feet, 392
O keep me in the heavenly way, 1051
O kindle now the sacred flame! 1008
O Lamb of God, some pity show, 589
O lead me to the Rock 140
O let a lasting union join 142
O let it fall on us around, 1126
O let me climb those higher skies, 142
O let me never quite give out 835
O let me then at length be taught 323
O let my feet ne’er run astray, 122
O let my name engraven stand 92
O let my voice proclaim the joys 189
O let our souls on thee be cast, 1088
O let some blessed crumbs be given. 1120
O let the dead now hear thy voice 103
O let the Lord bestow 889
O let the Spirit within me dwell, 1076
O let thy love sufficient prove 378
O let thy mercy come. 1009
O let thy mercy me supply 1030
O let thy presence, by thy word, 367
O let us banquet with the King, 643
O let us ever hear thy voice 118
O let us now thy presence share, 382
O lift the abject sinner up! 1074
O look on God the Son! 510
O Lord, a cheering look bestow, 302
O Lord, descend and fill this place 368
O Lord, do thou instruct my heart 178
O Lord, how vile am I, 196
O Lord, I cast my care on thee 247
O Lord, I need not to repeat 1009
O Lord, I would delight in thee, 247
O Lord, increase my faith. 1030
O Lord, increase my feeble faith, 897
O Lord, my best desire fulfil, 259
O Lord of Hosts, thy dwellings are! 369
O Lord our God, but in thy smile. 1041
O Lord, rebuke me not in wrath 510
O Lord, stir up thy power, 374
O Lord, the pilot’s part perform, 290
O Lord! the sinner cries 1099
O Lord, thy dwelling-place secure! 381
O Lord, thy Spirit’s aid impart, 901
O Lord, with shame I do confess 904
O Love, beyond conception great, 17
O love divine, how sweet thou art! 249
O love him, save him to the end! 373
O love, how high thy glories swell! 10
O love of unexampled kind! 153A
O magnify that grace in me. 447
O magnify the Lord with me, 936
O make and keep my conscience clean 989
O make it clearly known. 825
O make it to increase 512
O make them useful, wise, and kind, 1154
O make this heart rejoice or ache, 281
O make thy awful warnings heard, 1143
O make to us salvation known, 983
O matchless grace indeed, 539
O may he preach the word of God 508
O may his love (immortal flame!) 418
O may I bear some glorious part 207
O may I call thee mine 1083
O may I ever find access 136
O may I ever rest in him, 636
O may I find my name 4
O may I live the friend of peace 974
O may I live to reach the place 18
O may I patiently endure 664
O may I reach the heavenly shore 294
O may I read my name 63
O may I seek thy praise alone. 974
O may I then be found in him, 1106
O may I, with my latest breath, 592
O may I with pleasure behold 529
O may my blood-washed soul be found 194
O may my heart, by thee possessed, 1070
O may my last expiring breath 9
O may my single aim be now 169
O may my soul be found in him, 112
O may my soul such folly shun, 172
O may my spirit daily rise 22
O may not duty seem a load, 455
O may the Lord appear, 436
O may the power which melts the rock 1142
O may this love my soul constrain 195
O may thy house be my abode, 139
O may thy matchless merits be, 222
O may thy name upon my heart 138
O may thy servant now today 508
O may thy Spirit, Lord, 1059
O may we all, dear Lord, as one, 512
O may we all share in the banquet above. 443
O may we all, while here below, 750
O may we each, with heart and tongue 660
O may we feel as once we felt, 434
O may we hear the Saviour’s voice, 450
O melt our hearts, or break 785
O might I doubt no more, 70
O might I once mount up and see 480
O Mount of Olives, sacred grove! 153
O my distrustful heart, 339
O my Jesus, let me know 170
O my Jesus, thou art mine, 801
O my loving, bleeding Lord, 390
O my soul, admire and wonder; 583
O my soul! be not dismayed, 698
O my soul, what means this sadness 333
O my soul with wonder tell, 594
O my soul, with wonder tell 600
O never give up this. 351
O never remove thy presence, nor hide 404
O pity and forgive! 196
O praise the Lord, ye heavenly hosts! 867
O Prince of life, with power descend 279
O put me in with thy own hands, 444
O quell my lust, nor let me fall! 1099
O raise me to thy bright abode. 1081
O receive my soul at last! 303
O refresh us! 461
O rend with thy expiring breath, 688
O revive us, 208
O righteous Father, just and true, 942
O sacred covert from the beams 924
O sacred deep, without a shore, 87
O save a wretch condemned to die! 238
O save me for thy mercies’ sake. 384
O save me from my treacherous heart! 214
O seal my pardon to my soul, 736
O see the blood-washed world 494
O send thy Spirit down to write 1003
O send thy Spirit from above 824
