Sacred to thy eternal name, 367
Sacrificed to cancel guilt! 1116
Sad help! and (what is worst) 45
Sad is my heart and mute my tongue. 1046
Sad prisoners in a house of clay, 1081
Sad truth, were this to be our home 1048
Safe and sure for ever. 484
Safe folded in her anxious arms, 708
Safe from pride and self-conceit 706
Safe into the haven guide 303
Safe into the promised rest 1101
Safe they feed upon the manna 372
Safe through the desert and the deep. 1140
Safe to Jesus’ wounded side. 515
Safely to arrive at home. 199
Safety on earth, and, after death, 117
Saints above, full of love, 484
Saints and angels bow before him, 972
Saints are kept from final falling 205
Saints, arise and meet your King! 495
Saints dejected, cease to mourn 145
Saints, from hence your comfort draw. 93
Saints, from the garden to the cross, 861
Saints, hymn the incarnate Word 130
Saints, in whom thy Spirit dwells, 854
Saints on earth, and all in heaven, 93
Saints on earth, with saints above, 830
Saints, raise your expectations high 803A
Saints shall thy ways approve. 601
Saints solemnly proclaim 653
Saints, the dying words record. 93
Saints the glorious triumph meet, 490
Salutes my ravished ears 951
Salvation by grace, how charming the song! 912
Salvation by the works obtained 45
Salvation for a bulwark stands, 94
Salvation free in Jesus’ name 238
Salvation from his healing leaves 142
Salvation full and free. 614
Salvation, glory, joy remain 19
Salvation he demands 117
Salvation in abundance flows, 56
Salvation in the Son. 32
Salvation is for ever sure, 757
Salvation is his dearest claim 969
Salvation is of God, 526
Salvation is of God 585
Salvation is of God 579
Salvation is of God alone 837
Salvation is of grace. 553
Salvation is of grace, 586
Salvation is of grace. 206
Salvation is of grace. 206
Salvation is of grace. 206
Salvation is of grace. 206
Salvation! let the echo fly 213
Salvation! O my soul, rejoice 579
Salvation! O the joyful sound! 213
Salvation sends, procures, and seals. 34
Salvation sing, no word more meet 861
Salvation through his blood 665
Salvation to the Lamb. 32
Salvation to the Lamb. 861
Salvation to the Lamb. 861
Salvation to the Lamb. 861
Salvation unto God belongs! 588
Salvation’s blessings taste and feel 176
Salvation’s of God, the effect of free grace, 449
Salvation’s of the Lord alone 413
Salvation’s theme pursue 1094
Salvation’s work is done 487
Sanctifying every loss. 282
Sank, and called it baptism 657
Sank his soul in vengeful smart 720
Sank thy soul in deep disgrace. 651
Satan and my wicked heart 347
Satan and sin may vex the mind, 596
Satan avaunt; stand off, ye foes 106
Satan cannot make me yield 43
Satan, in vain, with rage assails 348
Satan may vent his sharpest spite, 94
Satan might then full victory boast 351
Satan the weakest saint will tempt, 305
Satan trembles at the word, 43
Satan will accuse withal, 306
Satan’s agents 615
Satan’s captives, 535
Satisfied he cares for me. 1037
Satisfied! not they indeed, 619
Satisfied they cannot be, 619
Savage beasts, of every kind, 645
Save in the cross of Christ, 564
Save in the death of Christ, my God 439
Save in the well of Bethlehem. 1091
Save me from gloomy black despair 954
Save me from pride, that angel-form 954
Save me from pride, the plague repel 1076
Save me from Satan’s wiles and snares, 954
Save me from self-righteous pride 767
Save me from sin and all its smart 214
Save me from sin, my desperate foe, 954
Save me from this bewitching world, 954
Save me, O God, my spirit cries, 954
Save, O save me, or I fall. 963
Save only to increase. 792
Save us chiefly from ourselves. 706
Save us from loyalty so lame, 854
Save us from the rocks and shelves, 706
Save us in thy great compassion, 1057
Save us, Lord, from first to last. 1040
Saved, and saved alone by grace 576
Saved from all its reigning power 576
Saved from every tribe and tongue, 913
Saved from Satan’s iron yoke, 576
Saved from sin, that hateful foe 576
Saved is the sinner that believes, 908
Saved, nor can I be condemned 576
Saved sinners 600
Saved to see my Saviour’s face 576
Saved to serve my lusts no more. 576
Saved unto the utmost now, 116
Saving grace we here receive 69
Saviour, all the stone remove 802
Saviour, at thy dear feet I’ll lie! 47
Saviour, bless us 656
Saviour divine, diffuse thy light, 331
Saviour divine, reveal thy love 1027
Saviour, do not go too far 706
Saviour, do not tarry long. 706
Saviour! follow with thy blessing 1136
Saviour, if mine indeed thou art, 1019
Saviour is his unctuous name 826
Saviour, keep us, 1137
Saviour, let thy love be felt, 1117
Saviour, make thy face to shine, 1045
Saviour of sinners, deign to shine 945
Saviour of sinners, thee proclaim 103
Saviour of thy people free! 208
Saviour, Prince, enthroned above, 390
Saviour, visit thy plantation, 1144
Saviour, with my last parting breath, 1065
Saw the messenger descending, 776
Say, Christian, wouldst thou thrive 878
Say, could the tempter try 312
Say, how can Justice smile 146
Say, is thy heart well broke, 889
Say, My Beloved’s mine 818
Say not the believer’s dead, 843
Say, Peace, be still look up and live 941
Say, poor sinner, lovest thou me 968
Say, poor sinner, lovest thou me 968
Say, shall this branch that withered lies, 1047
Say, thou Shepherd all divine, 944
Say to that ugly gaoler, Sin, 151
Say to the south wind, Blow 455
Say, was it by works, or by faith 220
Say, wast thou not a captive born, 900
Say, what has Jesus done 666
Say, whilst lost in holy wonder, 766
Says, All the Bible’s lies, 550
Says his word shall never fail. 769
Says Jesus, my people are mine 183
Scarce a hair’s breadth betwixt. 308
Scarce a single leaf they show. 1144
Scarce an hour but pilgrims see 645
Scarce can lift a thought on high, 722
