Unable to depend 214
Unaccompanied by thee 726
Unasked, he takes our humblest form, 149
Unawed by shame or fear, 1025
Unbars the gates of day. 487
Unblemished and complete 421
Unbosom all our cares. 398
Unbosom thy mind to the Lamb 627
Unchangeable his will 339
Unchangeably faithful to save, 346
Unchanging faithfulness and love! 957
Unclouded shall its glories shine, 755
Uncover all our woes, 888
Unctuous is his heavenly love 558
Unctuously suit every case. 695
Under every gracious rod 1096
Under guilt’s distressing chains, 976
Under our tremendous load 656
Under sorrows and reproaches 496
Under the shadow of thy throne 1139
Under these trying strokes of thine 275
Under thy dear wings abide 990
Under thy forming hands, my God, 740
Under thy mighty hand I stoop 1074
Undone, and perishing we lay 1080
Uneasy when I feel it not 279
Uneasy when I feel my load 279
Unerring wisdom guides his hand 1086
Unfolding every hour 320
Ungrateful as we are 1143
Unholy and unclean! 196
Uniform, though various 315
Unite our hearts to thee, dear Lamb 952
Unite to bid the saints rejoice. 607
Unite to make it mine. 530
Unite, with one immortal voice, 607
Unite with sons of earth, 608
United ever be, 512
United to God’s only Son, 538
United to him as his bride. 634
United to Jesus, his Head, 220
United to Jesus, the Vine, 670
United to Jesus their Head, 544
United together in heart. 591
Unites in love the holy race 16
Unjustly now these foes of mine 151
Unknown to him that sits above. 6
Unknown unto all but a child. 523
Unless a soul-reviving ray 953
Unless he send them forth. 1113
Unless he uphold by his grace, 670
Unless I were sure he is God. 1149
Unless my Lord is near 676
Unless my Lord is nigh 690
Unless our souls be fed 1129
Unless supplied again. 1126
Unless the Lord be nigh. 904
Unless the Lord is pleased to shine, 676
Unless the Lord make you to trust him for all. 644
Unless the Lord permit. 1113
Unless the Master I can see 884
Unless they yield my heart some food, 169
Unless thou hold me fast, 999
Unless thou make them soft. 734
Unless thou return again 1144
Unless thou take the veil away, 983
Unless thy Spirit guide. 904
Unless we do all things in love. 250
Unless you think rightly of him. 1149
Unlocked by the spear, it gushed from his heart, 155
Unmarked by human eye, 37
Unmeasurably high. 475
Unmingled and refined 1079
Unmoved above the storm they lie 137
Unmoved for ever must remain. 257
Unnumbered years of bliss 345
Unrighteous are they all, when tried 181
Unrivalled reign within 1067
Unsearchable the love 37
Unseen or seen, it dwells within, 287
Unseen, yet for ever at hand 346
Unskilful, weak, and apt to slide. 323
Unskilled in what they pray 300
Unspeakable! divine! 933
Unspeakable joy to my heart. 380
Unspeakable, like those above, 423
Unspeakable, unknown. 475
Until he fetch me home. 664
Until my Lord return. 288
Until the Lord that feel impart 744
Until the Spirit from on high 875
Until they are conveyed. 244
Until thou give this blessing, Lord, 677
Until we meet around thy throne. 952
Until, with happy John, 950
Unto Jesus’ cave must fly. 147
Unto the throne of grace 509
Unto thy pierced side, 739
Unveil the glories of his face, 631
Unveils the beauties of his face, 359
Unworthy dwelling! glorious guest! 1078
Unworthy to be fed 393
Up from the throne of God, 1156
Up I cast my longing eyes, 1037
Up through the sky the Conqueror rode, 403
Up to her courts, with joys unknown, 361
Up to the fields where angels lie, 480
Up to the fountain, God 732
Up to the Lord our flesh shall fly, 466
Up to thy seat, my God! 475
Up where eternal ages roll, 481
Upheld by his power, we cannot be moved. 68
Upheld by Jehovah’s omnipotent hand, 350
Upheld by my righteous, omnipotent hand. 329
Upheld by thy supporting hand, 1115
Uphold and feed them still 374
Uphold with staff and rod, 608
Upon a poor, polluted worm 109
Upon a smiling throne. 564
Upon him call in humble prayer, 377
Upon him live his love commend 643
Upon his grace to come and feast. 642
Upon his soul was laid, 785
Upon me, Lord, some pity take, 384
Upon me, Lord, vouchsafe to smile 385
Upon my bosom fix thy throne, 673
Upon my panting heart, 671
Upon our hearts impressed, 344
Upon the accursed tree! 148
Upon the bridal pair look down 375
Upon the cross he pays 51
Upon the inward part 671
Upon the judgment-seat, 494
Upon the old will patch the new, 774
Upon the Saviour fell 559
Upon the throne of grace. 382
Upon thee to lay his fatherly rod 322
Upon thy garden here. 216
Upon thy hands and feet. 348
Upon thy lips is shed 126
Upon thy oath I rest 214
Upon us bestowed before the world was 449
Uprising from the darksome tomb, 488
Upwards I cast my eyes, and see, 740
Urge thy claim through all unfitness 484
Us from earth to call away, 461
Us in verdant pastures lead. 208
Us, thy fickle children, here 208
Us to save from guilt and death 650
Use thy name, but not revere 854
Uttered or unexpressed 1002
Uttering in harmonious chorus, 776
Utterly forbids despair 787
Utters this rich, important word, 815