Paid all charges, 583
Paid is the mighty debt they owed 206
Paid my ransom with his blood 801
Paid off each law demand, 146
Pains and sorrows, sins and woes, 616
Panting, groaning, sweating blood! 789
Pardon a worm that would draw near, 1070
Pardon all our baseness, Lord 827
Pardon and grace, and boundless love, 47
Pardon, and life, and endless peace 1109
Pardon and life for dying souls. 33
Pardon and peace from God on high 123
Pardon any other way. 789
Pardon, Lord, our poor endeavour 416
Pardon my sins, and take me home 838
Pardon through thy dear wounds and blood, 1099
Pardoning the guilt of numerous years. 48
Parents, native place, and time, 64
Part of that weight which thou hast felt 824
Partake of a spiritual birth, 298
Partial service is his loathing 800
Partner of my throne shalt be 968
Paschal Lamb, by God appointed, 931
Passed by, and bid us live 1040
Passed on man’s devoted race 237A
Patch up no inglorious peace 270
Patient, and to pains inured 802
Paul, and Cephas, and Apollos, 864
Pause, my soul! adore and wonder! 69
Pause, my soul! and ask the question, 698
Paved from end to end with love 543
Payment God cannot twice demand, 227
Peace and great goodwill to men! 776
Peace and great goodwill to men. 776
Peace be within this sacred place, 361
Peace by his cross has Jesus made 925
Peace is made ‘twixt man and God. 931
Peace, my complaining, doubting heart, 1086
Peace of conscience, peace with God, 534
Peace on earth, and mercy mild, 36
Peace on earth and mercy mild, 36
Peace on earth brought down from heaven 776
Peace on earth, proclaimed by heaven 776
Peace procured by blood divine 145
Peace shall attend the path they go, 58
Peace to this sacred house, 362
Peculiar are the saints, 598
Peculiar indeed 598
Peculiar is the grace, 598
Peculiar must the blessing be, 598
Peculiar price indeed!) 598
Pensive, doubting, fearful heart, 273
Perceives at length his unbelief 744
Perfect holiness of spirit, 484
Perfect us in all his will, 1138
Perfection here below 1148
Perfection is not found. 234
Perfection of glory reigns there. 246
Perfection, then, in him we view 65
Perfectly secured by thee 1053
Performs his works, the cause conceals 6
Perfumed the chambers of the grave, 842
Perfumed the throne of God on high, 794
Perfumes, and makes it welcome there. 1107
Perfumes the holy throne. 128
Perhaps he died for me. 510
Perhaps tomorrow he’ll distress us, 758
Permit a worm to bow before thy throne 668
Permits a vile worm of the dust 233
Perpetual honours raise 506
Perplexed and at a loss, 308A
Perplexed and shattered here and there, 899
Perplexed with sin, guilt, and fear 460
Perseverance he bestows 795
Perseverance in our race, 796
Peter loved his Master well, 742
Pharisees gainsay or rail 77
Pierce it with the blood-dipped dart 802
Pierce the clouds of nature’s night 1073
Pierce the gloom of sin and grief; 726
Pierced and nailed him to the tree, 493
Pierced my heart to pass by thee! 170
Piercing the shades with dawning light 142
Pilgrim through this barren land 462
Pilgrims we are, to Canaan bound 286
Pitied us when enemies 416
Pity a helpless sinner, Lord, 447
Pity, for thou know’st our frame 416
Pity my soul, and make me whole, 378
Pity thy poor, dejected few 285
Plagued with every sore disease 780
Plagues and deaths around me fly 64
Plainly here his footsteps tracing, 428
Planted by God the Father’s hand 363
Plead and claim my peace with God! 158
Pleads the rich ransom of his blood 488
Pleased we read in sacred story, 491
Pleased with all the Lord provides 1058
Pleased with Jesus’ sacred word! 187
Pleasure and love fill every mind, 437
Pleasure comes and hopes abound 932
Pleasure springs fresh for ever thence, 475
Pleasure, though with zeal pursued, 1045
Pleasures which can never cloy. 80
Plenteous grace with thee is found 303
Plunge them down the rolling tide! 495