Scarce enough for the proof 484
Scarce through a single hour the same. 296
Scarcely know what they’re about 619
Scatter all my unbelief 726
Scatter our enemies, 35
Scattering all the night of nature, 1057
Scatters his feeble light 186
Scoffers appear on every side, 1146
Scorched by the sun’s meridian beam, 1091
Scorn thy grace thy power defy 376
Scorning all created good, 616
Seal it from thy courts above! 199
Seal me upon thy arm, and wear 92
Seal salvation on my heart 767
Seal thy peace, or do thee good 916
Sealed by the eternal sacrifice in blood, 497
Sealed by thy Surety’s bleeding hands 411
Sealed with a parting kiss. 442
Sealing your peace with God, 415
Seals mercy, and pardon, and righteousness mine. 11
Search all the world through, examine and see, 322
Search, Lord, O search my inmost heart, 1085
Searches and finds the wandering out, 308A
Seated at thy Father’s side. 931
Seated on his glorious throne, 788
Secure against a threatening hour 1141
Secure of never-failing aid, 1143
Secure, when mortal comforts flee, 331
Secure within thy arms to lie, 1016
Secured by grace’s conquering reign, 202
Secured from hurts and harms 747
Secures my soul from harms 70
Secures the chosen seed. 530
See a poor sinner, dearest Lord, 1056
See all thy foes in triumph led, 836
See, from his hands, his feet, his side, 1123
See! from his head, his hands, his feet, 439
See from the dungeon of the dead, 486
See, from the regions of the dead, 489
See, from Zion’s sacred mountain, 932
See, gracious God, before thy throne 1143
See, here an endless ocean flows 212
See him by faith, and praises sing 690
See him dying on the tree! 1116
See him gasping! Hear him crying! 876
See him my Prophet, Priest, and King 690
See him stretched upon the wood, 780
See his bloody cross appear. 157
See his burdened bosom heave! 876
See his glory in a blaze 514
See how from Jesus’ wounded side 45
See how she holds it fast! 228
See how the patient Jesus stands, 797
See how the Victim panting lies, 712
See, how the well-pleased angel rolls 486
See, I languish, faint, and die. 1068
See in his face what wonders meet, 142
See, in his heavenly smiles appear 977
See in solemn pomp appear! 493
See, in the Saviour’s precious blood, 977
See in yon cloud what tinctures glow, 791
See it in thy Saviour’s blood. 876
See! it rends the rocks asunder, 93
See, Lord, before thy throne of grace 1069
See, my soul, thy Saviour see, 802
See royal robes your shame to hide, 1090
See the cloud and fire appear, 372
See the day of God appear! 493
See the exalted Saviour now, 972
See the glorious armies rising, 495
See, the insulting Ishmaels mock, 706
See the Judge our nature wearing, 496
See the kingdom I bestow 496
See the Lord of glory dying! 876
See the Lord of life expiring, 689
See the mighty Hero fight 560
See! the streams of living waters, 372
See the suffering church of Christ, 717
See the suffering Lamb of God! 157
See the suffering Son of God 789
See the triumphant Hero rise! 836
See the victorious Jesus come 488
See thee on thy judgment throne, 143
See their enemies at his feet! 490
See there his temples crowned with thorns 688
See thy great salvation. 827
See what a beauteous, costly ring 219
See what healing virtues flow 760
See what immortal glories shine, 476
See what tribulations rise 284
See where it shines in Jesus’ face, 18
See who bears the awful load! 1116
See, yonder rolls a stream of blood, 467
See your guilt and curse remove, 90
See your slaughtered Saviour rise! 658
Seed-time, nor harvest, night nor day, 1152
Seeing only in thy light, 686
Seek, my soul, no other healing, 759
Seek no healing, 916
Seek thy face, thy mercies own 1150
Seek ye my face, Jehovah cries 943
Seek ye my face, the Saviour cries 1036
Seeking only thee to know. 686
Seeking to know thee as thou art 952
Seeks after Jesus’ love, 30
Seem weaker than before. 281
Seems a slaughtered sacrifice! 170
Sees every day new straits attend, 289
Sees others walk at large, 288
Seized our Lord and Saviour there 560
Seldom should we think of prayer 396
Self hunts about for praise 336
Self-abhorrence, contrite hearts, 796
Self-condemned and abhorred, 702
Self-condemned and abhorred 301
Self-renouncing, grace admiring, 918
Self-righteous souls on works rely, 204
Self-righteousness, and pride, 338
Self-will, self-righteousness dethrone 991
Send a spark of heavenly fire, 754
Send comforts down from thy right hand, 265
Send down the Spirit of thy Son 192
Send down thy Spirit from above, 1114
Send down thy Spirit, like a dove, 79
Send help, O Lord, we pray, 374
Send none unhealed away. 731
Send none unhealed away. 930
Send, O send me quick relief. 1068
Send streams of blood from every part! 797
Send the Comforter to cheer me, 1068
Send thy blessing from above, 823
Send thy good Spirit down, 866
Send thy healing word abroad 970
Send thy Spirit from above, 866
Sends down his Spirit to guide you through 489
Sent by the Father and the Son, 715
Sent to the nations from above 53
Sent to waft us through the deep, 1102
Sequestered from the noise and strife, 991
Seraphs glow with brighter blaze 490
Serpents are the beasts that strike them 876
Serves to raise our hate to thee. 154
Set captive sinners free, 696
Set my conscience free from guilt. 379
Set not on gold thy heart 880
Set our hearts at liberty. 1053
Set poor captive sinners free 594
Set the burdened sinner free 767
Set the burdened sinner free. 1136
Sets up his kingdom in their breasts 538
Severely make me daily smart, 1035
Shakes the earth and veils the sky! 93
Shakes the vast creation round! 496
Shall all her needs supply. 555
Shall all my chosen live. 345
Shall all our sins destroy 127
Shall angels sing the honours of his name, 703
Shall any child of God be lost, 353
Shall at my voice awake, 193
