How many good books that demand our respect,
Deserve to be well understood;
But one Book there is we should never neglect,
The Bible was written by God.

How many a pleasing and marvellous tale
This Book’s sacred pages record;
The moon once stood still over Ajalon’s vale;
The sun, too, at Joshua’s word.

How Adam, through sin, lost his Eden so fair,
The earth with the deluge was drowned;
Of God-fearing Joseph, of Solomon’s prayer,
Are all in this Book to be found.

How David, with only a stone and a sling
The mighty Philistine o’erthrew;
How Samuel chose the young shepherd as king;
Of Ahab and Jezebel, too.

And, far more important to you and to me,
It tells of Christ’s wonderful birth,
Who lay in a stable as mean as could be,
Although He created the earth.

It tells us He died to atone for vile sin,
And now lives in glory above:
That hearts where He early His work shall begin,
Shall find Him all blessing and love.

O may I more highly my Bible hence prize,
That doth such glad tidings record;
It’s able to make me both holy and wise,
Through faith in the Saviour and Lord.

Though other good books may be valued and read,
May this chiefest pleasure impart;
Though other good volumes enlighten the head,
This Book contains truth for the heart.