When Abraham’s servant to procure
A wife for Isaac went.
He met Rebekah – told his wish –
Her parents gave consent.

Yet for ten days they urged the man
His journey to delay;
“Hinder me not,” he quick replied,
“Since God has crowned my way.”

’Twas thus I cried when Christ the Lord
My soul to Him did wed;
“Hinder me not, nor friends nor foes,
Since God my way hath sped.”

“Stay,” says the world, “and taste awhile
My every pleasant sweet”;
“Hinder me not,” my soul replies,
Because the way is great.

“Stay,” Satan, my old master, cries,
“Or force shall thee detain”;
“Hinder me not, I will be gone,
My God has broke my chain!”

* * *

In all my Lord’s appointed ways,
My journey I’ll pursue;
Hinder me not, ye much-loved saints,
For I must go with you.

Through floods and flames, if Jesus lead,
I’ll follow where He goes;
“Hinder me not,” shall be my cry,
Though earth and hell oppose.

Through duty and through trials too,
I’ll go at His command;
Hinder me not, for I am bound
To my Immanuel’s land.

And when my Saviour calls me home,
Still this my cry shall be,
“Hinder me not, come, welcome death,
I’ll gladly go with Thee.”