Had for his office made him meet. 794
Had he to any other prayed, 790
Had I a glance of thee, my God, 480
Had I the pinions of the dove, 1048
Had incurred the wrath divine 802
Had it not been in thee. 193
Had not God detested sin. 789
Had not love first touched my heart, 944
Had not thy choice prevented mine, 222
Had room but none for him. 39
Had shone on this dark soul of mine, 238
Hagarenes have here no room 543
Hail, blessed time! Lord, bid me come, 482
Hail, great Immanuel, all divine! 264
Hail him who saves you by his grace, 730
Hail, matchless, free, eternal grace, 134
Hail, mighty Jesus! how divine 194
Hail, sacred union, firm and strong! 405
Hail, slaughtered Lamb of God 823
Hail, Son of God and man! 823
Hail, sovereign love, that first began 134
Hail the incarnate Deity! 36
Hail the Lamb who came to save us 913
Hail! the Lord of earth and heaven! 485
Hail the love that made him die! 913
Hail! the Resurrection thou! 485
Hail, thou Bridegroom, bruised to death, 823
Hail, thou dear, thou worthy Lord 490
Hail, thou mighty Saviour, blest 823
Hail, thou suffering Son of God! 490
Hails him as he passes by. 490
Half his wisdom, power, or grace. 615
Hallelujah! 493
Hallelujah! 766
Hallelujah! 769
Hallelujah! 69
Hallelujah! 93
Hallelujah, amen salvation’s of God! 568
Hallelujah to their King. 518
Hand in hand we would be walking, 258
Hang on his firm decree 4
Hangs at the mother’s breast, 708
Hangs my everlasting all 1068
Hangs my helpless soul on thee 303
Hangs upon yonder cross. 1012
Happiness complete is thine 988
Happiness is not here 880
Happiness, thou lovely name, 988
Happy are they to whom the Lord 966
Happy are we, 1014
Happy in thy precious love. 1058
Happy is the man indeed, 574
Happy is the saved sinner, 615
Happy moments! 735
Happy moments! 735
Happy moments! 735
Happy seasons we have seen! 1144
Happy songsters! 333
Happy soul, that, free from harms, 1071
Happy soul, that hears and follows 864
Happy souls! who cleave to Christ 779
Happy the church, thou sacred place 364
Happy the man that bears the stroke 871
Happy the men that fear the Lord 255
Harassed with tormenting doubt 356
Hard by the signals of his wound 21
Hard is that heart which does not melt, 937
Hard my heart, and cold, and faint 702
Harder than rocks and mountains are, 153A
Hardly have a good desire. 853
Hardly, sure, can they be worse 283
Hark! from the cross a gracious voice 951
Hark! his expiring groans arise! 1123
Hark! how he prays, (the charming sound 47
Hark! how his doleful cries affright 797
Hark! how the blood-bought hosts above 406
Hark! how the gospel trumpet sounds! 984
Hark, my soul! it is the Lord 968
Hark! ten thousand harps resounding! 495
Hark! the herald-angels sing, 36
Hark! the trumpet’s awful sound, 496
Hark! the voice of love and mercy 93
Hark, the voice of love, proclaiming 1133
Hark! those bursts of acclamation, 972
Hark! those loud triumphant chords! 972
Harmonious to the ear 201
Has a much better faith. 234
Has all his mightiest works outdone. 18
Has answered these demands 946
Has broken off as well. 553
Has crowned thy sacred head. 126
Has died to redeem us! what could he do more 417
Has ever turned my night to day, 962
Has felt his sins forgiven, 351
Has fixed his royal throne 362
Has for hope a solid ground. 600
Has forgiven, and does forgive, 1014
Has free redemption in his blood. 255
Has frequently yielded good cheer. 460
Has full atonement made 59
Has gathered thick and thundered loud, 9
Has given a fair and full release, 151
Has God a command to fulfil, 250
Has God refused to give thee aid, 909
Has hired him, it seems 590
Has, in the precepts of his word, 430
Has Jesus made you free 608
Has joys substantial and sincere 473
Has made his nature known. 505
Has made the contest cease, 146
Has made the gospel known. 71
Has my poor heart been turned aside 1056
Has nailed our tyrants to his cross, 210
Has neither shore nor bound 212
Has on me laid his gentle rod, 410
Has power sufficient to atone 1004
Has restless sin and raging hell 327
Has right to interpose 486
Has sealed the covenant, too! 86
Has sovereign power to save. 420
Has touched our eyes and ears, 673
Has waited for a cure. 729
Has wandered from the Lord, 392
Has washed us clean, and made our peace, 774
Has won my affections, and bound my soul fast. 11
Hast made us kings and priests to God, 19
Hast set the prisoners free, 19
Hast thou a foe before whose face 1066
Hast thou a lamb in all thy flock 1066
Hast thou forsaken me 148
Hast thou imparted to my soul 1008
Hast thou not bid me seek thy face, 136
Hast thou not given the sign 1146
Hast thou not planted with thy hands 1140
Hast thou, O Father, put to grief 227
Hast thou the cross for me endured, 429
Haste, and seek the Saviour’s face 147
Haste grasps at all, but nothing keeps 783
Haste, my Beloved, and remove 478
Haste, then, but with a smiling face, 264
Haste to join the heavenly throng. 515
Have cheered our souls and vanquished every fear. 699
Have done with sin, and care, and woe, 1155
Have envied and admired our lot. 1142
Have favour in his eyes 871
Have fixed my roving heart. 1100
Have found eternal wisdom. 814
Have I union 698
Have made the curse a blessing prove! 164
Have no acceptance here. 1122
Have no presumptuous thought, 674
Have not I, if any soul, 780
Have pity on my needy soul 393
Have proved his mercy sovereign, rich, and free. 669
Have taught my soul to see, 613
Have warned me of approaching harms 44
Have we beheld the Lord 423
Have we forgot the almighty Name 327
Have you no words ah! think again 394
Having Jesus, 43
Having thee, I want no more. 342
Having thy sweet consolations, 1073
He a present help will be 720
He all his foes shall quell 127
He all my foes shall quell 557
He all their sorrows heals. 579
He and he alone is fit 574
He anoints me from above 558
He answers and fulfils 122
He bears my name upon his heart, 525
He bears my sinking spirits up, 552
He bears us in his arms. 308A
He, beneath the Spirit’s sealing, 759
He bequeathed his peace to me, 594
He bids him rule the lands abroad, 38
He bids his saints draw nigh, 624
He bids the saints be glad 362
He bids us drink his blood 437
He binds my name upon his arm, 479
He bore almighty wrath for you, 536
He bore it for a chosen race, 134
He bore their every poisonous dart, 561
He bought me with his precious blood, 581
He bought our souls from death and hell 23
He bought thee dear (abandon fear) 355
He bought thee with his blood. 355
He bought them with his own heart’s blood, 634
He bowed his awful head 167
He breaks his children’s hearts in twain, 553
He breaks the traps and gins that lie 553
He breaks their bonds, himself sets free, 553
He breaks through every darksome cloud, 553
He brings my wandering spirit back, 139
He brings them to the test, 614
He bursts at once the sleep of sin, 908
He called on Israel’s God, ’tis said 790
He calls our wandering feet to heaven. 211
He calls the fool and makes him know 74
He calls the simple, blind, and lame 745
He calls thee to his throne of grace, 727
He calls them sons and heirs. 624
He calls them to a mercy-seat, 966
He came, and, with his own heart’s blood, 861
He came from above, the law’s curse to remove 161
He came on the pinions of covenant love! 414
He came the lost to seek and save by grace. 669
He came to atone the dread justice of God, 414
He came to save her soul from hell, 533
He came to save such worms as you, 592
He came to save the lost, 629
He came to save the poor 587
He came to seek and save, 448
He came to seek poor sinners out, 678
He came, we adore him, to raise us on high 414
He can do nothing good 105
He cancels his malicious claim, 89
He cannot finally depart, 953
He cannot learn to love. 691
He cannot let you starve; 519
He cannot long delay 782
