Whatever the wicked may say,
And those who God’s mercy despise,
Although they seem merry and gay,
They know not where happiness lies.

They seek it in pleasure and mirth,
They seek it in riches and fame;
Yet when they have sought through the earth,
At most, they have only the name.

Awhile they may boast of success,
Their goods may increase and abound;
But still, if the Lord do not bless,
No true satisfaction is found.

The hopes of the wicked will fail,
When called to relinquish their breath;
God’s mercy alone can avail
To give a man hope in his death.

But should we be ever so poor,
And yet have the Lord for our Friend,
Of life everlasting secure,
Our happiness never shall end.

May we in the days of our youth,
All learn where true happiness lies:
To savingly know the Lord’s truth
Will make us both happy and wise.