O send us not despairing home 731
O send us thy unction, to teach us all good 456
O shine on this benighted heart, 1069
O show my wandering feet the way 945
O shut me safetly in 1029
O speak, and bid my soul rejoice 941
O speak, that we thy voice may hear, 1125
O speak the kind transporting word, 1079
O speak the reconciling word, 818
O sustain us on the road 827
O sweet abode of peace and love, 1048
O sweet revelation divine! 460
O take away thy rod. 510
O take my all, this worthless heart, 95
O take the wanderer home. 392
O teach me, Lord, thy truth to know, 974
O teach me to love thy Person most sweet, 906
O teach me to resign 940
O that closer we could cleave 704
O that I could at last submit 1019
O that I could now adore him 333
O that I had a stronger faith, 247
O that I knew the secret place 727
O that I now the rest might know, 1061
O that in Jordan’s swelling 483
O that it now were shed abroad 249
O that love, how vast it is! 1117
O that my anxious mind were free 482
O that my God would grant me grace 1003
O that my load of sin were gone! 1019
O that my soul, as heretofore, 910
O that my soul could love and praise him more, 667
O that my Sun, with cheering ray, 910
O that our flinty hearts could melt, 824
O that our souls could wait 630
O that the happy hour were come, 478
O that the Lord would guide my ways 1003
O that thou wouldst me bless indeed, 790
O that we now might know 983
O the dear mysteries of his cross, 207
O the delights, the heavenly joys, 476
O the happiness arising 735
O the heights, the depths of grace, 145
O the love of Christ to sinners! 535
O the love that fills his heart! 956
O the matchless love of God! 662
O the mysterious depths of grace! 87A
O the pangs by Christians felt, 306
O the power of love divine! 116
O! the rock which Moses struck, 702
O the sweet wonders of that cross, 752
O the vast mysteries of thy love! 738
O, then, fulfil thy gracious word, 1131
O this indeed is hard! 783
O thou, at whose almighty word 1130
O thou bleeding love divine, 170
O thou by whom we come to God, 1002
O thou dear suffering Son of God, 688
O thou from whom all goodness flows, 1065
O thou hideous monster, Sin, 154
O thou lovely, loving Saviour, 697
O thou mighty God and Saviour 560
O thou mild, pacific Prince! 1057
O thou Saviour, keep me nigh. 1101
O thou sin-atoning Lamb! 1111
O thou that hear’st the prayer of faith, 1103
O thou with battering tempest tossed, 899
O tidings sweet of grace, 146
O to grace how great a debtor 199
O tune our tongues, and set in frame 829
O turn us, turn us, mighty Lord, 1143
O vanity extreme! 532
O wash my soul from every sin, 761
O watch against trusting to your native strength 644
O what a dreary land 673
O what a field of battle’s here 797
O what a Friend is Christ to me! 91
O what a gift is this! 792
O what a heavenly field! 519
O what a rest is Christ to me! 637
O what a rich field of delight! 529
O what amazing joys they feel, 481
O what amazing words of grace 987
O what an IF was there!) 312
O what blest devotion’s that, 802
O what dangers, all distressing, 1096
O what immortal joys I felt, 266
O what is honour, wealth, or mirth, 107
O what joy the sight affords! 972
O what matchless condescension 514
O what sacred joys await them! 1063
O what shall I do my Saviour to praise, 408
O what wonders love has done! 766
O what wonders love has done! 802
O when shall my spirit exchange 246
O when will God our joy complete, 782
O when wilt thou bid me ascend, 246
O where is now that glowing love 1041
O where shall I find a guide to direct, 906
O why did Jesus show to me 191
O why for man, dear Saviour, why 1123
O wonder of wonders! astonished I gaze, 41
O wondrous gifts of love divine, 1039
O wondrous love! to bleed and die 388
O would the Lord appear 729
O would the Lord but shine again, 676
O wretched, wretched man! 314
O ye banished seed, be glad 267
O ye helpless, 593
O ye much-esteemed sinners, 600
O ye needy, haste unto him 593
O ye sinners saved by grace 514
O ye sons of men, be wise 789
O ye thirsty, 582
O ye who long to feel and see 986
O yield not to fear, rest only in Christ 639
O Zion, afflicted with wave upon wave, 993
O Zion, when I think on thee, 1021
O’er all his Father’s house he stands 50
O’er all the man their sweets diffuse. 794
O’er all the mass, which part to choose, 75
O’er all their sins divinely rolls. 72
O’er all victorious, 35
O’er every thought and step preside, 1134
O’er hell and sin has victory won, 925
O’er his pungent sorrows ponder, 759
O’er Jacob shall he reign 38
O’er Satan, sin, and hell, 922
O’er sins unnumbered as the sand, 755