He cannot take from us, though oft he has tried, 324
He cheers my heart, my needs supplies, 91
He chose a people for his praise, 530
He chose her in Jesus his Son, 569
He clothed me well from top to toe, 647
He comes, he comes with truth and grace! 571
He comes the Saviour full of grace, 975
He comes, the world to judge, 666
He comes to set thy spirit free, 328
He condescends to dwell below. 625
He conquered when he fell. 168
He could but just sustain the weight. 712
He could not me forget 659
He cries, and cries again, 749
He crowns thy life with love, 420
He cures without money nor will he disdain 548
He designed to redeem. 584
He did all my debts discharge, 542
He did thy state survey, 413
He died and rose again for you 431
He died to atone for our sins, not his own 161
He died to set the captives free 984
He dies! and in that dreadful night 211
He does and will for me provide 513
He doomed me in the dust to lie, 189
He draws life and virtue from him. 220
He draws the thirsty to his spring, 684
He dries their tears, relieves their fears, 832
He engaged to manage all, 277
He enters into Christ, and there 636
He ever lives, and reigns, and rests. 538
He ever lives to intercede 121
He executes his firm decrees 6
He feeds among the spicy beds, 22
He feeds his flock, he calls their names 122
He feels himself guilty, and what can he do 520
He feels it every day 1089
He feels the filth within. 678
He feels the Saviour’s worth, 1026
He feels the sweets of sin forgiven 908
He feels within the weight of sin, 287
He felt its galling load, 1089
He fights our battles well 561
He fills his own immortal NOW, 2
He fills the poor with good 420
He finds a settled rest. 636
He fondly strives to fling 708
He for them did once atone 542
He formed the sun, fair fount of light 88
He forms his vessels as he please 75
He forsook his ancient glory, 920
He fought and he conquered her foes, 569
He fought, he conquered though he fell, 1080
He found me wandering far from God, 91
He freely and faithfully gives 627
He freely loves, and without end. 91
He freely redeemed with his blood 246
He from faith to faith shall go, 545
He from the grave my dust will raise 173
He fulfilled; reconciled 104
He gapes with adamantine jaws, 845
He gave himself for wretched me, 537
He gave his life a ransom-price 532
He gave his only Son. 570
He gave his Son their life to be, 570
He gave us grace in Christ his Son, 211
He gently leads us on 308A
He gives her power to live and view 602
He gives the conquest to the weak, 327
He gives the sufferers rest 420
He gives them out strength for their day, 276
He gives us all things, and withholds 370
He gladly dictates, gladly hears, 32
He graciously imparts 359
He groaned he cried he bled 663
He groaned upon the tree 763
He guards his children well, 624
He guards our souls from hell and sin 124
He guards them by his power 772
He guides, and moves our steps, 308A
He has a redundance for all that believe. 184
He has borne their misbehaviour, 593
He has bought me with his blood 542
He has bought our souls with blood! 662
He has broke the bands asunder, 583
He has brought us home to God! 416
He has brought us home to God! 416
He has brought us home to God! 416
He has brought us home to God! 416
He has brought us home to God! 416
He has burst their bands asunder, 560
He has called us, 205
He has conquered death and hell 658
He has engaged, by firm decree, 328
He has engrossed my warmest love 22
He has hushed the law’s loud thunder 416
He has made an end of sin, 830
He has made us priests and kings 719
He has not got a grain. 178
He has once the wine-press trod 145
He has promised to provide 277
He has quenched Mount Sinai’s flame 416
He has quite mistook the way. 545
He has said he’ll ever rest. 584
He has saved his favourite nation 205
He has saved my soul from sin, 558
He has saved us! 205
He has saved us by his blood 179
He has shed his precious blood, 654
He has the Father and the Son, 234
He has unmeasured bliss to give, 1039
He has vanquished death and hell 662
He has washed us in his blood 416
He has washed us in his blood 416
He has washed us in his blood 416
He has washed us in his blood 416
He has washed us in his blood 416
He hates to put away. 413
He hates to put away. 413
He hates to put away. 413
He hates to put away. 413
He heard, and bade the tempest cease 1017
He hearkened to their groans, 318
He hears and will relieve complaint 893
He hears my sad complaints, 114
He hears our mournful call. 509
He hears our praises and complaints, 361
He hears the groans of his elect, 413
He hears the sigh or groan. 675
He hears the Spirit’s voice within 908
He helps me on him to rely 511
He hides a smiling face. 320
He hides the purpose of his grace, 132
He himself has bid thee pray, 379
He himself, in Jordan’s river, 428
He holds all nature in his hand 957
He hung in open view 785
He hung, through soul and body pierced, 815
He in holy triumph broke 657
He, in mercy, called his own 583
He, in the days of feeble flesh, 120
He, in the most distressing hour, 513
He in the thickest darkness dwells 6
He in various ways reproves 623
He invites us to this feast 662
He is (though I am blind) 7
He is able, 723
He is able to deliver, 396
He is faithful, 333
He is, I daily find, 7
He is mighty, 593
He is my All of him I’ll boast 630
He is my Helper and my Guide 812
He is my Refuge in each deep distress 667
He is my rich treasure, my God, and my King. 577
He is my Rock, my anchor-ground, 745
He is my Rock, my Refuge too, 175
He is my soul’s sweet morning star, 1011
He is my strength and tower 511
He is needful as our All 574
He is needful in all stations, 573
He is no fickle friend 351
He is the Son to free 130
He is the whole creation’s Head, 20
He is their Father still 624
He is their God, and they shall know 557
He is their treasure and their joy, 598
He is willing; doubt no more. 723
He is your God and King, 539
He is your God and King. 149
He is your strength and portion too, 519
He justly claims a song from me 9
He keeps a gradual pace. 709
He kindly listens while they tell 762
He knows, and is known by, his sheep 627
He knows and loves the beggar’s knock, 629
He knows he must resign. 1020
He knows how deep their groanings are, 263
He knows how long I’ve languished here, 729
He knows how weak and faint thou art, 765
He knows our feeble frame 120
He knows our foes are strong 509
He knows our sins perplex and tease, 509
He knows the frailty of our frame 441
He knows we are but dust 678
He knows we have no strength at all 509
He knows what arguments I’d take 727
He knows what sore temptations mean, 120
He laid his glory by, 37
He leads my soul safely along, 565
He led the host of morning stars 20
He led them by the way 358
He left his radiant throne on high! 418
He left his starry crown, 403
He lends an unseen hand, 749
He let his patience long endure, 75
He, like a beacon on a hill, 308A
He like an angel stands, 122
He likes the tents of Jacob well, 360
He lines it out with blood. 308A
He listens to their broken sighs, 359
He lives (and blessed be my Rock), 419
He lives, all blessings to impart! 751
He lives, all glory to his name! 751
He lives, eternally to save! 751
He lives! he lives! and sits above, 72
He lives, he reigns, and sits above, 539
He lives on the bounty of grace, rich and free – 591
He lives, the Lord enthroned on high! 751
He lives, their mansions to prepare, 751
He lives, to bring them safely there! 751
He lives, to calm their troubled heart! 751
He lives, to still his people’s fears! 751
He lives, to wipe away their tears! 751
He lives, triumphant o’er the grave! 751
He lives, unchangeably the same! 751
He lives within the vail above, 383
He loads their shoulders well with woe, 300
He looks to him that works the whole, 222
