A believer free from care,
May in chains or dungeons sing,
If the Lord be with him there,
And be happier than a king.

Paul and Silas thus confined,
Though their backs were torn by whips,
Yet, possessing peace of mind.
Sung His praise with joyful lips.

Suddenly the prison shook,
Open flew the iron doors;
And the jailer, terror-struck,
Now his captives’ help implores.

Trembling at their feet he fell,
“Tell me, sirs, what must I do,
To be saved from guilt and hell?
None can tell me this but you.”

“Look to Jesus,” they replied;
“If on Him thou canst believe,
By the death which He hath died,
Thou salvation shalt receive.”

While the living word he heard,
Faith sprang up within his heart;
And, released from all he feared,
In their joy his soul had part.

Sinners, Christ is still the same,
O that you could likewise fear!
Then the mention of His Name
Would be music to your ear.