Shall babes in Christ, bereft 353
Shall be my eternal employ 246
Shall be my soft repose. 962
Shall be profit in the end 864
Shall be raised in matchless might. 463
Shall bind their souls to vice 192
Shall bless the conduct of his grace, 421
Shall break a union so divine. 980
Shall cause his mercy to remove, 72
Shall cease from all my labour, 483
Shall declare from whence it came. 1136
Shall dwell where Jesus is. 483
Shall e’er be neglected, for David’s his name. 549
Shall ever against them prevail. 632
Shall ever be accounted free 522
Shall ever be finally lost. 220
Shall ever be honoured and blest, 635
Shall ever molest me again 246
Shall ever seduce him to death 233
Shall feel our strength increase. 327
Shall find thee a permanent Friend 529
Shall find thy promise sure. 1146
Shall glory in the Lord. 114
Shall grace seduce the mind, 601
Shall grace triumphant reign. 406
Shall guilty man complain 307
Shall have a settled peace with God, 605
Shall have dominion now no more. 432
Shall help my heaviest hours. 402
Shall his great salvation see. 593
Shall hold thy soul, till thou at last 917
Shall I among them stand 938
Shall I ask, and not obtain 964
Shall I envy, then, the miser, 43
Shall I for ever be forgot, 401
Shall I resist them both 259
Shall I seek, but seek in vain 964
Shall in full glory be, 647
Shall in incorruption rise 463
Shall in life through Jesus reign. 69
Shall in the Lord rejoice. 606
Shall join, and say, Amen. 567
Shall keep us thine for ever. 131
Shall lead us in thy ways. 124
Shall leave the hateful ways of sin, 76
Shall life eternal give 828
Shall live to die no more. 193
Shall loud hosannas raise 733
Shall make him cease to shine 546
Shall man reply against his Lord, 75
Shall meet around the throne 421
Shall my love and glory know. 496
Shall ne’er dissolve nor rend in twain! 405
Shall needy sinners flee 176
Shall never lose its power, 160
Shall not confusedly haste. 783
Shall not my soul destroy 108
Shall of endless bliss be winners 593
Shall one, as now in thy embrace, 87A
Shall one of these deceive. 680
Shall order all my ways. 70
Shall perish from his sight. 15
Shall persecution, or distress, 72
Shall prove his burden light. 540
Shall put an end to sin. 314
Shall quench the spark divine. 330
Shall quench your thirst and wash you clean, 985
Shall redound to thy free grace! 208
Shall resound through Canaan’s land! 69
Shall revive to glory’s light 463
Shall rise and break through all. 1072
Shall round the throne of glory meet, 194
Shall save his people from their sin 1090
Shall see him crowned at home. 228
Shall see the danger overpast, 352
Shall see thee stand at God’s right hand, 131
Shall shout that God is love! 750
Shall sin and Satan Jesus cheat, 532
Shall sinful dust repine 307
Shall sing the conqueror’s song 617
Shall sinners, saved by grace divine, 601
Shall slay thy sins, and end the strife. 1007
Shall sons of heavenly birth 608
Shall soon triumphant rise. 843
Shall sovereign grace which makes him clean, 937
Shall speak aloud thy righteousness, 1098
Shall spoil my future peace 465
Shall stand for ever good, 532
Shall start, to light restored 845
Shall steal away our mortal breath, 592
Shall such a worthless worm as I, 938
Shall surely be pardoned through Calvary’s blood. 239
Shall surely see his face. 509
Shall tear them from his heart. 149
Shall the believer dare to sin, 937
Shall the Christian trust his heart 795
Shall the foretaste thou hast wrought, 964
Shall the praise to Christ redound. 600
Shall the true Messiah see. 493
Shall there begin their lives anew 360
Shall thirst for greater glory. 131
Shall thy salvation see. 330
Shall to rest immortal rise. 1055
Shall trust in thee alone. 683
Shall turn his heart, his love away. 122
Shall unto Zion come 532
Shall we go on to sin, 210
Shalt bid me rise and live. 196
Shalt take me to thee as I am 144
Shame and reproaches be, 1065
Shame, for such returns from us. 1062
Shares in our sorrows and our pains. 441
Sharp vinegar conveyed to him. 815
She eyes the Saviour well, 602
She hates him as the mighty God, 621
She leans upon his righteousness 994
She led me on, with placid pace, 134
She makes the pearly gates appear 231
She richly gilds her pleasing baits, 620
She sets at nought, with vain contempt, 621
She sings of none but him. 228
She, too, who touched thee in the press, 731
She views the covenant sure 994
She was, and is, and still will be 621
She’s pleased with things that suit her taste, 621
Sheathed in love, and quenched in blood. 270
Shed a rich fragrance there 138
Shed abroad the Saviour’s love. 1073
Shed all his vital blood 559
Shed his blood, and brought us to him 535
Shed his blood upon the tree! 593
Shelter us beneath that rock! 965
Sheltered in his wounded side, 551
Sheltered near thy bleeding side! 944
Sheltered safe beneath his wing 759
Shepherd divine, our wants relieve 1088
Shepherd, seek thy wandering sheep 1071
Shepherds on their flocks attending, 776
Shepherds, that in night-time watched, 776
Shine equal to Jesus, the Way 544
Shine from on high, and guide us through 1140
Shine in their dying Lord. 165
Shine, Lord, and my terror shall cease 293
Shine on thy churches lest they die 1140
Shine upon thy work of grace, 283
Shine upon us from on high 1144
Shine with thy sweet approving smile, 1153
Shines in David’s root and rod, 518
Shines therein into my mind. 43
Shines through the beauties of thy face, 265
Shining in the Saviour’s face! 69
Shining to the perfect day. 726
Shining with meridian blaze! 145
Shocked at the sight, we straight cry out, 310
Shocked at the sum, yet prompt to pay. 794
Shod with gospel-preparation, 270
Short as the watch that ends the night, 1139
Shortly the cup of life will fill, 291
Should all the hosts of death, 122