Plunge us in that crimson ocean, 697
Plunged in horror’s dreadful flood, 662
Plunged me in gulfs of black despair. 1017
Point out the place where grace abounds 29
Points out the breast of every soul, 891
Points to heaven, and shows the road. 1133
Points to their names upon his breast, 117
Polluted without and within, 319
Poor and afflicted but ere long 992
Poor and afflicted, Lord, are thine, 992
Poor and afflicted, yes, they are 992
Poor and afflicted; yet they sing, 992
Poor angry bosom, hush, 335
Poor bankrupt souls, who feel and know 675
Poor captives, come to me 989
Poor child, maternal love alone 708
Poor comfort to mourners they give 220
Poor disciples, tell me now, 802
Poor fearful saint, be not dismayed, 622
Poor helpless souls he ne’er neglects, 587
Poor helpless worms in thee possess 1006
Poor in spirit, meek in heart, 1058
Poor pilgrims shall not stray, 130
Poor sinner, come, cast off thy fear, 861
Poor sinner, dejected with fear, 627
Poor sinners dejected, of comfort debarred, 40
Poor sinners eat immortal meat, 446
Poor sinners may with boldness pray, 821
Poor sinners, sing the Lamb that died 856
Poor sinners, sunk in sin’s tremendous cell, 669
Poor sinners tormented with sickness or sore 548
Poor soul, what is thy hope 666
Poor tempest-tossed soul, be still 388
Poor though I am, despised, forgot, 967
Poor trembling sinner, come 629
Poor trembling sinners hear his call 448
Poor, weak, and worthless though I am, 91
Poor, wretched, worthless worm! 313
Pore not on thyself too long, 780
Possess a life that never dies. 82
Possess the promised rest. 477
Possess this soul of mine 252
Post away to David’s cave. 147
Pour out their souls to thee 854
Poured on the ground a purple flood, 824
Poured out his cries and tears 120
Pouring day upon our eyes. 1057
Power, and glory, and dominion, 719
Power and love in Christ combine, 1028
Praise and bless him, 514
Praise and bless redeeming love. 90
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 506A
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 867
Praise God, from whom all blessings flow 506A
Praise him above, ye heavenly host 506A
Praise him all creatures here below 506A
Praise Him in cheerful, grateful songs 171
Praise him who brought our liberty, 661
Praise his name in hymns divine. 342
Praise the great Redeemer’s name. 333
Praise the mount! O fix me on it! 199
Praise to Jesus’ bleeding love. 99
Praise to thee by both be given! 485
Praise ye his name! 415
Praise ye his name! 415
Praising his name, 415
Prattling of him all day long. 177
Pray for faith and patience. 717
Pray, if thou canst or canst not speak 882
Pray that thy lusts may all be slain, 377
Pray thou for us, that we, through faith, 29
Prayer a task and burden prove, 283
Prayer can force a passage through 397
Prayer climbs the ladder Jacob saw 394
Prayer is the burden of a sigh, 1002
Prayer is the contrite sinner’s voice, 1002
Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire, 1002
Prayer makes the Christian’s armour bright 394
Prayer makes the darkened cloud withdraw, 394
Prayer, too, seems a load 853
Prayer was appointed to convey 882
Prayer’s a weapon for the feeble 270
Preaching peace by Jesus’ blood 1044
Preceded that day’s morn, 785
Precious Bible! what a treasure 43
Precious drops my soul bedewing, 158
Precious Jesus! Friend of sinners 610
Precious Jesus! here we are, 649
Precious Jesus! must it be, 616
Precious Jesus! we adore thee 656
Precious Saviour 583
Precious Spirit, make us see 649
Predestinated to be sons, 73
Prefers his humble prayer 222
Pregnant cause of misery. 154
Pregnant with mercy, truth, and grace, 557
Prepare a tuneful voice 109
Prepare me, gracious God, 471
Prepare new honours for his name, 19
Prepare us for that day 847
Prepare us for thy will, 499
Prepare us to receive thy word 454
Prepared by grace divine. 831
