Raise every chorus to his blood, 3
Raise our souls from earth and sin 695
Raise the dead the captive free 515
Raise the fallen, cheer the faint, 303
Raise the plants, enrich the soil 400
Raise thy downcast eyes and see, 956
Raise us to thy glorious throne. 1054
Raise us up and make us whole. 754
Raise we, then, our cheerful voices 864
Raise your joys and triumphs high 485
Raised, and then with glory crowned. 1137
Raised from corruption, guilt, and death 432
Rankling venom killed the faster 876
Ransomed mortals, 920
Ransomed souls, the tidings swell 766
Ransoms poor prisoners with his blood, 89
Rare virtues now these herbs contain 153
Rash presumption, timid doubt, 306
Rattling like a peal of thunder, 495
Reach us more within the vail. 769
Read my anguish in my gore 170
Reared it high, that all might view it 876
Reason no help can give, 585
Rebellious thou hast been, 1032
Rebels against his goodness prove. 1142
Receive and eat the living food 1121
Receive the conquering King 489
Received full payment from his hands. 65
Receiving food and rest 708
Reception worthy thee, 310
Reclaim thy roving child at last, 673
Reclines his head on Jesus’ breast, 358
Reconciled in him to God. 133
Reconciled my soul to God 542
Record his mercies, every heart 458
Recorded in some humble place, 4
Red with the blood he shed for me 21
Redeemed, and saved by grace, we sing 65
Redeemed by his blood, and with him made one 221
Redeemed from earth by Jesus’ blood 1124
Redeemed from hell, and sealed for heaven 790
Redeemed us from the curse. 861
Redeemed with his merit, we’re washed in his blood 129
Redeemed, with Jesus’ blood redeemed, 596
Redeemed, with Jesus’ blood redeemed. 102
Redeemed, with Jesus’ blood redeemed. 102
Redeemed, with Jesus’ blood redeemed. 102
Redeemed, with Jesus’ blood redeemed. 102
Redeemed, with Jesus’ blood redeemed. 102
Redeemer! whither should I flee, 1052
Redeeming grace and dying love. 264
Redeeming love has been my theme, 160
Redeeming mercy never dies. 96
Redemption all is ours. 39
Redemption by his blood, 59
Redemption in full through his blood 233
Redemption in his blood by faith, 181
Redemption through his blood. 586
Redemption’s glorious work is done 532
Reduce to practice what we hear. 454
Reflect in what you thus delight. 807
Reflect what trifles ye pursue, 814
Refresh his eye with sweeter light, 714
Refresh us from thy word, we pray, 1129
Refresh us now, and send us down 1128
Regard, great God! my mournful prayer 384
Regard the grief and shame I’ve felt, 860
Regard thy guilty creatures’ call, 1128
Regardless of thy smile or frown, 1143
Regards their moan with pitying eye, 889
Rehearse the same in every line 87A
Reign o’er us as King, accomplish thy will, 129
Reject it with disdain 141
Rejected and despised he is, 975
Rejected be the thought! 1013
Rejoice aloud, ye saints, rejoice. 127
Rejoice aloud, ye saints, rejoice. 127
Rejoice aloud, ye saints, rejoice. 127
Rejoice aloud, ye saints, rejoice. 127
Rejoice and be ashamed. 241
Rejoice, and let Christ be thy song, 565
Rejoice and tremble at his word, 255
Rejoice in glorious hope, 127
Rejoice, the Lord is King 127
Rejoice, the Saviour reigns, 127
Rejoice, then, not repine 219
Rejoice, thou ransomed soul, rejoice, 951
Rejoice to see me sunk so low 401
Rejoice, ye mourning souls 519
Rejoice, ye saints, in every state, 82
Rejoice, ye saints, rejoice, 607
Rejoicing in Jesus by faith. 233
Rejoicing in what Christ has done, 512
Release from slavish fear 1132
Relieve his praying poor. 765
Relieved our every smart. 434
Religion is but halt 241
Religion loses ground 1146
Relinquish all, s unworthy me. 807
Rely alone upon his grace, 253
Relying on thy faithful word 453
Remember all to me are dear 810
Remember, brethren, whose you are 807
Remember him that died for you. 448
Remember him who once applied, 731
Remember how the devil dared 312
Remember, man, thy birth 880
Remember me, O Lord, for good. 214
Remember, O Christian, with heed, 220
Remember one thing, O may it sink deep 804
Remember the ends for which we are met 456
Remember, the Saviour in winter was born. 40
Remember this in eating bread, 820
Remember, with a mighty hand 358
Remembering thou thyself wast dead. 844
Remission is given, and both from his love. 239
Remote from the regions of sin. 298
Remove each vain, each worldly thought, 1008
Remove our pride, whate’er betide, 287
Remove this hardness from my heart, 1061
Rend, O rend the vail between 704
Rendered safe by his protection, 1102
Renew, O Lord, my strength 674
Renewed by his Spirit, we’ve power with God. 129
Renews their strength and heals their wounds. 1001
Repeat it again, and publish abroad 568
Repeat, ye ransomed souls, repeat, 861
Repeats in various ways 1151
Repent, awakened souls, repent 837
Repentance flows freely through Calvary’s blood, 239
Repentance is a gift bestowed 241
Repentance is granted, God’s justice to prove 239
Repentance is so too. 747
Repentance to impart, 390