Should be to enjoy God’s favour 814
Should bear me conqueror through. 1011
Should both deficient seem, 240
Should but one praying soul be lost! 401
Should conscience accuse us, as oft-times it may, 1097
Should creatures all agree, 585
Should darken all the skies, 889
Should dazzle and confound thy sight, 75
Should earth against my soul engage, 474
Should ever be renewed 156
Should friends of Christ desire. 777
Should fright us from the shore. 1022
Should guilt disturb thy peace, 909
Should hell against my soul conspire, 547
Should hell with all its legions rise. 166
Should hosts within, and hosts without, 622
Should I, displeased, my face but turn, 810
Should I go mourning to the grave, 942
Should I grieve for what I feel, 283
Should I spend my life in prayers, 895
Should justice appear a merciless foe, 998
Should learn to be therewith content. 807
Should love compose my dying bed, 406
Should make their memory dear 1155
Should meet with a moment’s regard, 220
Should men and devils try 624
Should nature’s self expire, 261
Should not melt the frozen heart. 1117
Should on my soul be found, 109
Should persecution rage and flame, 328
Should poverty, and loss 274
Should raise them from the dead. 210
Should some short darkness intervene 707
Should some short start his quiet break, 708
Should storms of seven-fold thunder roll, 134
Should sudden vengeance seize my breath, 761
Should the law against her roar, 534
Should the tears of deep contrition, 916
Should vengeance still my soul pursue, 238
Should vile blasphemers, with disdain, 57
Should with transgressors numbered be, 950
Should worlds conspire to drive me thence, 166
Should’st thou let thy people go, 1040
Shouldst thou a moment’s absence mourn 707
Shout, believer, to thy God! 145
Shout, ye little flock, and blest 267
Shouting glory 918
Shouts of triumph 495
Show a mighty fitness 306
Show how kind and strong thou art, 970
Show how true believers die. 248
Show how true believers live. 248
Show it, Lord, and let me live. 895
Show me some token, Lord, for good, 736
Show me that I am born of God, 736
Show me what I have to do 379
Show pity, Lord O Lord, forgive 761
Show thy face, and all is bright. 971
Show thyself the Prince of Peace 248
Show us, dear Lord, thy smiling face, 216
Show us, Lord, thy great salvation 965
Show us some token of thy love, 398
Show us that loving Man 27
Show us the Father’s boundless love, 28
Show where the fetters gall thy flesh, 892
Shower down blessings from above 695
Shower down thy blessings from above 450
Showered on the ground a purple flood 794
Showing that the Lord is near. 372
Shows a sweet mixture, red and white 21
Shows his own sacrifice. 121
Shows something worthy of a God. 752
Shows the same path to heaven. 477
Shun the world’s bewitching snares 1144
Sick is my head, and faint my heart. 896
Sick men feel their bad condition 799
Sick of self and fond of him. 758
Sick or in health, or rich or poor, 692
Sick sinner, expect no balm but Christ’s blood 221
Sigh and groan beneath their load 1038
Sighs shall then be changed to praise! 496
Signed by the sacred Three-in-One, 87
Silent, neglected, and unstrung 1046
Simple, teachable, and mild, 1058
Simply to thy cross I cling 143
Sin, alas! I deeply feel 284
Sin and death are stronger. 799
Sin and death’s tremendous yoke. 657
Sin and Satan plague them too! 619
Sin and sorrow may distress 787
Sin, armed with all the spleen 618
Sin, but ah! thy blood appears! 284
Sin condemned and pardon sealed 145
Sin, death, and hell are now subdued 97
Sin does like itself appear 689
Sin has a thousand pleasing charms, 620
Sin has laid my vineyard waste, 874
Sin in every creature. 800
Sin is mixed with all I do 283
Sin is the cause of all the woes 646
Sin, like a raging fever, reigns 977
Sin may distress, but not subdue 779
Sin my every power defiles, 1111
Sin plunged them all in sad disgrace 538
Sin, Satan, and the curse of God, 561
Sin, Satan, and the world maintain 381
Sin soon would reduce me to utter despair 11
Sin to pardon without blood 789
Sin’s filth and guilt, perceived and felt, 806
Sin’s rankling sores my soul corrode 838
Sin’s subdued, and I am free. 284
Sin-born slaves, through grace, are winners 535
Sin-burdened soul, with tempest tossed, 908
Since Adam from God’s image fell, 904
Since all are conceived in sin 544
Since all that I meet shall work for my good, 232
Since by a new and living Way 821
Since Christ and thou are one 85
Since Christ has made us free 210
Since death has lost its sting 842
Since death, that puts an end to life, 314
Since flesh and reason fail 883
Since his own blood for thee he spilt, 395
Since I can hardly, therefore, bear 119
Since I have mercy found 775
Since I have prayed to him as such, 31
Since I with Christ shall reign, 468
Since Jesus and he are but one. 233
Since Jesus’ blood was spilt 585
Since Jesus died for thee. 227
Since Jesus has saved me, and that freely too, 52
Since Jesus, having loved his own, 1059
Since nothing is the price that’s set, 818
Since thou hast said, I’ll meet thee there. 942
Since thou hast tasted death for me. 926
Since thou so kind and watchful art, 1113
Since ’tis his blood that cancels guilt. 1042
Since ’tis thy work alone, 225
Since to convince and to condemn 111
Since we are sons and heirs of God. 531
Since ye have eternal redemption through blood, 350
Sing aloud evermore, 415
Sing aloud in Jesus’ name 90
Sing and tell the pleasing story, 694
Sing and tell the pleasing story, 514
Sing and tell the pleasing story, 583
Sing, every tongue, the same. 458
Sing his Godhead, blood, and name. 918
Sing his great name alone 415
Sing his praise beyond the skies. 656
Sing his praise beyond the sky. 575
Sing how he lives to carry on 117