O’er the dear Object of our love. 265
O’er the sin-cursed garden ran 1044
O’er this benighted soul of mine. 427
O’ercome with bliss, I cry, Remove 304
O’erwhelmed with distress I mourn at thy feet 262
O’erwhelmed with his love. 756
O’erwhelmed with sorrow for sin, will I cry 1104
O’erwhelms my soul with poignant grief 285
Obedience is our view 862
Obedient to their sovereign Lord, 453
Obey his voice, and all his will esteem. 667
Obey the precepts of her Lord. 648
Obeys his precepts, keeps his word 256
Object of faith, and not of sense 969
Object of my first desire, 988
Obtain the favour of thy eyes, 74
Obtained by a dear bleeding God. 47
Occasioned a famine of bread, 276
Of a bright celestial crown 535
Of a guilty, treacherous heart, 594
Of a sin-avenging God; 651
Of a weak believer. 574
Of all for whom he stood. 579
Of all his guilt’s acquitted quite, 311
Of all his love has saved. 128
Of all my sins the chief. 773
Of all my swelling joys. 203
Of all rich dowries best!) 375
Of all that God bestows, 792
Of all that’s dismal in this world, 312
Of all the creatures God has made, 805
Of all the crowns Jehovah wears, 969
Of all the duties I have done 112
Of all the rightful heir, 1128
Of awful vengeance fell! 1093
Of breaking all thy ten commands 44
Of Canaan’s heavenly land. 216
Of choosing some from lost mankind, 66
Of Christ they speak of Christ they boast 634
Of cistern waters art thou sick, 684
Of covenant mercy I sing 340
Of crowds that daily come 302
Of enmity to God, 618
Of everlasting love. 471
Of everlasting love. 269
Of every kind for man while good 153
Of every kind of good, 274
Of every murderous, hateful sin. 526
Of excess there is no danger 43
Of faith, and love, and joy, and peace, 526
Of feeling all things show some sign, 316
Of friends and counsellors bereft, 812
Of God’s good will to men, 130
Of God’s rich gift of faith, 353
Of heaven, and death, and hell. 19
Of hell subdued, and peace with heaven. 122
Of Him my soul delights to talk 171
Of him shall sing of him shall boast 557
Of him that sits upon the throne, 1005
Of Him what wondrous things are told! 171
Of him who died upon the cross 919
Of him who has suffered and died in my place, 197
Of him would think, and speak, and hear 1124
Of his almighty power I’ll boast 557
Of his body, bread and wine 826
Of his body bread’s the sign, 830
Of his chastising God 871
Of his glory shall partake 615
Of his love we’d e’er be talking, 258
Of his o’erflowing grace. 476
Of his special favour. 780
Of his sufferings so intense, 154
Of humility and love. 874
Of its honey let me eat 702
Of Jesus and his word 958
Of Jesus’ blood, and Jesus’ might, 745
Of Jesus Christ, the Lord, the Lamb, 557
Of Jesus’ gracious store, 674
Of Jesus, will we plead 383
Of judgment too we sing 833
Of just condemnation and utter despair, 568
Of light not a beam, of love not a spark 321
Of love and righteousness. 465
Of love it the precious law is, 523
Of making love divinely known 149
Of man and beast thy care 1151
Of men, or angels know 87
Of my celestial song. 84
Of my deserved but dread abode. 200
Of my distress and shame 378
Of my nature’s evil! 780
Of my strength and wisdom spoiled, 686
Of natives in his holy mount, 360
Of never-abating despair, 159
Of never-dying love. 27
Of never-failing grace 212
Of never-failing skill, 320
Of one body each a part, 609
Of one celestial throng. 1153
Of one Lord will we sing, 653
Of our almighty Father’s throne 481
Of our descending God! 437
Of our eternal King. 14
Of our ever-present Friend. 501
Of our exalted King. 202
Of our High Priest above 120
Of our hope to persevere 77
Of our incarnate God. 29
Of our Lord’s redeeming love. 90
Of our Redeemer’s face 423
Of our salvation came 122
Of our sins for evermore, 237
Of pain, and grief, and shame. 785
Of pardon, life, and joy, and peace, 1039
Of passions, or of pains 850
Of peace if I’m in quest, 314
Of perseverance why so loath 222
Of pleasurable sin. 357
Of rage and mischief on, 122
Of sacred worship here 367
Of safety, strength, and beauty too 173
Of saints, in worlds of endless joy, 87A
Of Satan and his powers 312
Of sin and guilt the very dregs. 590
Of sin and sorrow fall, 782
Of Sinai’s fiery law 45
Of Sinai’s most horrible heat. 566
Of sinners, Lord, I am the chief 1124
Of sinners saved, and sins forgiven, 837
Of sore temptation I may fall 1043
Of sovereign grace to preach! 222
Of such a love as this, 105
Of that love that brought us near. 205
Of that mighty multitude, 717
Of the Almighty’s burning wrath! 823
Of the ceremonial law 93
Of the incarnate Word 607