Repentance to their faith they join, 240
Repenting saints the Saviour own 241
Reproves my cold delays 429
Rescued from ten thousand fears 1031
Resolved (for that’s my last defence), 166
Resolved for thy glory to die. 380
Resolved to buy us with his blood. 448
Resolved to mend in aftertimes, 189
Resolved to put my foes to flight 271
Resolved to set her free 533
Respecting all the holy seed, 62
Rest assured you shall be winners, 600
Rest, doubting saint, assured of this, 405
Rest for my soul I long to find 1019
Rest for those who weary be 356
Rest in Christ, the Ark of grace. 356
Rest in the oath that he has swore, 915
Rest in the promise God has spoke, 915
Rest thou on Jesus, sink or swim, 925
Rest upon us from above. 500
Restless as the troubled seas 780
Restored to health away 930
Restores their fainting breath 165
Restoring hearing, speech, and sight, 896
Restraining prayer, we cease to fight 394
Restrains the rash by fear 308A
Rests within his Shepherd’s arms! 1071
Retired to make sweet mercy room 791
Retiring from thence, she appears 334
Return, my wandering heart, 1035
Return, O holy Dove! return, 958
Return, then, my soul, to Jesus, thy Rest 639
Return, thou Prince of Peace return, 928
Return to Jesus Christ, and see 806A
Return to pray awhile believe, 842
Return to thy rest, my soul, and rejoice 639
Return unto thy rest, return 917
Return, ye ransomed sinners, home. 59
Return, ye ransomed sinners, home. 59
Return, ye ransomed sinners, home. 59
Return, ye ransomed sinners, home. 59
Return, ye ransomed sinners, home. 59
Return, ye sons of men 1139
Returning from his ways 1002
Returning from the dead 860
Returning prodigals shall find, 806A
Returns to loose my bands, 336
Returns triumphant home. 148
Returns will not be scant 880
Reveal, confirm my interest there 257
Reveal his love with power. 330
Reveal Immanuel’s matchless love 367
Reveal the path of life and peace, 945
Reveal the things of God 983
Reveal thy gracious arm 691
Reveal thy smiling face, 382
Reveals thy justice and thy grace. 1147
Reveals to them his grace. 555
Revenge! the blood of Abel cries 123
Revere his judgments, not contemn 255
Revere the sacred page 878
Revive our drooping faith 27
Revive the parched with heavenly showers 455
Revive thy work within, 700
Revive thy work within my soul, 1124
Revives my joys again. 266
Revolving round his sphere, 777
Rich blessings are in store, 629
Rich blessings, just suiting my case 595
Rich food the servants bring 219
Rich garments must be worn to grace 805
Rich in glory, Lord, with thee. 1062
Rich in glory, thou didst stoop 1062
Rich Lord, bestow on all 777
Rich mercy he proclaims 555
Rich of mercy, poor of grace 874
Rich souls may glory in their store, 182
Rich the trophies Jesus brings! 972
Rich thy provisions, Lord, appear 1151
Rich wine, and milk, and heavenly meat, 818
Richer than Aaron ever knew. 794
Riches, honour, strength, and blessing, 931
Richly dwells in Christ the Lamb. 582
Richly flowed the crimson river, 157
Ride with majestic sway 126
Ride with majestic sway 194
Riding down the heavenly road 495
Right simple-hearted, meek and mild, 745
Right skilful and kind, and brave to protect 906
Right worthy indeed he is of high fame, 150
Righteous are the works of God 315
Righteous are thy ways, and true 857
Righteous, since he lived for me. 116
Righteousness and peace embrace 600
Righteousness that’s white and clean. 920
Righteousness to full perfection 800
Righteousness to the believer, 104
Righteousness within thee rooted 270
Rightly offered in his name, 180
Rightly to oppose the foe, 645
Rise, and bless him for his grace 147
Rise and reign in endless day. 461
Rise to all eternity. 303
Rise to hear your dreadful sentence, 491
Rise to life from earth and sea! 496
Risen victorious from the dead, 490
Rising, he brought our heaven to light, 211
Rising high and sinking low! 280
Rising up against his mind 545
Rising upon thee from behind, 782
Rivers of bliss perpetual glide. 264
Rivers of endless joy above, 33
Rivers of love and mercy here 56
Robed in dreadful majesty 493
Robes of imputed righteousness 805
Robes of righteousness imputed, 104
Rock of Ages, cleft for me 143
Rock of Ages, cleft for me 143
Rooted in humility. 1058
Rose, and lives to intercede, 649
Rose, and lives to intercede 584
Rose, and now lives to intercede 525
Rose that we might be justified, 850
Round each habitation hovering, 372
Round the heavenly herald throng, 776
Round the whole earth, and never stand 1147
Round the wilderness I roam, 1037
Rounds of dead service, forms, and ways, 105
Rouse my corruptions from their sleep, 1017
Roused by the animating sound, 271
Ruined, lost, I’ll perish there! 964
Rule in all our hearts alone 1054
Run in the way to joys above, 60
Run roving all the world about, 898
Run, run, and work, the law commands, 49
Run up with joy the shining way, 1011
Runs down the sacred crimson tide! 1123
Rushed into the hosts, and stained 560