He looks with smiling face 559
He loved and chose because he would 530
He loved, he has loved us, because he would love 161
He loved me ere the world began 525
He loves beyond degree 579
He loves, but will correct us too, 335
He loves his people, great and small, 149
He loves them without end, 214
He loves through every changing scene, 633
He loves to bind up broken reeds, 743
He loves to hear our praise. 19
He loves you most dearly) rejoice in his name 40
He made a precious way to God. 585
He made an end of sin, 606
He made by Moses known 420
He made his Son our sacrifice 34
He made the payment good. 533
He magnified the law 537
He magnified the law for me, 525
He makes his graces shine. 109
He makes my soul his care 325
He makes the believer, and gives him his crown. 804
He makes the blind to see 675
He makes the dead to hear his voice 675
He makes the glorious victory mine, 325
He makes the sinner sad, 362
He makes them feel the cleansing grace, 16
He many a sore temptation meet, 681
He marketh every tear, 749
He may them exercise 274
He measures, with a span, 539
He meets me with a kiss, 268
He meets with many a blow 287
He must relieve the poor. 893
He, my Goodness, Strength, and God, 801
He my Surety is, and Priest 558
He my wounded spirit cured 542
He near my soul has always stood 9
He never can leave thee, till God is not love. 639
He never moves a man to say, 32
He never takes away our all 132
He never will confound 630
He never will permit 729
He never will their cause despise, 614
He now has the witness within, 233
He now is the theme of my songs, 581
He of endless life’s a winner 615
He often makes the crooked straight, 308A
He on Calvary 760
He only claims whate’er’s amiss 817
He only rests in God. 843
He paid thy ransom with his hand, 101
He paid to justice all its due, 17
He pardons all their sins, 526
He pardons and forgives, 556
He passed to reach the crown. 168
He passed within the vail, 922
He pities all that feel his fear, 828
He pities all their griefs 832
He pities your crying, and will give you rest. 687
He pity ne’er withdrew. 438
He placed in heaven his radiant bow 791
He plants his footsteps in the sea, 320
He pleads, before the throne, 119
He plucked me as a brand from hell 410
He prays with lifted eyes. 1099
He pushes at the gate, 1026
He puts you in mourning, the dress that you want, 687
He quits the dark abode, 487
He raised me from the depths of sin, 94
He raised me from the lowest state, 13
He raises monarchs to their thrones, 63
He ran, and fell upon his neck, 590
He ran to fetch him home 590
He ransomed me from hell with blood, 91
He ravens and lions can tame! 276
He reads the dark lines which sin has writ there 710
He redeemed us 535
He redresses all the woes 574
He reigns and intercedes. 489
He relieves the wounded heart 976
He requires pure desires 800
He reveals in gospel days. 514
He rises, sets, but goes not back, 777
He rolled the seas and spread the skies, 88
He rose and triumphed o’er the grave, 559
He rose in triumph from the dead 536
He ruined all his future race 89
He rules and reigns from pole to pole. 559
He rules me by his well-known laws 465
He rules o’er earth and heaven 127
He rules on Zion’s hill, 541
He safely leads my soul along 9
He said, and off he goes 590
He sank in wrath’s tremendous tide, 663
He satisfied the claims of law, 561
He saved me from my lost estate 9
He saved them from their foes 318
He saved us from the wrath of God, 445
He saves, and he smiles in the face, 597
He saves from death, destruction, and despair. 667
He saves from hell (we bless his name), 211
He saves from sin, wrath, law, and hell, 557
He saves from wrath and sin, 532
He saves you by his grace 539
He saw her polluted with sin, 569
He saw her rolling in her filth, 533
He saw me distressed, and he said, 581
He saw me ruined in the fall, 9
He says he’ll freely give, 987
He says, I’ve all that I require 1092
He sees me often overcome, 209
He sees the struggles that prevail 762
He sees us when we see not him, 308A
He sees when I am sunk in grief, 513
He sends a legal night 889
He sends his millions down to hell, 559
He sends his Spirit with his word, 325
He sets no rigorous tasks 448
He sets the prisoners free, and breaks 1006
He shall by means like these 872
He shall fly to endless day. 545
He shall fulfil thy great decrees 19
He shall get safe at last. 351
He shall guide me to the tomb 64
He shall hold thee up when falling, 270
He shall send down his heavenly powers, 770
He sheds his beams of light divine 427
He shines eternal ages hence. 969
He shines into my heart 546
He shouts aloud through pain, 749
He shows us first how foul 863
He sighed he groaned he sweat he cried 536
He sighs, he faints, he groans, he cries, 712
He sinks in miry clay, 1026
He sits for grace and judgment there. 362
He sits on no precarious throne, 4
He smarts beneath a Father’s rod, 148
He smarts with nails that pierce his feet, 148
He smiles, and my comforts abound 346
He sought a city fair and high, 226
He spared no pains, declined no load, 448
He speaks, and that almighty breath 14
He speaks, and that almighty voice 579
He speaks as prompted from within 882
He stained his garments in their blood, 561
He stands accepted in his name 1092
He stands in Jesus still complete. 681
He stood to strengthen, not to fight 153
He stooped to bleed and die 659
He stretched forth his power, and snatched us from hell. 778
He subdued the infernal powers, 90
He suffered and died your wants to supply 1000
He surely will display, 554
He surveys all our ways 800
He swore but once the deed was done 405
He takes, but cannot hold. 845
He takes my soul, ere I’m aware, 22
He takes peculiar care of such, 871
He takes the men of meanest name 74
He takes the rebel to his breast, 588
He takes the vilest of our race 580
He tarries oft till men are faint, 893
He taught me wisdom’s lessons, 292
He teach, save the Lamb and his blood. 220
He teaches in the soul. 774
He tells the shepherds of their joys, 38
He tells us we’re weak, our hope is in vain, 324
He that answers is the same. 180
He that believes on Jesus Christ, 234
He that believes shall never die 603
He that believes, the Scripture says, 783
He that believeth Christ the Lord, 234
He that better knows than we, 789
He that bought thee on the cross 780
He that can dash whole worlds to death, 14
He that dictates them is Jesus 180
He that finds this is rich indeed 681
He that formed me in the womb, 64
He that has loved us bears us through, 72
He that has made my heaven secure 247
He that hung upon the cross, 306
He that redeemed my soul from hell 420
He that trusts in his own heart, 742
He that wears it 920
He that with Jesus gathers not, 178
He that would keep this solemn day, 786
He the great atonement made! 116
He, the sinner’s wise Physician, 976
He the vail has rent in twain 542
He then is all my hope and stay. 1106
He then took the yoke off my neck, 581
He thinks himself the sinner chief 744
He to my succour came. 936
He, to save my soul from danger, 199
He, to save your souls from ruin, 593
He to the needy and the faint 828
He toils through life, and pants through death, 149
He took all her debts and her woes, 569
He took his seat above 127
He took our weakness, bore our load, 837
He took the bread and blessed and brake 1121
He took the dying traitor’s place, 95
He took the Lord, the great I AM, 550
He took the robe the Saviour wrought, 109
He treasures up his bright designs, 320
He tries, but cannot pray, 1026
He triumphed o’er the powers of hell, 1080
He trusts in our Redeemer’s hands 85
He turns, and looks, and cries, Tis done. 390
He understands a sigh divine, 765
He undertakes for sinners lost, 148
He undertook, and must go through. 153
He undertook our desperate debt 712