Of the life that shall endure 964
Of the Lord, who thus forgave 1040
Of the royal blood-bought throng, 913
Of the saints enthroned on high 416
Of the same broken bread 437
Of the Saviour’s family 69
Of the total remission of sins, 309
Of thee I’ll speak, of thee I’ll sing 8
Of their labours e’er so bright 99
Of their salvation freely paid 371
Of things a thousand years ago, 226
Of things beyond our sight 226
Of this he sang, and we sing too. 353
Of this poor faltering tongue 84
Of this the best of men have need 107
Of this they sin, of this they boast, 538
Of those that fear thy name 140
Of thy glory here below 610
Of thy proper title 484
Of thy righteousness alone 798
Of thy soul in wrath’s deep flood 651
Of true and living faith 602
Of unceasing praises, for ever. Amen. 521
Of usefulness or fruit 806A
Of various kinds, assault 287
Of vengeance on Jesus, our Head 159
Of water of life and of peace 566
Of what himself has done, 32
Of what the Saviour’s undergone, 653
Of which all his Israel must eat 566
Of whom the prophets tell, 1093
Of wisdom, love, and power, 122
Of worth they seem to have, 674
Of yonder everlasting rest, 216
Of your condescending God 719
Of your exalted Lord, 607
Of Zion, for his ancient rest 365
Offend against my God. 1003
Offered his blood and died 122
Oft as sins, my soul, assail thee, 916
Oft by a Saviour’s dying love, 1115
Oft clothe thy word with power divine, 1115
Oft feed us, Lord, beneath this vine, 1115
Oft have we each in private prayed 808
Oft have we seen the tempest rise 286
Oft he chastised, but ne’er forsook 318
Oft hurry me away 378
Oft it causes anxious thought), 283
Oft rises up within, 618
Oft turned aside the fatal hour, 1016
Oft we cast a wishful eye 769
Oft we’re best when dangers fright us, 799
Oft when their hearts are sinking fast, 890
Often fill thee with dismay 333
Often I feel my sinful heart 9
Often in Gethsemane. 802
Often makes us start aside. 609
Often, Saviour, feast us thus, 827
Often set their hearts on flame 802
Often use their treacherous art 347
Ofttimes to Gethsemane. 802
Ofttimes with thy little train 802
Oh! for his sake attend our cry, 1140
Oh! I’m leprous, stinking, foul, 780
Oh, permit them not to wither, 1144
Oh! that I might so believe 1071
Oh! this unstable heart of mine 507
Oh what a narrow, narrow path 783
Oh! what a sad and doleful night 785
Oil and wine to heal and cherish, 759
Old professors, tall as cedars, 1144
Old sheep are moving off each year, 374
Old shepherds, too, retire, 374
Old things cease, and all is new 187
Omnipotence weakness become, 632
Omnipotent Lord, my Saviour and King, 229
On a precarious throne 646
On all that love the Son. 831
On all the dainties earth can give 979
On all who feel their woes. 556
On babes that long to learn 825
On Canaan’s happy land. 664
On Christ thy affections then fixed, 220
On Christ your Lord calling, your foes you shall rout. 644
On contrite hearts bestow 281
On doctrine he relies. 852
On earth can be known but in part 162
On earth each verdant clod, 1151
On earth we sing thy bleeding love, 146
On earth we want the sight 423
On every begging soul bestow 818
On every child of God. 795
On every side shall hem thee in, 917
On Gods incarnate Son. 479
On harps of gold they praise his name, 1155
On heavenly things we fix our eyes, 190
On her Beloved leans. 994
On her beloved Lord she leans 92
On hills of light, in worlds unknown 22
On him almighty vengeance fell, 134
On him alone depend. 13
On him alone my hopes recline 957
On him cast all their care 557
On him depend before him fall 571
On Him I cast my every care 171
On him I’ll wait, and in him trust. 630
On him shall Zion place 922
On him she casts her cares 638
On him that opes, and no man shuts 685
On his conflict much he thought 802
On his dear head, O what a storm 1093
On his face what sadness dwells! 170
On his head the crown they place 918
On his lisping babes below, 177
On honourable blood. 74
On its glories, 766
On Jacob now arise and shine, 1047
On Jesus’ aid rely 308A
On Jesus, and spent itself there. 159
On Jesus call, and trust his word, 714
On Jesus call, though wretched be your case 669
On Jesus calling with sad thought, 899
On Jesus for relief 773
On Jesus’ hands and side. 163
On Jesus’ head the crown he’ll place 1026
On Jesus puts the crown 617
On Jesus, the Rock that is higher than I. 1104
On Jewish altars slain, 125
On me be all its freeness shown 390
On me for all depend. 151
On me for love, for works, for faith, 151
On men of vilest race. 1099
On millions of the human race 61
On Mizar’s hill and Hermon’s mount 911
