Once in shouts of lofty praises,
Jewish children hailed their King,
Made old Salem’s glorious temple
With their glad Hosannas ring.
While from infant lips ascended
Notes of joy and words of praise,
Jesus bowed His ear with pleasure,
Glad to hear their simple lays.

Jesus now, enthroned in glory,
Stoops to hear when children sing;
If they’re brought indeed to know Him,
And to own Him as their King;
If, convinced of their own vileness,
To His cross for refuge flee;
On His blood their hopes reposing,
Peace they taste at Calvary.

Soon the hour of death is coming,
Soon before Jehovah’s face
All must stand to hear their sentence;
Happy those who’re saved by grace;
They shall join the host of heaven,
And their glad Hosanna sing
To the Lord of life and glory,
Jesus Christ, their Saviour King.