Sing in concert, This is love! 1118
Sing of deathless victory. 563
Sing that amazing, boundless, matchless love, 703
Sing the dear drops of sacred blood, 167
Sing the honours of your Lord, 518
Sing the rich wonders of his grace, 850
Sing the sweet promise of his grace, 14
Sing the victories thou hast won. 651
Sing then as one that’s born of God. 195
Sing to the Lord with cheerful voice 837
Sing, Worthy is the Lamb 660
Sing, ye heavens, and earth reply. 485
Sing your dear Redeemer’s praise 857
Sing your Saviour’s worthy praise, 267
Singing, we hope with heart and voice, 176
Singing, with a solemn joy, 518
Singly from thy smile it flows 988
Sings for joy where’er it flows. 932
Sink I must without supply 356
Sink in despair and die 196
Sink in lust and lewdness. 799
Sink or fail, but Jesus Christ 742
Sink to nothing at his feet. 611
Sink your Saviour low as death 658
Sinless perfection we deny, 1089
Sinner, flows from Jesus’ wounds. 913
Sinner, he cries, behold the head 951
Sinner, if thou art taught to see 113
Sinner, thou hast done the deed 170
Sinner, thou stand’st in me complete 106
Sinner, wipe away thy tears. 956
Sinners are freely welcome still 587
Sinners are high in his esteem, 89
Sinners as black as hell to save 815
Sinners black but comely too. 145
Sinners, called by grace, and blessed 615
Sinners can say, and none but they, 806
Sinners, deserving endless pain, 683
Sinners have bound the Almighty’s hands! 797
Sinners here by faith may view, 518
Sinners, I read, are justified, 31
Sinners in corruption’s pit 574
Sinners, in their deep affliction, 1038
Sinners, in yourselves despairing, 982
Sinners Jesus came to call. 723
Sinners, join the heavenly powers, 490
Sinners must now come forth 494
Sinners, not the righteous. 799
Sinners now approach to God. 973
Sinners, of whom the chief I am. 103
Sinners, rejoice! he died for you 489
Sinners shall hear the sound 110
Sinners shall hear this joyful sound, 1092
Sinners that wait before my door, 365
Sinners the gift receive, 820
Sinners, the Saviour’s love make known 130
Sinners, to this Strong-hold repair. 1090
Sinners tremble at the light. 776
Sinners vile like me, and lost, 802
Sinners who on Jesus rest, 626
Sins against a holy God 802
Sins against his love, his blood 802
Sins against his name, and cause 802
Sins against his righteous laws 802
Sins as foul as hell he’ll find 545
Sins I have, a thousand too, 895
Sins immense as is the sea 802
Sins of every name and size 920
Sit smiling on his brow, 476
Sits our victorious Lord 168
Skilful and exceeding kind 976
Skilled the bread of life to break 694
Slain in the guilty sinner’s stead, 1103
Slides softly into promised rest, 358
Slights the good Physician. 799
Sloth is a dangerous state 783
Sly snares beset his travelling feet, 287
Small comfort there I see, 31
Small riddance in the race I make, 883
Smile at the destroyer nigh 1071
Smile me into fruit, or chide, 874
Smile on me, gracious Lord, and show 1052
Smiles are seated on his face. 956
Smite the Shepherd 560
Snaps at a shadow, thin and vain, 885
Snare each mourning pilgrim’s feet 1096
Snares and dangers may beset, 788
Snares through all the way are strewed 1014
Sneaks off, and skulks from sight. 308A
So Abra’m must obey, 522
So Abram, by divine command, 231
So anxious and so heedful 814
So, at the gospel pool we wait, 930
So careless of their sin, 808
So comes the peace of God, 81
So dazzling his beauties appear, 162
So dead, so lost, as I 775
So destitute of cheering hope. 279
So distant from the place I love. 1021
So earthly pleasures fade away, 1100
So fair a face bedewed with tears 441
So fair as Jesus’ face. 1035
So faithful and true, so plenteous in grace 408
So fallen is nature, such her flaw, 888
So far he’s right, but let him know, 234
So far the riches of his grace 1015
So fearful is my heart. 684
So fickle and so false as we. 296
So fickle, false, and blind, 682
So foully trampled on 672
So free is his love, so tender his heart 129
So freely shed for me. 1024
So from the grave did Christ arise, 432
So gentle sometimes is the flame, 30
So give us hearts to pray. 398
So God is disposed to you 1149
So great a price as this 803A
So grief is rooted in our souls, 465
So grossly I believed, 775
So guilty, so helpless am I, 1149
So his path shall brighter shine, 545
So I might be of Christ possessed. 1052
So in the fountain of thy side 862
So in the soul that’s born anew, 709
So is the Christian purified 872
So it may, and yet may sin 742
So Jesus but their souls present 978
So let me wait upon this Friend, 749
So let my heart be drawn 888
So let thy pardoning love be found. 761
So lift I up my hands and eyes, 744
So, like a pilgrim let me wait, 1113
So little we esteem, 803
So long shall Jehovah abide in his love. 912
So may this new-met couple live, 375
So much my Master seemed to blame, 300
So off the rebel sets, 590
So polluted as I am 1111
So poor, and blind, and lame I am, 748
So prone to act the rebel’s part 711
So purer light shall mark the road 958
So ready to abate. 1015
So rich a boon obtain 1145
So rich a cost can ne’er be lost, 355
So saints with joy the gospel taste, 192
So shall I lift my head with joy 471
So shall I sweetly sing and pray, 902
So shall my joyful soul adore 393
So shall my walk be close with God, 958
So shall we all with pleasure say, 1129
So sharp, that life itself oft hangs 291
So smiles my cheerful soul to see 791
So some who hear the word divine, 236
So souls that into Christ believe, 685
So souls that would to Jesus cleave, 708
So stiff-necked a rebel to love thee again. 197
So strange did love like his appear, 1041
So strange, so boundless is his grace, 580
So strong to deliver, so good to redeem, 408
So terribly glorious his coming shall be, 229