He undertook the care and charge, 572
He unto the utmost saves. 913
He upholds them with his hand. 720
He waits to answer prayer. 132
He waits to make you free. 989
He was in all things like to you. 787
He was needed much indeed 573
He was not readier to deceive, 775
He was too wise to err, and O, 7
He was tried and tempted too 758
He welcomes all by sin oppressed, 642
He wept, he bled, he died for you 441
He who found the wandering sheep 1071
He who has helped me hitherto, 961
He who Mary thus affected, 741
He who taught their hearts to pray, 397
He whom I fix my hopes upon 144
He whose word can not be broken, 372
He will bring us safely through. 788
He will change their night to day. 720
He will cheer thee 698
He will ease you of your pains. 976
He will, for his own mercy’s sake, 899
He will have compassion then why should you grieve 1000
He will his grace reveal. 624
He will ne’er afflict too much 623
He will never, never leave us 746
He will never, never, never 582
He will no more be wroth with them. 791
He will not, cannot go away. 550
He will not deceive thee his faithfulness prove 639
He will not deceive them, nor spurn them away, 548
He will not, he cannot say, Go, 627
He will not leave behind 629
He will not pronounce thy doom 956
He will not the weakest forget 516
He will present our souls 421
He will present us sound and whole, 23
He will rise up the prey to take 899
He will say, Come near, ye blessed, 496
He will surely give the crown 416
He will wash and feast you there. 147
He with his wisdom makes them wise, 624
He wore conspicuous on his breast. 794
He works it by his power 244
He works salvation in our hearts, 211
He wraps in frowns as well as smiles, 894
He wrought the righteousness, 445
He’ll answer their complaint. 624
He’ll banish every fear 727
He’ll be my Sanctuary there. 173
He’ll break the strings of nature soon, 553
He’ll cause thee to bring thy griefs to his throne, 297
He’ll charm them with a holy kiss, 580
He’ll deal thy deeds their righteous doom, 852
He’ll draw them to his breast 580
He’ll freely and faithfully give. 627
He’ll give thee power, till light return, 707
He’ll give them honour, peace, renown, 67
He’ll humble thy proud heart 872
He’ll lead them forth with love and power, 625
He’ll lead them on fair Zion’s road, 772
He’ll leave me at last in trouble to sink 232
He’ll leave you? No, never! his love is too great. 568
He’ll love his own to endless day. 633
He’ll love his saints unto the end, 606
He’ll love tomorrow as today. 87A
He’ll make his goodness known 624
He’ll make his sons and daughters wise, 625
He’ll ne’er thee forsake, but surely perform 297
He’ll never leave thee (doubt it not) 707
He’ll never, no never deceive 627
He’ll never quench the smoking flax, 120
He’ll reach the port for which he’s bound 1049
He’ll save you by his grace. 570
He’ll surely turn and smile again, 377
He’ll take thee, and plunge thee therein, 627
He’ll take them all to glory too. 625
He’ll therefore supply all his need, 523
He’s a Strong-hold, ordained for you 1090
He’s all the helpless soul can need 557
He’s boundless both in truth and grace. 981
He’s Bread, and the Bread of Life too 566
He’s fastened there as God, 550
He’s gone in endless bliss to dwell, 664
He’s great, and Zion shall record 559
He’s King in Zion’s land, 648
He’s made unto them righteousness. 544
He’s marrow and fatness as well, 566
He’s mine, and with pleasure I see, 578
He’s mine I bought him with my blood. 106
He’s one in the Lord, and in him he abides, 591
He’s precious in his precious blood, 174
He’s precious in his righteousness, 174
He’s precious on a dying bed. 174
He’s precious to his people still. 174
He’s saved, and saved by grace. 596
He’s the life of every limb. 626
He’s the Rock in which they hide. 551
He’s the Rock of our salvation, 758
He’s unsound and filthy, and no good can show. 520
He’s Water to cleanse and to heal 566
Head o’er all is Christ to me, 558
Head of the Church triumphant, 131
Heal the sick, and lead the blind. 303
Heal us, Immanuel, here we are, 731
Healing medicines, here I find, 43
Heals him of all his wretchedness, 588
Health and every needful blessing 1150
Hear and sing, ye sons of God 534
Hear, gracious God, a sinner’s cry, 385
Hear him speak, ye saved few, 662
Hear his groans, till he, expiring, 1118
Hear my never-ceasing cry 737
Hear the blest Redeemer call you 428
Hear the dreadful sound, Depart! 495
Hear the dying Saviour cry! 93
Hear the general answer, No! 1045
Hear the glad tidings, hear and live! 488
Hear the good tidings God has sent, 837
Hear the hymn of praise we sing. 1150
Hear the Lord himself declaring 982
Hear the Redeemer’s gracious call 989
Hear the sighs and groans of God! 802
Hear the trump proclaim the day 493
Hear the voice of revelation 428
Hear the whole conclusion of it 180
Hear, then, blessed Saviour, hear me! 1068
Hear thy humble suppliant’s cry 1068
Hear thy word with godly fear. 1135
Hear us from thy bright abode, 1150
Hear what Christ the Saviour says 273
Hear what the Lord has done for me. 394
Hear whilst we plead the Saviour’s name, 1114
Hear with meekness 1135
Hearing ears, and seeing eyes. 180
Heart and flesh may fail, ’tis true 619
Heaven and earth, shall flee away 493
Heaven and earth shall pass away, 796
Heaven before them, 495
Heaven, earth, and hell, draw near let all things come 497
Heaven is that holy, happy place, 850
Heaven its King congratulates 490
Heaven only can bear the full flame. 162
Heaven will bring us sweeter rest. 971
Heaven will gladly share our songs. 864
Heaven with the echo shall resound, 201
Heaven’s brightest Glory sunk in shame, 536
Heaven’s brightest lamps, with him compared, 15
Heavenly blessings, without measure, 93
Heavenly joys on earth begin. 735
Heavenly tongues are ever aiming, 1055
Heavenly Warrior, may we never 560
Heeded not a heart unclean 584
Heirs of God, joint-heirs with Jesus, 766
Held by the Saviour’s mighty arm, 772
Held for me in thy hand, 216
Held in the deepest bondage there, 1090
Hell and all its murderous train, 795
Hell and earth their powers unite, 619
Hell and thy sins resist thy course, 1007
Hell had been my destined place. 1031
Hell is vanquished, heaven appeased, 788
Hell resounds the dreadful roar 495
Hell seized his agonised heart, 561
Hell was our just desert, 445
Hell with heaven mingle. 800
Hell’s deep caverns opening wide 495
Hell-born sin, once crept in, 799
Help can only come from thee. 1144
Help each other in the road 1014
Help each poor trembler to repeat, 829
Help, Lord, for men of virtue fail 1146
Help me all thy will to do 611
Help me in his name to trust 573
Help me, Lord, on thee to call 963
Help me to begin today. 283
Help me to keep the bloody field 835
Help me to taste thy dying love. 688
Help me to tear it from thy throne, 958
Help me to watch, and pray, and strive, 1051
Help our heedful hearts to keep 865
Help them fully to believe, 754
Help them their office to fulfil, 1154
Help there’s none for such as we, 802
Help to chant the Saviour’s praise. 931
Help to sing the Saviour’s merits 931
Help us, dear Lord, to honour thee 851
Help us in Jesus to believe, 847
Help us thy name to sing 35
Help us to be much in prayer, 640
Help us to feed on thee by faith, 824
Help us to feed upon thy word 457
Help us to praise 35
Help us to take, from doubtings free, 823
Helper, counsellor, or guide 864
Helpless and far from all relief, 140
Helpless and weak, a sinner great, 175
Helpless, look to thee for grace 143
Helpless souls have here a Friend 593
Helps them when they seek his face. 397
Hence! accursed wretch, depart! 496
Hence all our comforts flow, 86
Hence evermore! 35
Hence from my soul, sad thoughts, begone, 266
Hence shall his sovereign throne arise 168
Hence, vain, intruding world, depart 1085
