Vain are the hopes the sons of men 111
Vain his threats to overcome me, 43
Vain is all our best devotion, 237
Vain is the treacherous world’s disguise, 345
Vain man, to boast forbear, 852
Vain the schemes of human framing, 1133
Vain the stone, the watch, the seal 485
Vain was bandage, oil, or plaster 876
Vain world, begone let things above 434
Vain’s the boast all is lost 799
Vainly against the sheep he strives, 348
Valid and unfailing. 484
Vanish as though I saw them not, 480
Vanquish in me lust and pride 874
Vanquish our lust, our pride remove, 28
Vast it seems, though known in part 1117
Vast were the settlements of grace 61
Vaunt thy native strength no longer 799
Veiled in flesh the Godhead see! 36
Vengeance and love their powers oppose! 797
Vengeance follows by decree, 179
Vengeance on my Saviour fell 562
Vengeance, that called for this just doom, 791
Vengeance, when the Saviour died, 306
Vengeance, with its iron rod, 802
Vents in his bosom all her woes, 994
Venture on his mighty name 396
Very foolish, very base, 301
Very soon my wrath shall cease 273
Vex and tease thee day by day, 333
Vexed, I try and try again 177
Victorious at last they shall stand, 298
Victorious, to vanquish her foes, 334
Victory over all our foes 795
View him, and with wonder tell, 662
View him in that olive press, 802
View him in your wretched place, 662
View him prostrate in the garden, 1118
View justice, armed with wrath 663
View that amazing scene! 312
View the dead with steady eyes 463
View the mighty waters roll, 658
View the rite with understanding 428
View the swelling floods of wrath 658
View thy Maker’s deep distress! 802
Vile and base I am indeed 611
Vile and full of sin I am 303
Vile and unsound in every part 1030
Vile as thou art in every view 1028
Vilest sinners 593
Visions of wonder, flashy frames, 855
Visit, then, this soul of mine 726
Visit us with thy salvation 1053
Visit us with thy salvation 208
Visited Gethsemane. 802
Visits my troubled breast, 251
Void of refuge and undone 964
Vouchsafe to join us all in one, 952