On my unworthy, favoured head, 84
On nature’s barren ground 81
On nature-strength and power, 214
On one so foul, so base, so blind, 775
On one so vile as I. 222
On seeking souls vouchsafe to shine 451
On sinners of a mortal race, 79
On sinners who have nought to bring, 526
On sinners’ work, or bad or good, 530
On sovereign grace rely 222
On spiritual things we cannot dwell 904
On such a wretch as I 191
On such as cannot help themselves, 570
On such as he designs to save 66
On such enchanted ground. 169
On such love, my soul, still ponder, 766
On that dear head of thine 125
On that we build our hope. 223
On the borders of your land 267
On the bosom of Jesus, my Lord. 380
On the bright hills of heavenly day. 317
On the cross thy body broken 237A
On the great Physician. 306
On the left hand and right, 308
On the Lord I cast my care, 1037
On the Rock of Ages founded, 372
On the Saviour’s fulness living, 735
On the wings of angels fly 248
On the wings of faith uprising, 689
On the word thy blood has sealed 1068
On thee alone I’d cast my care, 954
On thee I’ll wait in thee I’ll trust 510
On thee my feeble soul I’d stay, 1059
On thee, when sorrows rise, 136
On thee, when waves of trouble roll, 136
On their own works have built 111
On them his fond affections ran, 405
On these my fainting spirit lives 927
On this benighted soul of mine 945
On this firm rock, believers build 352
On this indulged, ungrateful spot! 1142
On this my darksome path 1030
On this, on that side keep 308
On this rock your building found, 77
On this sure foundation stone 742
On those that fear his name, 828
On thy feeble followers pour 798
On thy fixed love depend 796
On thy garden deign to smile 400
On thy kind arm may they rely, 3
On thy kind arms I fall, 764
On thy kind wings, celestial Dove. 480
On thy mercy I rely 737
On thy shoulders bear them home 768
On us assembled here 193
On us descend! 35
On us he sheds new beams of grace, 364
On what dost thou depend 666
On what has now been sown, 452
On what have thy fond hopes been stayed, 915
On what kind hand rely, 585
On what sure hand rely 795
On which his church is built 130
On which I raise my prospects high, 507
On which the Prince of Glory died, 439
On whom alone my hopes depend 927
On whom my hope of heaven is built, 1042
On whom my hopes of heaven depend! 427
On wings of faith above the skies 22
On wings of love came down, 403
On wings of love, from heaven he flies, 533
On wings of love he flies, 571
On wings of love the Saviour flies, 690
On yonder glorious height, 494
On yonder shores of bliss 483
On Zion’s bright summit above, 298
On Zion’s heavenly hill 121
On Zion’s hill he reigns, 540
Once a sinner near despair 376
Once applied, ’tis always on 920
Once beneath my sin he smarted, 759
Once did live, and liked it well 583
Once for favoured sinners slain, 493
Once he died our souls to save 485
Once I admired its trifles too, 1100
Once I beheld his lovely face, 910
Once I could sound the note of praise, 1046
Once I rolled in guilt and sin, 584
Once I was enveloped in debt, 565
Once in floods of wrath, the Lamb 657
Once in him, in him for ever 766
Once in the circuit of a year, 121
Once more before we part, 458
Once more, dear God of grace, 642
Once more his blessing ask 455
Once more, like children, we are come, 661
Once more the constant sun, 777
Once more we come before our God 455
Once they were mourning here below, 477
Once we lay immersed in sin 654
One almighty God of love, 802
One baptism we own 653
One be their views, their aim, their end, 1153
One body has its several limbs, 437
One day amidst the place 357
One gentle sigh their fetters breaks 1155
One glimpse, dear Saviour, of thy face, 266
One glimpse of happiness afford 927
One God eternally, 517
One God, Jehovah, and no more. 790
One hour upon the truth I feed, 728
One in the tomb one when he rose 405
One living, vital faith, 653
One look from Christ shall make thee whole 1056
One loves to watch and pray, 617
One mighty foe deals wondrous woe, 287
One of this remnant I would be, 690
One only sweet fountain of blood that was spilt 907
One pants with God to live and reign 617
One precept, e’er so small 45
One shining glimpse, one cheerful ray, 1081
One sip has made them well. 890
One sip of Bethlehem’s sacred well. 1091
One smile, one blissful smile of thine, 927
One that would only hear thy voice. 991
One there is, above all others, 133
One thing I keep in view 614
One when he triumphed o’er his foes 405
One when in heaven he took his seat, 405
One with Christ, our living Head, 657
One with God, through Jesus one, 80