Henceforth an end is put to sin 815
Henceforth my great concern shall be 247
Her conscience gets no ease. 638
Her craft and spleen she’ll make them feel, 620
Her debts and guilt upon him fell 533
Her dissolution mourns 847
Her efforts all abortive prove 638
Her empire shall maintain 406
Her faith and her patience to prove 334
Her favourite god pursue 42
Her hopes all centre there 994
Her hopes o’erturned, her projects crossed, 289
Her mansion near the throne. 1155
Her name he enrolled above 569
Her nature’s serpentine indeed 620
Her noblest life my spirit draws 752
Her only clothing sin and guilt 533
Her only hope for heaven, 922
Her several saints can boast 1145
Her sin, by imputation, his, 10
Her strength could make a Samson yield; 620
Her strength shall suffice for the day 334
Her suckling have no room 269
Her trembling conscience pains, 994
Her woes are permitted of God, 334
Her working makes her worse 638
Here all Deity can meet, 534
Here at thy cross, my dying God, 166
Here billows break upon my breast 672
Here every bowel of our God 440
Here give the troubled conscience ease 398
Here griefs, and cares, and pains, 337
Here he exalts neglected worms 4
Here he smiles and smiles for ever 514
Here his brightest glories shine 626
Here, humble saints, your tribute pay 426
Here hungry souls appear, 831
Here I behold thy distant face, 475
Here I behold thy wonders, Lord, 44
Here I my Ebenezer raise, 209
Here I raise my Ebenezer 199
Here I will meet the hungry poor, 365
Here I with wonder see 559
Here I’d feast my soul for ever 689
Here, in obedience to thy word, 822
Here in this world of sin and woe, 941
Here, in thy gospel’s wondrous frame, 5
Here in thy love will we rejoice, 176
Here is my hope, my joy, my rest 96
Here is no prevarication 104
Here it is I find my heaven, 158
Here it shines in Jesus’ face 514
Here its guilt may estimate. 1116
Here let him hold a lasting throne, 366
Here let me build and rest secure. 980
Here let me rest my weary head, 924
Here let me search my inmost mind, 1085
Here let me trust, while I adore, 957
Here let me wash my spotted soul 764
Here let my faith unshaken dwell 980
Here let my soul her hold maintain, 908
Here let my soul retreat 136
Here let the great Redeemer reign, 368
Here let the Son of David reign 366
Here let the weary rest, 921
Here let thy praise be spread 366
Here light, descending from above, 42
Here, Lord, my soul convicted stands 44
Here love, eternal love, abounds, 987
Here manifest thyself in peace 952
Here may the eternal Three 696
Here may true friendship ever reign, 1153
Here may view its nature rightly, 1116
Here may we confidently trust, 564
Here may we prove the power of prayer 1023
Here mercy’s boundless ocean flows, 1109
Here, mighty God! accept our songs 366
Here my hungry soul enjoys 43
Here no jarring notes are found 600
Here no strangers durst intrude 802
Here, O my soul, thy trust repose 980
Here often from our eyes 337
Here on my heart the burden lies, 761
Here on the cross ’tis fairest drawn, 752
Here, on the mercy-seat, 359
Here pardoned rebels sit, and hold 437
Here peace and liberty have dwelt, 1142
Here peace and pardon, love and blood, 440
Here promises of heavenly love 42
Here safety dwells and peace divine 927
Here, says the Lord, ye angels, spread their thrones 497
Here shall my power and love be known, 365
Here shall your numerous wants receive 1039
Here sinners, black as hell, obtain relief 669
Here sinners may approach and live, 564
Here sinners may commune with God, 636
Here sinners may draw near, 585
Here, soul, here’s raiment rich enough 106
Here sweeter comforts cheer my heart, 927
Here the Father 600
Here the hungry eat and live. 543
Here the sacred records show 145
Here the vast seas of grace, 87
Here the whole Deity is known, 207
Here they find a sure abiding, 759
Here they forget their doubts and fears, 738
Here they oft conversing sat, 802
Here they trusted him before us, 416
Here thirsty souls approach, 831
Here thy bleeding wounds are healed 145
Here to meet in peace again. 501
Here to our waiting hearts proclaim 1023
Here unite to endless days. 514
Here we behold his bowels roll, 438
Here we by faith may view, 653
Here we could sit and gaze away, 265
Here we fix and comfort take 154
Here we have a firm foundation 1116
Here we have power to plead with God, 564
Here we may sit and see him here, 357
Here we raise our Ebenezer, 656
Here when thy feet shall fall, 87
Here will I fix my gracious throne, 365
Here will I lie, and wait till thou 196
Here would I constantly abide, 637
Here would I wait, and hope, and pray, 1108
Here wouldst keep thy private court 802
Here yet is thine abode 1145
Here you may quench your raging thirst, 56
Here’s a cord which can’t be broken 600
Here’s a soul that perished suing 1068
Here’s all a God can give 637
Here’s an amazing change indeed! 151
Here’s blood that can take its defilement away. 1097
Here’s health for the sickly, here’s life for the dead. 155
Here’s life, and light, and holiness, 637
Here’s my claim, and here alone 802
Here’s my heart, Lord, take and seal it 199
Here’s one among the damned 547
Here’s pardon full for sin that’s past 407
Here’s refuge for sinners, whose guilt shall appear 1097
Here’s righteousness enough. 105
Here’s room for my soul to expand 529
Here’s strength for the weakly that hither are led 155
Here’s the refuge of the lost 1116
Here’s water, whose all-powerful stream 985
Here’s your tenure (keep it safe) 77
Hereafter he will make me know, 7
Herein let self be all abased, 195
Herein we every blessing view, 383
Hid from all creatures’ peering eyes 153
Hide all my transgressions from view. 340
Hide me, O Gethsemane! 802
Hide me, O my Saviour, hide, 303
Hide my soul within thy arms 1101
Hide the heavens from my view, 1037
Hides the loved Saviour from my sight, 399
High as the heavens are raised 1015
High beyond imagination 582
High on a throne of light they stand, 476
High on his Father’s throne 167
Higher than the heights above 968
Him face to face shalt see. 917
Him rise with power to save. 228
Him that bled for you and me, 788
Him whom we now to thee commend 373
Him your fellow-sufferer see 787
Himself a noble vine, and we 1140
Himself for others’ sake he gave, 1012
Himself has bound, by holy ties, 598
Himself has said my ransom’s paid, 355
Himself he binds by oath and blood, 588
Himself he cannot save. 1012
Himself he cannot save. 1012
Himself he gives us still. 132
Himself my heaven, himself my joy. 200
Himself shall be thy helping Friend, 707
His aid and his influence afford, 635
His aid they’re supplicating 292
His all-creating beams display 1107
His all-prevailing sacrifice 1107
His and our Father’s will 130
His are faithful words and true. 982
His ark was settled there 366
His arm of omnipotent grace 627
His arm shall thee defend, 87
His arms embrace this happy ground, 364
His back with hardy stripes is hewed, 148
His back with scourges lashed and torn; 785
His back’s with knotted scourges lashed, 797
His beams, he’s ever mine. 546
His beauties called to trace, 596
His beauties trace, his majesty adore 667
His beauties we can never trace, 142
His bleeding cross is all my boast 271
His bleeding hands extended wide 688
His blest Spirit does impart. 976
His blood alone can wash thee fair, 81
His blood can cleanse the blackest soul, 23
His blood has set often the worst broken bones 150
His blood must purge the conscience clean, 900
His blood, which did your sins atone, 489
His body, bathed in sweat and blood, 794
His body bruised for sin 820
His body bruised, from every part 824
His body’s glorious Head 130
His body’s the temple of the Holy Ghost, 612
His bones keep waxing old, 618
His bosom bears the tender lambs. 122
His bosom glow with love. 1082
