Joseph was the darling son,
Jacob’s heart was set on him.
Yet loved by a higher One,
Mercy’s door closed Joseph in.
And this mercy sweetly ran,
Through his life from first to last,
Childhood, youth, and up to man,
When in prison he was cast.

Joseph hated, nearly slain,
(See what hardened brethren do!)
Mercy interfered again,
Yet they stripped and sold him too;
Poor old Jacob’s heart was rent.
Comfort he refused to share,
But with Joseph mercy went,
See God’s wondrous timely care.

Joseph tempted, God was nigh,
Him he feared, and loved Him too,
Mercy prompted him to fly:
Sin against his God? Ah, no!
Pharaoh dreamed, and Joseph told
’Twas the Lord gave him the light,
Grace, sweet grace, made Joseph bold,
He found all God’s ways were right.

Ah! poor Jacob, what sayest thou?
Great indeed’s Jehovah’s care;
When thou didst with sorrow bow,
Was not mercy blended there?
For a time the boy is lost,
Borne on wings of favour still;
For a time thy way is crossed,
Mercy comes thy cup to fill.

Joseph dying, favoured been,
Ends a life of grace below;
Just a hundred years and ten,
Joseph does to glory go.
(O to be thus greatly blessed!)
Guarded through a world of sin,
And by saving love caressed,
Heaven, his home, he enters in.