One with him for evermore. 551
One with incarnate Deity! 405
One with Jesus, 766
Only because we slightly know, 803
Only by faith in Jesus’ wounds 45
Only by report is known, 1102
Only discloses to my view 288
Only ease me of my guilt. 737
Only fully known to God. 651
Only in Gethsemane. 802
Only in him they make their boast, 978
Only on his love rely, 1071
Only place of happiness 284
Only remember I am dust. 873
Only reserved for Christ that died, 991
Only Source of all that’s good 180
Only take him at his word. 237A
Only this can make me feel 702
Only thou our Leader be, 267
Only thou the way canst show 1077
Only through a Saviour’s blood. 594
Only to be found in thee. 988
Only to believe, 853
Only to produce despair 1040
Only when the way is rough, 277
Open all our hearts to thee 694
Open, Lord, and take me in, 356
Open now thy precious treasure 610
Open our eyes, and make us wise, 825
Open thou the crystal fountain, 462
Open thy arms, and take me in! 1060
Open wide the bloody scene. 704
Opened is the gate of heaven 931
Opens an eternal day. 495
Opens wide her golden gates 490
Opinions in the head, 236
Oppressed by sins of every name, 1089
Oppressed with guilt (a painful load), 1109
Or Adam formed, or angels made, 2
Or all my friends to me 186
Or any blessing make me blest, 690
Or at thy bleeding side 673
Or backward I shall start 684
Or barter pearls for straws. 803
Or bears them in his arms. 747
Or bid thee leave his door 893
Or but conceal his face. 185
Or but to Golgotha remove, 156
Or by the world abhorred, 335
Or catch him in his talk 887
Or contradict his will 261
Or count the number of thy years) 20
Or crucify the Lord again, 210
Or dare not move a single step, 302
Or deep distress, or poverty, 328
Or deep revelations pretend 220
Or do any holy thing, 796
Or does he seem to frown 909
Or does this guilty land exceed 1145
Or dread the unknown way 467
Or drop one heart-feeling tear. 722
Or drops in ocean lost. 792
Or e’er will know, is love. 792
Or earth on her huge columns placed. 10
Or earth, or seas, or sun, 530
Or earth received her frame 1139
Or else our service will but mock 1142
Or else we worship thee in vain. 952
Or faithfully sinners reprove, 250
Or feel at death dismay 934
Or fight the fight of faith 773
Or form our natures fit for heaven 57
Or from nature’s deepest cell 760
Or give my mourning heart relief. 941
Or gives us room to boast, 32
Or God e’er lose a saint. 772
Or groping ‘twixt hope and despair, 183
Or harbour one hard thought of thee. 323
Or heal the wounded mind. 946
Or hear salvation’s word, 953
Or hope expect, or faith believe. 88
Or hope for what he views 792
Or how can Mercy lift her head, 146
Or how escape the wrath to come 1052
Or human heart conceive, 1151
Or I must surely die 589
Or I shall faint and die 902
Or I shall tire at length, 674
Or, if among us some be met, 808
Or, if I never more must rise, 838
Or, if rich cordials thou deny, 835
Or, if self-interest will intrude, 851
Or if the Lily he assume, 142
Or if thou faint, to Jesus cry, 302
Or in a falling tear. 725
Or in the fire, or through the sea, 925
Or in the world to come. 312
Or in what glorious form appears, 621
Or justice can caress, 604
Or kernels from the shells. 236
Or laid foundations for the earth. 73
Or learning he may boast, 888
Or lend a hand to help me through, 302
Or let them longer last 251
Or lets the tempter do, 614
Or lift his guilty head. 860
Or lifted up my sinking head. 1016
Or like a shooting star. 498
Or like an apostle to preach 220
Or lose thy way with such a guide 961
Or love my thoughts engage, 314
Or lure my feet aside, 1051
Or make the clouds in order range, 905
Or mammon foul with grace 885
Or man’s or angel’s thought 37
Or members less comely to sight, 635
Or might join with Christ in prayer 802
Or more display the glorious right 202
Or must we wait till then 782
Or on the mount of God. 412
Or on the mount of sovereign grace, 925
Or on this earthly ball. 186
Or plead with the words of a friend, 220
Or prove the ransom incomplete 532
Or raise the dead to life. 905
Or rather made myself 860
Or rather, what our prayer 777
Or read, or speak, or hear, 796
Or saints to feel his grace. 100
Or Satan harass thee, 909
Or sever my soul from his love. 340
Or shake at death’s alarms 466
Or shall lift thee up when down. 270
Or should I start aside, 335
Or, should the dread decree be past, 808
Or shrink to meet a deadly foe 1113
Or sink amidst the flood 412
Or sink in ruin, guilt, and thrall. 613
Or sins more vile than they. 914
Or sins your peace assail, 921
Or soon my strength will fail. 1051