Prepared of old, at God’s right hand, 217
Present your suffering Lord to view, 824
Presents a sign to Christian sight, 791
Presents the merits of his blood 1107
Preserve the power of faith alive 193
Preserve thy saints in love, 601
Preserve us from running on rocks or on shelves, 129
Preserve us in love, while here we abide 404
Preserve us in thy fear 608
Preserve us through the year. 499
Preserved by thy sovereign hand, 224
Preserved in Jesus when 732
Preserves the soul from poisonous pride 255
Preserves thee, first and last 708
Preserves us safe from sin and death, 421
Press forward to the heavenly gate 1007
Press them close on every hand 397
Presumption tempts us every day 308
Presumption’s dangerous snare, 782
Pretend to live the life divine, 773
Prevent, prevent it by thy grace 938
Pride and self must be brought down 543
Pride, envy, slavish fear. 733
Pride, lust, and self-deceit 671
Pride only knows to interpose, 287
Pride, that haughty monster, pride, 609
Primeval shades of darkness drove, 10
Princes to his imperial name 476
Print thy own resemblance there. 379
Prisoners of hope are quite reprieved, 836
Prisoners of hope, to Jesus turn 1090
Prize thy word, and love to pray 990
Proceed it from an angel’s mouth, 152
Proceeding from the throne above 996
Proceeding from thy special love and care. 699
Proclaim a full release 586
Proclaim a Saviour’s blood, 696
Proclaim his love abroad 590
Proclaim salvation free, 508
Proclaim, Salvation from the Lord, 14
Proclaim the grace of your incarnate God 703
Proclaim the wise, the powerful God 18
Proclaim, through all the land, 586
Proclaim thy constant care. 1152
Proclaim, with honour to his name, 550
Proclaims his grace abroad. 579
Proclaims that God is love! 750
Produce a copious fruit. 455
Produce a patient mind. 300
Produced by the Spirit and goodness of God. 239
Produces only cankered fruit. 671
Producing precious fruit. 779
Profaneness, riot, lust, and pride 1142
Professors’ minds control 851
Profound in his wisdom, abounding in grace 548
Prompting us to secret prayer 237
Prone from my Saviour to depart 9
Prone to leave the God I love 199
Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it 199
Pronounce his hand severe. 1086
Pronounce, O pronounce I am thine 380
Pronounce the truths of Jesus vain, 57
Proofs I see sufficient of it 1116
Prophets of old, and saints the same, 1091
Propitious from thy throne above, 367
Proportioned to their cost. 803
Prostrate at thy feet I lie 1119
Prostrate at thy feet repenting, 1068
Prostrate before his awful seat 6
Prostrate before thy throne I fall 941
Prostrate I fall, ashamed of doubt, 105
Protection in me they shall find, 183
Protects from fatal harms 308A
Proud, envious, false, unclean 310
Proud lions, that boast when lusty and young, 804
Proud nature cries, with loathing eyes, 115
Prove his wounds each day more healing, 158
Prove I was dear to thee. 216
Prove we cannot do without him, 396
Proves Zion to be the Lamb’s wife, 523
Provided for beggars distressed! 566
Provides for those who come to God 395
Provides her a clothing divine, 523
Provoked a kind and gracious God, 189
Pull down all the bars between us, 776
Pull his polluted garments off 106
Pure and holy may we be 1053
Pure gold, well tried by fire. 777
Pure heavenly bliss to prove, 1153
Pure honey, milk, and wine 412
Pure river, O how sweet and clear! 996
Pure unbounded love thou art 1053
Pursue the narrow path 305
Pursued by guilt and fear. 1029
Pursued by guilt and sin, 1026
Pursues me and rages with fulsomest breath, 907
Pursuing folly with much pain, 898
Put forth by God to save his own 224
Put forth thy Spirit with the word, 193
Put off the body of our sin 432
Put on the nature of the lamb 53
Put shoes upon his feet, 590
Put the hosts of hell to flight. 560
Put their most dreadful forms 122
Put thy Spirit in my heart 280