His bosom heaves, with guilt oppressed, 1026
His boundless years can ne’er decrease, 2
His bounteous hand the poor supplies, 831
His bowels melt with love. 120
His bright robes were quickly gone 920
His brightest form of glory shines 752
His building shall complete 215
His chariot will not long delay 137
His chariots will not stay 403
His charms so transcendently blaze, 162
His chastening, therefore, prize, 872
His children he supplies 624
His children should obey 648
His church is with his presence blessed. 365
His claims were set at nought 1013
His comforts from the law, 522
His commandments 1055
His conquering banner o’er my head. 271
His conquest is crowned with the honours he won 414
His counsel and his care, 421
His counsel, promise, and his power. 1106
His counsel stands for ever sure, 530
His counsels are settled of old 516
His counsels eternal made known 516
His counsels to unfold! 571
His countenance more graceful is 21
His course is joy and righteousness 142
His covenant life eternal gives. 407
His covenant of peace. 344
His covenant shall learn 832
His covenant will my soul defend, 261
His creatures all are filled 831
His cries may control the lusts of thy heart 150
His cross a sure foundation laid 168
His dear face by faith I see, 1037
His dear hands were pierced for thee 145
His dear heart was broken too, 720
His dear presence makes me whole, 801
His death procured thy peace, 487
His debts are all discharged, 528
His decree who formed the earth 64
His deep and dangerous lies 775
His destined land he sometimes sees, 1049
His disciples likewise came 802
His drooping head, his streaming side, 856
His dying love repeat. 659
His dying toil and smart, 756
His ear is open to their cries, 762
His everlasting arms has laid, 909
His everlasting love. 348
His every word of grace is strong 14
His excellencies trace, 803
His eyes are majesty and love, 21
His eyes in tears of sorrow drowned! 712
His eyes their beams display 487
His face they always view 1155
His fairest pretensions must wholly be waived, 309
His faith, and yet believes. 30
His faith beheld the promised land, 231
His faith stands in Jesus’s power, 632
His faith to action seldom mounts 852
His faithful word declares to thee, 328
His faithfulness, justice, and truth 597
His Father’s broken laws. 122
His favour nothing could remove, 13
His favourites from his breast 354
His flesh and his spirit with malice they tore, 414
His foes shall the Christian withstand, 298
His footsteps who can trace 596
His form divinely fair 126
His former visits we recount, 911
His free grace adore, and sing Worthy’s the Lamb! 568
His freed-man thou shalt go. 892
His fretful child, a toy, 507
His friends forsook him in the night, 797
His fulness shall yield us abundant supplies 184
His gifts in abundance we daily receive 184
His glorious grace abroad. 94
His glorious power make known, 696
His glory and his grace. 85
His glory can never depart 591
His glory to enjoy. 553
His Godhead from his throne 110
His goodness he will make to pass 554
His goodness praise, his wonders tell, 837
His goodness runs an endless round 498
His goodness will find out a way. 276
His grace as the dew shall descend 346
His grace despised, his power defied, 1142
His grace, from age to age the same, 555
His grace is now my song and boast, 336
His grace mysteriously controls 690
His grace removes my sins. 1095
His grace shall ne’er depart 479
His grace shall to the end, 330
His gracious name makes known! 966
His gracious name to raise 437
His gracious purpose he will do. 344
His great decrees fulfil, 71
His great, his firm decree. 191
His hand has writ the sacred word 14
His hand sustains us still. 308A
His hands a golden censer held, 794
His hands and his feet he resigned 159
His hands are fairer to behold 21
His hands securely keep. 354
His hatred, unbelief, and guilt, 691
His head, the dear majestic head, 476
His head the finest gold excels 21
His heart dissolves apace. 691
His heart is made of tenderness 120
His heart is my abode 604
His heart upon Zion did set 569
His helping hand, but feel 308A
His holy head is thrust upon, 148
His holy Son he gave 16
His holy truth to know 16
His honour and his name’s at stake, 1106
His honour is engaged to save 354
His honours, and his deathless fame. 407
His humble suit below 117
His infinite power and wisdom proclaim 568
His institutions would I prize 427
His is love beyond a brother’s 133
His judgments adored, his righteousness clear, 254
His judgments disapprove. 682
His justification receives, 233
His kingdom cannot fail 127
His kingdom is begun. 168
His kingdom ne’er decay. 38
His language is, Let me, my God, 222
His laws are just and mild, 540
His legs like marble pillars stand. 21
His life and death in my behalf, 119
His life and glory gone 426
His life he gave a ransom-price, 533
His light and airy dreams, 775
His light shall make the darkness flee, 511
His little arms about her neck, 708
His love abideth sure. 149
His love all victorious shall conquer for me. 229
His love and grace adore, 415
His love and his mercy forget, 319
His love and power can bless. 395
His love and righteousness display, 981
His love, as ancient as his name, 65
His love before all time began, 149
His love divinely free! 756
His love from eternity gave us a home, 243
His love from Zion move. 579
His love he fixed on me before time began, 577
His love in time past forbids me to think 232
His love is still as great 438
His love is still the same. 230
His love, more ancient than the skies, 596
His love no end or measure knows 132
His love no variation knows. 339
His love shall banish all your fears 570
His love too can soften hearts harder than stones. 150
His love, what mortal thought can reach, 418
His love will defend and guard us through life 184
His love, without beginning, knew 206
His love’s the same to thee 909
His loving heart engaged to be 633
His loving heart is still 339
His loving-kindness changes not! 9
His loving-kindness in the skies. 9
His loving-kindness, O how free! 9
His loving-kindness, O how good! 9
His loving-kindness, O how great! 9
His loving-kindness, O how strong! 9
His loving-kindness sing in death! 9
His matchless grace to you 666
His matchless honours spread 607
His mercies I’ll proclaim 567
His mercies lay a sovereign claim 124
His mercies never have an end 540
His mercy and his power 120
His mercy ever stands the same, 556
His mercy has no end 355
His mercy never knows a bound 498
His mercy record his faithfulness sing, 568
His mercy, truth, and justice join, 539
His mercy visits every house, 360
His mercy’s still the same 630
His merit shall atone for me, 1103
His mighty acts be told 845
His mighty aid makes known 828
His mighty arm he will make bare 899
His mighty arms their strength resume, 836
His mighty needful help afford, 1059
His mighty power proclaim. 592
His mouth is held with bit 1113
His mouth, that poured out long complaints, 21
His name a tower for strength renowned, 1090
His name, and love, and gracious voice, 1100
His name, as Jesus, suits them well 557
His name forbids my slavish fear 1095
His name is all my trust 54
His name is gracious still, 556
His name is Jesus, for he saves, 892
His name is Jesus, full of grace, 743
His name is Wonderful indeed 557
His needs he will supply. 725
His oath and promise true. 923
His oath, his covenant, and his blood, 1106
His office is to purchase slaves, 892
His only Son he deigned to give 834
His overwhelming pain, 653
His own (though he had all things made) 807
His own bad heart creates him smart, 287
His own glory 514
His own good pleasure, not our worth, 674
His paternal care and love. 623
His patience long endures, 556
His people and his ways 251
His people’s cause above. 117