Or sore affliction, pain, or loss, 328
Or spurn thy humble plea 413
Or stand or fall by his doom 814
Or sunk in dismay, and none to uphold 297
Or tell the Lord my sore distress 279
Or that monster, Sin, appeared, 584
Or the least shadow of a spot. 1081
Or thorns compose so rich a crown 439
Or though they fight, no victory’s won 783
Or thousand years to come. 226
Or thy sweet ark will leave the place. 885
Or to defend his cause, 54
Or to guard against the woe. 645
Or trace thy wondrous ways 833
Or tremble at the gracious hand 259
Or trifle with thy blood 1095
Or turn my feet astray. 402
Or venture near his throne 15
Or verdant vales, or gliding rills, 88
Or wash away the stain. 125
Or wean our hearts from Christ our love. 72
Or what bright scenes may rise. 4
Or what can force them thence 345
Or what shall tempt us to despair 72
Or what the tempers will control 900
Or what the Trinity has done 34
Or what’s my safety or my health, 186
Or when I do, would own it base. 974
Or when Satan wounds my mind, 43
Or when they seek themselves to please, 851
Or where’s a refuge like our God 419
Or who can cure a troubled mind 814
Or why, this ocean rose, 914
Or wilt withhold from me. 259
Or wished, at least, they would condole 153
Or with the children’s bread. 393
Or wonders of argument forge, 220
Or worldly-prudent grow 374
Order my footsteps by thy word, 1003
Ordered by his wise decree. 64
Ordinances tease or tire 853
Other attainments are of earth, 814
Other refuge have I none, 303
Others affirm, The Spirit of God 774
Others, again, more smoothly go, 747
Others investigate their cause 791
Our admiration draws 803
Our Advocate that pleads 130
Our ardent wishes meet. 42
Our baptism first declares 863
Our Brother, and our Friend 130
Our bruised Champion came, 785
Our building in heaven eternally stands. 343
Our Captain fought the field alone 153
Our Captain is stronger than all that oppose. 129
Our Captain stood the fiery test, 312
Our characters were then decreed, 73
Our comforts may vary, our frames may decline, 343
Our condescending God, 287
Our conquering Hero hangs and dies! 797
Our Counsellor, our Guide, 130
Our country might find grace 808
Our courage and our strength renew, 1134
Our courage yields to fear 310
Our danger and our refuge too. 26
Our dear Deliverer’s love is such, 782
Our dear Redeemer dearly paid 130
Our dearest joys, and dearest friends, 1064
Our doubts and fears remove 27
Our earnest, fervent cry attend, 382
Our every fear will chase 382
Our fainting hope to raise 398
Our faith adores the name we sing. 506
Our faith and love, and every grace, 1148
Our faith and patience fail 27
Our faith he daily will assail, 312
Our faith is feeble, we confess 731
Our faith receives a righteousness 111
Our faith shall Abba, Father, cry, 79
Our faith shall never yield to fear. 1141
Our faithful, unchangeable Friend 220
Our fancy loves to range 885
Our Father and our Friend 624
Our Father and our love 770
Our Father provided this Lamb for a treat 150
Our feeble feet enclose 308
Our feeble souls assail. 27
Our First and Last, in thee we stand. 313
Our follies and our thoughts. 212
Our follies past forgive 499
Our folly and unsteadfastness 296
Our frozen hearts to warm. 691
Our fruitful fields and pastures tell, 1151
Our gifts and grace increase 1154
Our glorious Leader claims our praise 477
Our God contracted to a span, 37
Our God, how firm his promise stands, 85
Our God, was manifest below! 37
Our God will with him bring. 842
Our good Guide and Saviour has helped us thus far 778
Our gracious Shepherd thou, 146
Our grateful hearts and voices raise 34
Our grateful tribute bring. 833
Our great Deliverer rise 486
Our great High Priest, before the throne, 1107
Our great salvation rose 709
Our griefs we labour to prolong! 291
Our guilt and folly own 646
Our guilty souls are drowned in tears, 1006
Our guilty treasons called aloud 317
Our happy thoughts employ. 434
Our hard hearts to soften 827
Our hearts approve his ways. 682
Our hearts are prone to roam 700
Our hearts cast up uncleanness, 235
Our hearts in love, our voice in praise 88
Our hearts remain as cold as clay, 952
Our hearts shall love him more. 476
Our hearts were fixed on things above, 1041
Our heavenly Father calls 437
Our heaviest burdens he sustains 441
Our helper still is God. 274
Our highest thoughts exceed. 1015
Our Hope for years to come, 1139
Our Hope for years to come, 1139
Our hope of performing what’s right, 670
Our hope, our comfort, dies. 679
Our Hope, our Joy, our All. 193
Our hope’s on Jesus cast 311
Our hopes on Jesus place 217
