To walk with God: this Enoch did,
And thus God’s children do;
They walk by faith, and not by sight,
With Jesus Christ in view.

To walk with God: as two dear friends
Conversing every day;
Such company will make amends
For troubles by the way.

To walk with God: that child who would,
Must first with God agree;
His sins must bring to Jesus’ blood;
Get peace at Calvary’s tree.

To walk with God the saints desire,
Whatever others do;
And lest they weary grow and tire
They lean upon Him, too.

O, if I’m taught to lean on God,
And trust His faithful word,
And find support in Jesus’ blood,
Along earth’s painful road,

Then when my journey here is done,
My happy lot will be
To sit with Jesus on His throne,
His glorious face to see.