The spacious heavens declare
The glory of our God.
The firmament displays
His handiwork abroad.
Day unto day proclaims His might
And night His wisdom tells to night.

Aloud they do not speak,
They utter forth no word,
Nor into language break,
Their voice is never heard;
Yet through the world the truth they bear
And their Creator’s power declare.

The clouds of heaven are spread,
A tent to hold the sun,
And like a bridegroom fair
Comes forth the mighty one,
Rejoicing in his strength and grace
To run his wondrous daily race.

His daily going forth
Is from the end of heaven;
The firmament to him
Is for his circuit given;
His journey reaches to its ends,
And everywhere his heat extends.

Jehovah’s perfect law
Restores the soul again;
His testimony sure
Gives wisdom unto men;
The precepts of the Lord are right
And fill the heart with great delight.