Our humble hopes depend. 1143
Our humble songs employ 367
Our humble thanks to thee, 418
Our interest in his blood 983
Our Jesus freely did appear 375
Our Jesus has loved us, we cannot tell why 161
Our Jesus is the God of hope 244
Our Jesus loves his dear elect 67
Our Jesus sends some cheering ray 286
Our Jesus shall be still our theme, 118
Our Joseph turns aside to weep, 308A
Our journey lies along this road 286
Our joy shall still increase 592
Our joyful eyes behold him sit, 359
Our joyful songs shall echo still, 176
Our joys divinely grow 423
Our joys in haste dismiss. 291
Our legal hope he kindly kills, 894
Our Life and Resurrection thou, 193
Our life in Christ is hid, 102
Our life is ever on the wing, 498
Our life, our hope, our all’s in him, 606
Our lips address the Spirit’s name, 409
Our lives through various scenes are drawn, 1
Our longing breasts inspire 28
Our Lord forgives us all. 218
Our Lord has made his empire fall, 492
Our Lord into his garden comes, 363
Our loudest hosannas his name shall adore! 414
Our love so faint, so cold to thee, 25
Our lust and pride, by power or craft, 564
Our minds from bondage free 27
Our mortal flesh to save 426
Our mournful minds to move, 822
Our names, with every penal score, 794
Our nature’s made by sin 863
Our numerous complaints his mercy will hear 184
Our numerous griefs are here redressed, 42
Our only, all-prevailing plea, 383
Our outward walk and inward frame, 296
Our path’s been strewed with blessings rich and rare, 699
Our peace is made with heaven 820
Our prayers attend 35
Our Priest that prayed, atoned and bled, 130
Our Prophet, Christ, expounds 130
Our quickened souls awake and rise 190
Our Ransom, our Peace, and our Surety he is 161
Our ransom with his life. 130
Our raptured eyes and soul employs, 265
Our raptured eyes behold. 42
Our ravished breasts inspire 29
Our Redeemer 69
Our refuge and defence. 459
Our righteousness and strength are found 110
Our saddest hours we prize 307
Our Saviour alone, the Lord, let us bless, 404
Our Saviour and Friend, his love shall extend 68
Our Saviour and our God. 502
Our Saviour and our King, 421
Our Saviour, by free grace alone, 215
Our seeking thy face was all of thy grace 68
Our shades and darkness turn to day 26
Our Shelter from the stormy blast, 1139
Our Shepherd and King cares much for his sheep 804
Our sin how deep its stains 764
Our sin revives, and death and hell 27
Our sins are all forgiven 107
Our sins can ne’er be found. 212
Our sins on the Lamb, and he bore them away. 161
Our sins upon the tree 856
Our sleeping dust shall rise, 217
Our song through all the year. 499
Our sonship still to keep in view, 531
Our sorrows in the scale he weighs, 132
Our sorrows then shall flee away, 1021
Our souls can neither fly nor go, 25
Our souls divinely cheer 499
Our souls on thee be stayed 35
Our souls, ourselves, our all we pay 317
Our souls receive diviner breath, 432
Our souls revive, our strength renew 285
Our souls their heavenly birth derive, 505
Our spirits when they droop, 822
Our springs are all in thee. 176
Our springs are all in thee. 176
Our springs are all in thee. 176
Our springs are all in thee. 176
Our springs are all in thee. 176
Our staggering faith gives way to doubt 310
Our Strength, and Righteousness. 652
Our strength will soon decrease, 1129
Our Sun will always shine. 337
Our sure defence be made, 35
Our Surety for us stood 130
Our Surety knows for whom he stood 82
Our Surety stands before the throne, 509
Our Surety undertook the cause, 486
Our theme shall be, a sinner saved, 217
Our tongues rejoice in tunes of praise 476
Our very frame is mixed with sin 1006
Our vile requital of his love 1142
Our waiting souls set free 1134
Our warmer thoughts employs 5
Our wars and tumults all arise 646
Our wishes all above, 1082
Our wonderful Lover took flesh of our flesh 40
Ours appeared a hopeless case 1040
Ours the cross, the grave, the skies! 485
Out of Christ, almighty power 789
Out of self to Jesus lead! 515
Out of the mouth of God 146
Out of the world’s wide wilderness. 363
Outshines the wonders of the skies. 18
Over my sins and after thee 263
Over our mortal flesh again 432
Over self to reign as kings 372
Overgrown with weeds and briars. 874
Overwhelmed in deep disgrace 662
Overwhelmed in sweat and blood 656
Overwhelmed the Lamb of God. 658
Overwhelmed was he indeed, 657
Overwhelmed with fear and doubt, 619
Overwhelmed with helpless grief, 1068
Owe what thou wilt, the total sum 23
Own him for your Sovereign Guide. 428
Own me in that day for thine. 496
Own their great and gracious God 1150