So time and place, yea, means and mode, 61
So truths by which the soul is fed 1126
So vile a heart as mine! 392
So wakes the sun, when rosy dawn 487
So, waking from the womb of earth, 845
So, when our great Melchisedec 794
So, when thy truth begun its race, 1147
So, whene’er the signal’s given, 461
So will my soul be full of light, 253
So will we sing thy lovely name, 716
So wretched and so poor, 959
Soar we now where Christ has led, 485
Soften thy heart by due degrees, 872
Softly to thy garden lead us, 746
Sold under sin, was Paul’s complaint 1089
Soldiers, your Captain own 130
Solid peace can ne’er be had, 594
Some, alas! we fear are blighted, 1144
Some blessing to get and enjoy 628
Some call him a Saviour in word, 1149
Some comfort to bring from Sinai’s flame, 520
Some cordial from his word he brings, 960
Some creature-help to spy. 253
Some hideous monster sits. 310
Some, in whom we once delighted, 1144
Some legalising priest, 590
Some living water give to me, 902
Some long repent and late believe, 747
Some marks of election, some tokens of grace. 262
Some mercy-drops has thrown, 269
Some overdrive, some frighten back, 308
Some patience to obtain 178
Some righteousness their own. 222
Some say, Believe and some, Repent 240
Some small glimmering light I have, 722
Some solid ground to rest upon 935
Some souls are fifty pieces deep, 218
Some style him the Pearl of great price, 1149
Some sure support against despair. 761
Some sweet foretastes they have below, 979
Some sweetness in waiting for thee 293
Some take him a creature to be, 1149
Some talk of Christ their Head 855
Some talk of works, and some of faith, 783
Some tell me I must change my heart, 905
Some tempted, weak, and trembling saint 176
Some this, some that good virtue teach, 181
Some time it took to beat 817
Some token of thy special love 736
Some tokens of his love 894
Some tokens of thy grace. 24
Some unsuspected sin! 510
Some unsuspected sin. 310
Some wise men of opinions boast, 169
Something fills them with dismay. 645
Something must be known and felt. 237
Sometimes, alas! I think I can 507
Sometimes beyond his own 851
Sometimes grave at Jesus’ school, 301
Sometimes he’s pleased his face to hide, 410
Sometimes I carelessly retreat 279
Sometimes I follow after God 279
Sometimes I take the tempter’s part, 711
Sometimes I think I cannot stand, 507
Sometimes in solemn silence we have sat, 699
Sometimes light, and play the fool. 301
Sometimes, like Ephraim, I rebel, 507
Sometimes the Lord bestows on me, 507
Sometimes things around are cheering 1096
Sometimes we have no strength 308
Sometimes we seem to gain 308
Sometimes we want the will 308
Sometimes we’re tempted to despair, 245
Son of man, and Son of God. 1116
Son, thy sins are all forgiven. 180
Songs of ceaseless praises sing 1150
Songs of praises, 462
Songs of praises 593
Sons, and only sons are they, 543
Sons of God, by blest adoption, 463
Sons of God, in tribulation, 758
Sons of God, lift up your eyes 658
Sons of men and angels say, 485
Sons of Zion, too, arise, 36
Sons we are, through God’s election, 69
Soon all my mortal powers must fail 9
Soon as faith the Lord can see, 177
Soon as I reach my Saviour’s arms, 268
Soon as my heart could beat, 671
Soon as the Chief to battle led, 153
Soon as the foe comes in, 1059
Soon as thy heart can moaning cry, 899
Soon as we draw our infant breath, 1004
Soon, by Satan’s counsel led, 802
Soon dissolves a heart of stone. 746
Soon find, to their cost, self-confidence wrong 804
Soon he cheered them with his message 776
Soon he’ll bring thee home to God 333
Soon he’ll teach them, 615
Soon I hope to see his glory, 583
Soon shall I pass the gloomy vale 9
Soon shall I pass the vale of death, 410
Soon shall see him face to face. 615
Soon she felt its rising power, 741
Soon the tempest will be over, 769
Soon the whole elect shall view 518
Soon their happiness shall see. 267
Soon thou must leave thy all below, 666
Soon thy jaws, restrained from chewing, 491
Soon thy presence will restore 400
Soon ’tis lost in doubts and fears. 280
Soon touched with human woe 892
Soon with glory shall be crowned 600
Soon would make my heart a brook 702
Soon ye shall enter into rest, 1028
Sores corrupt and putrefied, 306
Sorrow and love flow mingled down 439
Sorrow for joy I shall exchange, 468
Sorrowful, yea, unto death! 170
Sorrows rise, and joys are fled 1111
Sorrows, trickling from my eyes, 284
Sought thee wandering, set thee right, 968
Sought thy mercy-seat by prayer 376
Soul and body bruised! 827
Souls by whom the truth’s explored 854
Souls for whom the Lamb was slain, 788
Souls redeemed, your voices raise, 857
Souls renewed by grace divine, 619
Souls that trust him, 615
Souls united thus to God 826
Sound his dear fame abroad 415
Sound his praise from pole to pole. 830
Sounds aloud from Calvary! 93
Sounds from the sacred word 764
Source and Giver of repose, 988
Source of delight! Fountain of bliss! 589
Sovereign grace o’er sin abounding! 766
Sovereign Ruler of the skies, 64
Space and duration God does fill, 62
Sparkle in every rolling star. 18
Speak, and by thy gracious voice 400
Speak, and let the worst be known 780
Speak, and let thy servants hear 1135
Speak and the deaf shall hear thy voice, 1072
Speak comfort to my drooping heart, 928
Speak, Lord, and bid me stray no more. 885
Speak, Lord, and let me find thee near 928
Speak, Lord, there’s mercy in the sound 930
Speak, O speak my kind release, 391
Speak peace and liberty 227
Speak, Saviour, for sweet is thy voice 293
Speak thy pardoning grace to me 767
Speak to each heart some healing word, 1132
Speak to my heart the healing word, 957
Speak to my inmost soul, and say, 1075
Speaking by Peter’s mouth, By faith 774
Speaking may relieve thee. 780
