Near Eden’s land, in days gone by,
A lovely garden stood:
The trees were pleasant to the eye,
The fruit was good for food.

Two holy creatures spent their days
Within that garden fair;
In love they dwelt; they sang God’s praise,
And humbly knelt in prayer.

In that sweet land one tree was placed,
Their faithful love to try,
“That fruit,” God said, “you shall not taste;
Who eats shall surely die.”

O, why did Eve to Satan’s lies
So readily attend?
Upon the fruit why fix her eyes,
Then pluck it with her hand?

No more shall Eve nor Adam stray
Within that garden fair?
An angel stands to guard the way,
That none may enter there.

But there’s an Eden better far,
The Paradise of grace;
No flaming cherub hinders there
The souls who seek God’s face.