Lord, hast Thou me a gleaner made
Like Ruth, who chose to leave
Her home, her gods, her people too,
And to Naomi cleave?

She longed to know Naomi’s God,
And love Him for herself;
And is not that my wish, dear Lord;
O, do reveal Thyself!

Have I been made to cleave in truth
With strong and ardent plea?
Then make me, Lord, a real Ruth,
Let me my Boaz see.

I feel I have a little gleaned
Within the gospel field,
But O, ’tis such a little, Lord,
It does but longing yield.

Longing for more, for much, much more,
I want to see Thy face,
To know that Thou wilt me redeem,
That Thou wilt me embrace.

Ruth knew her Boaz’ love and care,
He spoke to her by name,
He let her glean without reproof,
Her husband then became.

May this my blest experience be,
To hear Thy gracious voice,
To be assured that I’m with Thee
One, by the Father’s choice.

Ah, Lord, it seems too good, too great,
Too high, for such as I,
I am not like Thine handmaids, Lord,
But Thou canst draw me nigh.