Speaks all the promises. 14
Speaks peace as loud from every vein 123
Speaks peace to every troubled breast, 599
Spectres, of various forms, 308
Spend long nights in sorrow, and days in distress, 520
Spent all he had with harlots base, 590
Spirit divine, descend and breathe 363
Spirit of faith, descend and show 983
Spirit of holiness, 35
Spirit of power! 35
Spirit of power, thy strength impart 291
Spirit of truth, come down, 983
Spiritual pride, that rampant beast, 782
Spiritual pride would soon creep in, 790
Spread the fair dawn of heaven below, 1079
Spread the sails, and catch the breezes, 1102
Spreads his salvation for my shield. 419
Spring soon revives the verdant meads 875
Spring thou up within my heart, 303
Spring up, O stream! from Bethlehem’s well. 1091
Spring up, O well! be this my theme, 1091
Springing from eternal love, 372
Springing from the church’s Head. 895
Sprinkle on me thy precious blood 688
Sprinkled with blood his conscience is 908
Sprinkled with holy oil and blood 794
Sprung from the man whose guilty fall 1004
Squeeze my idols from my breast, 702
Squeezed and wrung till whelmed in blood, 802
Stablished there through sovereign grace 720
Stand as firm as Deity 594
Stand every storm, and live at last. 352
Stand firm in Zion’s ways 997
Stand open night and day 56
Stand still, says one, that’s easy sure 783
Stand up, my soul, shake off thy fears, 1007
Standing in our wretched place. 560
Stands ever open, full, and free. 738
Stands like a palace built for God 361
Stands present in thy view 1
Stands thy great High Priest with God. 759
Start from the monumental bed, 847
Stay, O stay me, lest I fall! 1068
Steadfast on this my soul relies, 96
Steadfastly to Jesus cleave 1071
Stem the torrent of my pride. 1077
Stern Justice, satisfied by thee, 146
Still, as thy days, thy strength shall be. 328
Still at the throne of grace abide 377
Still bind me to thy sway, 259
Still cry and shout till night is past, 749
Still deeper idols shall appear, 891
Still follow with thy feeble cries, 893
Still from his embraces flies. 1045
Still gird thy sword upon thy thigh, 194
Still hard at heel, where’er they stray, 76
Still his compassions are the same 441
Still I am condemned and cast. 895
Still I could not yield thee fruit. 400
Still I cry, My Saviour, come! 284
Still in my ransomed soul abide, 151
Still is he gracious, wise, and just, 332
Still keep me near thy side 122
Still kind to hear, and strong to save. 957
Still let me live beneath thy eye, 927
Still let this truth support my mind, 275
Still look to Christ with longing eyes, 893
Still may we fight, and still prevail, 1080
Still more he bestows, and grace upon grace. 184
Still my efforts all are vain 177
Still on thy promise I’ll rely, 875
Still pray, for God will all explain, 377
Still press on to perfect day. 990
Still repeat it often. 780
Still seeking rest, but finding none 915
Still shall my soul thy absence mourn, 401
Still shall seem decreasing 780
Still, still I am with thee my promise shall stand 993
Still support and comfort me. 303
Still their hope is in the Lord. 1038
Still there are those who bear thy name, 1145
Still they hear the dreadful sentence 495
Still to glorify his name. 1063
Still to Jesus turn thy eyes 145
Still to this most favoured nation 1150
Still trust in thy Redeemer’s name 328
Still wait and pray at mercy’s door 377
Still we should believe them. 315
Still we wait for thy appearing 1057
Still will I in thy mercy trust 873
Stood, and with collected might 802
Stoop down and take us on thy wings, 481
Stoop down to wretchedness and dust, 95
Stop the whirlwind of my will 1077
Storms shall never 769
Straight a host of angels glorious 776
Strange and mysterious is my life 728
Strange indeed, if love like this 1117
Strange myself and paths appear 722
Strangely, my soul, art thou arrayed 109
Strangers and foes against her join, 1140
Strangers to the worldling’s mirth, 80
Strangers will they not obey. 768
Streaming along a Saviour’s blood 47
Streams of living water flow 932
Streams of mercy find their way 932
Streams of mercy, never ceasing, 199
Strength and salvation gives 58
Strength, and yet be always weak 237
Strength shall be equal to thy day 326
Strengthened by thy Spirit’s might, 658
Stretch forth thy almighty hand 704
Stretch forth thy hand, and hold us fast, 313
Stretch out thy arm, victorious King, 764
Stretched on the bloody tree! 951
Stretched on the cross, the Saviour dies 1123
Strewed on the ground, a food they found, 446
Stricken, smitten, and afflicted, 1116
Strike aloud each cheerful string 90
Strip them of each idol god 623
Stripped naked, and exposed to shame, 637
Stripped of all their fancied meetness 918
Strong Deliverer, 462
Strong in its native sin, 1020
Strong in thy full strength I stand 342
Strong nations now possess the land, 782
Stronger and brighter shine 330
Stronger his love than death or hell, 249
Stronger than death thy love is known, 92
Struck all our comforts dead 327
Struggle hard, and call aloud 306
Struggle hard relief to gain 594
Stung by these, they soon repented 876
Stung Zion’s Lord to death. 663
Stupid, secure, and hard, and blind, 279
Subdue each hateful sin, 700
Subdue it, Lord, I pray. 1030
Subdue my sins, and give me rest. 295
Subdue that monstrous host that dwells within, 693
Subdue the power of sin 1032
Subdues the disobedient will 323
Subdues their numerous complaints, 772
Submissive at his feet. 476
Submit to Jesus’ righteous rules, 130
Subsists a bond of sovereign grace, 405
Substantial bliss, without alloy, 1079
Success was found on Israel’s side 394
Succour they at length obtain 397
Such a peace can never miss, 594
Such a rock is Christ to me, 551
Such a shade I am in view, 301
Such a worm of nothing worth, 301
