A widowed mother lost her son,
She had no son beside;
He was her loved, her only one,
And he fell sick and died.

And many a friend shed many a tear,
But none had power to save;
They placed the body on a bier,
To bear it to the grave.

When lo! a company appears,
A band by Jesus led:
Jesus can dry the mourner’s tears,
Jesus can raise the dead.

His heart, with tender pity moved,
Felt for the widow’s grief;
“Weep not,” He said, and soon He proved
His hand could give relief.

He touched the bier; the mourner’s eyes
Are fixed upon the Lord:
“Young man, I say to thee, Arise!”
Is His almighty word.

He rises up, he speaks, he lives;
No tear need now be shed;
Christ to the widowed mother gives
The child she mourned as dead.