His person and his word, 888
His person bless, his soul secure 373
His pierced hands and feet 856
His pity melted o’er our woes, 1080
His pleasant fruits at his own feast. 363
His power and truth, that never fail, 70
His power from above he’ll kindly impart, 129
His power shall shield us when dangers arise. 184
His power subdues our sins, 1015
His power upholds my feeble frame, 3
His powerful blood did once atone, 122
His praises aloud I’ll proclaim, 246
His praises my tongue shall employ 581
His precious blood was shed, 820
His presence cheers the soul, 308A
His presence lays proud nature low, 555
His priestly office she disdains, 621
His promise and faithfulness fail, 632
His promise assures thee, when troubles assail, 1033
His promise in his word I see, 910
His promise is sure he’s Jesus thy Priest 639
His promise is Yea and Amen, 340
His promise stands for ever firm 479
His promise surely he’ll fulfil. 1036
His promises are true 305
His Prophet now becomes his Priest, 234
His providence unfolds the book, 4
His providential grace, 70
His purchase firm and true 351
His purpose to fulfil, 550
His purposes will ripen fast, 320
His radiant throne on high, 95
His resurrection’s thine 487
His right hand shall still defend thee 333
His right to reign the flesh denies. 617
His righteous laws obey 541
His righteousness exalts their hope, 58
His righteousness he gives to them 538
His righteousness is theirs. 181
His righteousness makes sinners just. 537
His righteousness my robe shall be, 1103
His righteousness wouldst thou receive 220
His rising from the grave again, 653
His sacred side no more shall bear 21
His saints in him are perfect too. 65
His saints in safety go 292
His saints shall sing and tell. 922
His saints shall surely dwell 411
His saints to bless was present there. 911
His salvation’s full and free 593
His secrets they shall share, 832
His shield is spread o’er every saint, 332
His shoulders held up heaven and earth, 709
His six days’ toil is finished then 636
His skill in all cases infallible is 548
His skill infallible, 70
His slavish fear for ever gone 636
His Son’s own flesh and blood. 831
His sons, in every age and clime, 624
His sorrows made thy justice known, 164
His soul with bitter anguish pressed 712
His sovereign grace shall own. 624
His sovereign majesty 35
His sovereign sceptre sway. 683
His Spirit all the motion gives, 308A
His Spirit from above 831
His Spirit he sent, to soften my heart 521
His Spirit joins with ours 31
His Spirit makes our conscience clean 1006
His Spirit must disclose 888
His spirit once rejoiced aloud, 71
His Spirit will cherish the life he first gave 804
His Spirit write the law within, 900
His Spirit’s quickening breath. 472
His Spirit’s voice I hear. 812
His spotless righteousness I plead, 1103
His springs are all in thee. 176
His steady course has run, 777
His streaming feet transfixed and torn 688
His strength, whene’er our spirits fail, 1080
His strokes are fewer than our crimes, 1015
His sweet atoning sacrifice 117
His sweet commands fulfil. 192
His sweetest, loveliest face to view. 911
His sweetest thoughts on them did roll 67
His sympathising heart 624
His tender, loving heart 587
His tender pity and his love 382
His the name of which we boast. 1116
His track I see, and I’ll pursue 144
His traitors and his foes. 914
His troops rush headlong down to hell, 424
His unctuous love has tuned our hearts and tongue 699
His vengeance sleeps no more, behold the day! 497
His voice the strong one armed dismays 1020
His warm affections downward flow 441
His watchful eyes shall keep 122
His way was much rougher and darker than mine 232
His ways are just and true! 114
His Well-Beloved gave 532
His will has condescended 814
His will we wickedly oppose, 682
His wisdom all his works express 410
His wisdom conducts thee, his power thee defends, 993
His wisdom, love, and power displays, 561
His wonders see, his sermons hear, 690
His wonders to perform 320
His wondrous works and ways 420
His word a firm foundation gives 980
His word is this (poor sinners, hear) 352
His word its rage restrains. 132
His word of grace the precious field, 519
His word shall stand, his truth prevail, 352
His word the heart asunder breaks 943
His word, though he take his way in the storm 297
His word to Jews alone. 715
His worth, his glory, or his grace. 142
His worth I love to tell, 114
His worth if all the nations knew, 21
His wrath none can escape, 666
His yoke is soft and mild, 448
His zeal inspired their breast) 477
Hither by thy help I’m come 199
Hither, Lord, thou didst resort, 802
Hither the blood-bought children fly 738
Hither, then, your music bring 90
Hither, when hell assails, I flee 96
Ho! all ye hungry, starving souls, 56
Ho, poor distressed, thirsty soul, 986
Ho! ye despairing sinners come, 764
Ho, ye despairing sinners, hear, 985
Ho! ye that pant for living streams, 56
Hoard up his sacred word, 458
Hoard up the precious treasure there, 455
Hold he cannot, though he seize us 463
Hold me fast and keep me near thee, 769
Hold me with thy powerful hand 462
Hold thy helpless people fast 1040
Hold up, and I shall stand. 507
Hold us up, and we shall stand. 704
Holds the helm, and guides the ship 1102
Holiness in all its parts, 796
Holiness is his blest abode, 855
Holiness, without a stain, 619
Holy as the Holy One. 145
Holy Comforter, descend, 754
Holy Father, God of love! 970
Holy Ghost, dispel our sadness, 1073
Holy Ghost, inspire our praises, 864
Holy Ghost, repeat the word, 306
Holy Ghost, we look to thee 515
Holy, holy, holy Lord, 854
Holy, holy, holy Lord, 854
Holy, holy, holy Lord, 854
Holy, holy, holy Lord, 854
Holy, holy, holy Lord, 854
Holy, immortal Three, 517
Holy is he in all his works, 15
Holy is without a flaw 575
Holy Jesus, Lamb of God, 970
Holy Lamb, incarnate Word! 490
Holy men, and only they, 543
Holy Spirit, on me shine 963
Holy Spirit, quickening breath! 970
Holy Spirit, shed thy grace, 391
Honour and power divine 1005
Hope all that heaven has good 803A
Hope, and joy, and love increase. 1014
Hope and sinners here must part. 495
Hope celestial comfort gives 798
Hope in Christ the soul revives, 798
Hope is my anchor, firm and strong, 83
Hope is my helmet Christ my shield 271
Hope long will wait, and wait again, 244
Hope of all the saints thou art 1054
Hope of salvation in his name, 792
Hoping still in Jesus’ blood. 1038
Horrors all hearts appal 847
Horrors, past imagination, 496
Horrors we can never mention 560
Hosanna through all the ethereal groves 414
Hosanna to his glorious name, 124
Hosanna to our conquering King! 424
Hosanna to our conquering King! 424
Hosanna to the eternal name, 18
Hosanna to the King of saints 114
Hosanna was sung to David, we hear 549
Hosannah to my dying God, 166
Hosannas languish on our tongues, 25
Hosannas on our tongues 409
Hosts of angels, bright and glorious, 864
Hot and cold, and sweet and sour 301
Hourly conflicts from within 356
Hourly crosses from without 356
How, all my life-time past, 775
How amiable they are! 185
How awful and how grand! 664
How backward is my heart 883
How barren is my soul today! 1124
How bitter that cup, no heart can conceive, 232
How blessed are they who truly see 978
How blest, how sacred, and how sweet! 924
How blest is the man who in Jesus believes 591
How blest is the season at which we appear! 40
How blest your state to come is! 806
How bright their glories be. 477
How can a burdened cripple rise 835
How can a fettered captive flee 835
How can I be cheerful 780
How can I come some soul may say, 675
How can I dare to venture nigh 196
How can my soul, with hopes like these, 261
How can poor believers stand, 397
How can ye hope, deluded souls, 45
How canst thou want if he provide, 961
How changed, alas, are truths divine, 1143
