By types and figures through the year,
God taught His church that Christ drew near,
And in them darkly might they see
A shadow of good things to be.

The paschal lamb at evening slain,
With bone unbroke, without a stain,
The blood on door and lintel shed;
The hyssop and unleavened bread;

The scapegoat, bearing far away
The sins that on his head they lay;
The daily sacrifice that bled,
Morning and evening in man’s stead;

The brazen serpent, set on high,
That Israel looking might not die,
Pointed to Him that should arise,
To be the sinner’s Sacrifice.

The manna that at break of day
About the tents of Israel lay,
Told of that true and living Bread
Wherewith God’s holy church is fed.

The cloven rock whence streams were sent
Following the people as they went,
Day after day their thirst sufficed
Unfailing, and that rock was Christ.