On Zion’s glorious summit stood
A numerous host, redeemed by blood;
They hymned their King in strains divine;
I heard the song and strove to join.

Here all who suffered sword or flame,
For truth, or Jesus’ lovely Name,
Shout victory now, and hail the Lamb,
And bow before the great I AM.

While everlasting ages roll,
Eternal love shall feast their soul;
And scenes of bliss, for ever new,
Rise in succession to their view.

Here Mary and Manasseh view,
The dying thief and Abraham too;
With equal love their spirits flame,
The same their joy, their song the same.

O sweet employ to sing and trace
Th’ amazing heights and depths of grace;
And spend from sin and sorrow free,
A blissful vast eternity!

O what a sweet exalted song,
When every tribe and every tongue,
Redeemed by blood, with Christ appear,
And join in one full chorus there!

My soul anticipates the day,
Would stretch her wings and soar away,
To aid the song, a palm to bear,
And bow, the chief of sinners, there.