How charming is the place, 359
How choice, how rich they are. 86
How Christ has to thy law restored 44
How comfortable ’tis! 792
How condescending and how wise 533
How dear that great salvation cost, 782
How dear to him our cleansing stood, 718
How desolate my way! 1069
How despicable to my eyes. 480
How did my heart rejoice to hear 361
How different from the wilderness 337
How does he mourn his lonely state, 288
How does thy heart to sinners move! 688
How dreadful now my guilt appears, 238
How easy are my pains! 1086
How fair soe’er it seem. 805
How fair soe’er they seem. 152
How faithful is the Lord! 772
How false, and yet how fair! 1064
How far the heavenly robe exceeds 109
How few upon the real! 291
How fickle are our ways! 318
How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord, 329
How firm the promise e’er remains 772
How firm thy hope, thy comfort stands! 935
How first thou from bondage wast freed 220
How free thy favours to dispense! 942
How full of doubts I live, 672
How full of truth! how full of grace! 20
How full the vast reward 772
How gladly does the prisoner hear 528
How glorious, how divine! 392
How glorious is thy holiness 833
How God had respect to us under sin 778
How God is satisfied, 792
How grace divine broke up thy cell, 406
How grace recedes and comfort dies, 727
How great and solemn is the thing, 426
How great, how solemn is the work 434
How great, immutable, and free! 10
How great salvation hast thou seen! 929
How great the grace! how sweet the song! 405
How great the triumph, who can sing, 724
How great their sum, how high they rise, 732
How great thy guilt and misery, 113
How great we must be made 79
How happy are we our election who see, 68
How happy, how divinely blest, 257
How happy if their lot is cast 1001
How happy is the little flock, 137
How happy the man whose heart is set free, 408
How hard and rugged is the way 747
How hardly it was won. 785
How harsh soe’er the way, 307
How hast thou been used 827
How hateful, then, must it appear 196
How he shines! how he smiles! how he looks! how he loves! 414
How high a privilege ’tis to know 107
How high, how deep, how wide it rolls! 738
How high thy wonders rise! 207
How his body God did bruise 830
How his eyes astonished are! 170
How huge the heavy load of all, 105
How I waver to and fro, 280
How is it he so safe abides 685
How is it, Lord, that thou art kind, 151
How is our nature marred by sin! 946
How is their fury stirred! 1146
How it delights my ear! 203
How it was done we can’t discuss, 88
How joyful this sound, while daily I find 321
How just and holy is the law, 113
How kind and gracious he has been. 513
How kind the promises he makes! 762
How light compared with thine! 307
How light, while supported by grace, 319
How long beneath the law I lay, 188
How long, dear Lord, how long 314
How long hast thou bestowed thy care 1142
How long, O Lord, shall I complain 401
How long shall my poor troubled breast 401
How loth with toys to part, 883
How low the Lord of life must sink, 709
How mean their writings look! 1148
How mean they look, and dim! 15
How mighty thou art, O Lord, to convert 197
How oft, alas, this wretched heart 392
How oft are we involved! 1089
How oft art thou constrained to say, 406
How oft deceived by self and pride, 1056
How oft have sin and Satan strove 83
How oft I grumble and repine, 507
How oft my mournful thoughts complain, 1051
How oft my roving thoughts depart, 392
How oft some darling lust creeps out, 510
How often do they steal 338
How often have I thought, 729
How our Lord resumed his breath 491
How perfect, holy, just, and pure 46
How perplexed is the path he must tread! 309
How pleasant, how divinely fair, 369
How pleasant is the gate 371
How pleased and blest was I, 362
How pleased they look, how bright they shine, 494
How poor are all the goods of earth, 107
How precious and how true! 637
How precious are thy thoughts, 732
How precious did that grace appear 198
How precious is the faith 713
How precious is the Saviour! 806
How precious is their heavenly Friend! 174
How prone the mind to search for ill, 291
How prone to start aside, 630
How rank their scent, how harsh their juice! 153
How ready was Jesus to give! 159
How rich the gift, how free the grace! 1109
How rich thy bounties are 1152
How rich thy flowing blood! 1039
How sad our state by nature is 764
How safe and how happy are they 276
How shall a heart that doubts like mine, 773
How shall I approach the Lord 702
How shall I come to thee, 671
How shall I give thee up 1032
How shall I pour out my complaint, 279
How shall I praise the eternal God, 15
How shall I stand the trying day 328
How shall we get our crimes forgiven, 57
How sharp and numerous are the pangs 291
How short our sorrows are, 479
How short the powers of nature fall, 1148
How signal are the blessings 292
How simple are thy children, Lord, 300
How sinners vaunt of power 674
How small thy faith appears! 339
How soft, compared with that he felt! 718
How soft the words my Saviour speaks, 762
How sore a plague is sin, 314
How sovereign is the love of God 206
How sovereign, wonderful, and free, 410
How strange is the course that a Christian must steer! 309
How strong it strikes the sense! 1064
How strong my foes and fears! 1051
How sure his great salvation shines 772
How sure is our salvation! Christ 815
How sweet and awful is the place, 440
How sweet and how fragrant the smell! 529
How sweet and precious is the name 557
How sweet are his commands! 124
How sweet his providential word, 1113
How sweet, how heavenly is the sight, 1082
How sweet the accents, how divine! 1085
How sweet the name of Jesus sounds 135
How sweet the song, there’s none can say 217
How sweet their memory still! 958
How sweet thy entertainments are! 264
How sweet to leave the world awhile, 1125
How sweet to wait upon the Lord, 387
How terrible thy praise! 833
How the Lord should dwell with me. 301
How the summons 496
How, then, can they persevere 645
How then can wrath on me take place, 227
How they divide our wavering minds, 1064
How they escaped from hell, 371
How they glory in the Lord, 187
How they shrink with horror, viewing 495
How thou wast plunged in wrath and pain, 652
How to mourn and not despair 746
How vain a toy is glittering wealth, 186
How vain are all things here below 1064
How vast the sufferings, who can tell, 724
How very foul and dim are we, 872
How vile and black must I appear, 119
How watchful is the loving Lord, 1113
How we may our hearts assure. 237
How weak all other helps appear! 949
How weak must be this wicked heart, 860
How welcome are thy shade and streams 924
How welcome to the saints, when pressed 1001
How welcome to the soul oppressed, 1091
How welcome to the tempest-tossed, 1093
How well thy blessed truths agree! 935
How white the garments are! 109
How wide they spread, how bright they shine! 957
How will the wicked quake and fear, 666
How willing was Jesus to die, 159
How wise and holy thy commands! 935
How with delight thy ways they walk, 740
How wonderful, how grand the plan! 579
How wondrous are the works of God, 88
How wondrous is thy love, 821
How would the powers of darkness boast 401
However great or small, 218
However sinful, weak, and poor, 377
Huge sorrows meet us as we go, 245
Human hearts and looks deceive us 971
Humble souls, who seek salvation 428
Humbly I entreat thy favour, 1119
Humbly take him at his word, 789
Humbly then sue again 484
Humbly trusting in thy cross 180
Humility, and love 796
Humility and love. 871
Hunger and long for righteousness 1112
Hungry, and poor, and lame, and blind, 738
Hymned by all the blood-bought throng 145
Hymned by all the heavenly host 802
Hymned his praise and why not you 1044
Hyssop, the plant ordained by God, 815