Such, and such only, still we see 153A
Such are the wonders of our God, 17
Such darkness fills my mind 196
Such dire disorders vex my soul, 773
Such dismal storms are raised within, 384
Such ease as nature cannot give. 977
Such ever bring thee where they come, 1023
Such find no gospel rest, 253
Such fragrancy in all her fields 142
Such his omnipotence, 559
Such is its mighty power, 564
Such is its power, and its effect, 603
Such is our God, and such are we, 75
Such it had been, but for grace. 1040
Such jarring things as these 146
Such knowledge is not proof 618
Such loads of guilt were on him put, 712
Such needful wings, O Lord, impart, 49
Such numbers seek in vain 308A
Such peace ensues, so calm and sweet, 336
Such plentiful grace will Jesus bestow 184
Such simple folk the world despise 745
Such simple soul I fain would be, 745
Such soul-perplexing fear 307
Such the truth these words discover 982
Such they were all and such are we. 153A
Such various kinds of woe, 307
Such virtues from his sufferings flow, 1006
Such was I when Jesus looked down, 319
Such was the race of sinful men, 153A
Sudden a rushing wind they hear 715
Sudden he stands confessed 308A
Sue it out, spurning doubt 484
Suffer thee to pray in vain 396
Suffer them no more to roam. 768
Suffered in our wretched place 651
Suffering all the wrath of God, 780
Suffering Saviour, Lamb of God, 827
Suffering vile rebels to go on, 75
Suffice for us, that God we know, 37
Sufficient and alone. 1098
Sufficient is thine arm alone, 1139
Sufficient strength to bear thee through. 87
Suited to every sinner’s case 987
Suited to him as his Way. 545
Suits the wretched sinner’s case. 69
Summer nor winter fails. 1152
Sun, moon, and stars convey thy praise 1147
Sun of Righteousness, arise, 726
Sung by flaming tongues above 199
Sunk in earthly, vain delight 282
Sunk in wrath’s tremendous flood. 649
Superior power and guardian grace. 122
Supple every conscience well 697
Suppliant at thy feet I lie 737
Supplies for this new year. 499
Supplies from thy exhaustless store. 942
Supplies it with his own. 828
Supplies of every grace I want, 743
Supplies the boughs with life and fruit 142
Supplies the city of our God 1141
Supply me well from mercy’s board. 886
Support and comfort too 598
Support me in the whelming flood, 1106
Support, protect, defend, embrace, 631
Support the state, preserve the king, 808
Supported and kept by his hand 298
Supported by his staff and rod, 960
Supports me under every load. 967
Supports the spirits when they droop 798
Supreme in power art thou 757
Sure ground, and sure foundation too, 383
Sure he feels a thousand hells! 170
Sure I am, or should be, wiser 43
Sure never till my latest breath 1025
Sure that promise speaks to thee. 356
Sure the blest Comforter is nigh 1078
Sure the plague is in my heart, 301
Sure the whole world would love him too! 21
Sure these have not feelings like me, 1149
Sure they witness conflict near! 170
Sure upon the earth there’s none 356
Surely none on earth’s so vile, 1111
Surely, once thy garden flourished, 1144
Surely the Lord will welcome me, 1122
Surely the mercy I have sought 729
Surely, with that dying word, 390
Surpassing human thought to know 87A
Surprising mercy! love unknown!) 95
Surrendered to the Crucified. 991
Surrounded with God’s glory, in a blaze 703
Surrounded with sorrows and fears, 334
Surrounded with sorrows, temptations, and cares, 350
Suspicions, and complaints 269
Sustain a feeble worm, 341
Sustained both in fire and in flood 334
Sustained him till nature was dead. 159
Sustained with corn and wine 828
Swarming, alas! in every part, 196
Swarms of ill thoughts their bane diffuse, 310
Sweating blood, amazing sight! 1118
Sweating blood at every pore, 780
Sweet and terrible’s thy word 854
Sweet as home to pilgrims weary, 1055
Sweet cherubs learn Immanuel’s name, 207
Sweet Comforter, descend, 1035
Sweet consolation to each soul, 679
Sweet deliverance 583
Sweet earnests of immortal joys. 1001
Sweet fellowship they find. 1002
Sweet in his faithfulness to rest, 472
Sweet in his righteousness to stand, 472
Sweet in the confidence of faith 472
Sweet is the peace my Father gives. 419
Sweet is thy speech, and heavenly grace 126
Sweet Jesus, come, and let me thee embrace. 701
Sweet Jesus! how great is thy love 529
Sweet joy and peace inherit, 483
Sweet love and sweet shame now hallow his breast 710
Sweet majesty and awful love 476
Sweet messenger of rest! 958
Sweet music charms his ears 219
Sweet name, when once its virtue’s known, 949
Sweet on his covenant of grace 472
Sweet peace thy promises afford, 1141
Sweet pleasures mingle with the pains 326
Sweet Spirit, guide me over 483
Sweet the moments, rich in blessing, 158
Sweet the name of Christ must be, 558
Sweet theme of every thankful song. 1080
Sweet to experience, day by day, 472
Sweet to lie passive in his hands, 472
Sweet to look back, and see my name 472
Sweet to look forward, and behold 472
Sweet to look inward, and attend 472
Sweet to look upward to the place 472
Sweet to reflect how grace divine 472
Sweet to remember that his blood 472
Sweet truth, and easy to repeat! 323
Sweet victory to sing. 561
Sweet wonders are shown unto me, 529
Sweeten every cross and pain 501
Sweeter than honey, milk, or wine 363
Sweetest pasture dost prepare, 768
Sweetly draw, and we will run 609
Sweetly mourning o’er each sign, 823
Sweetly sleep, dear saint, in Jesus 463
Sweetly to lean upon. 950
Sweetly view and feel thy glory, 694
Swell the present changing state. 1096
Swell the triumph of his train, 493
Swift as an Indian arrow flies, 498
Swift as lightning flies his love 187
Swift as the fleeting moments run 364
Swiftly God’s great day approaches 496
Swords are piercing through thy heart 170