His Name

There is a Name which fills with praise,
The countless hosts of heaven,
And there are some to whom the joy
Of naming it is given;
Who, even in their childhood learn
Towards the cross their eyes to turn
And love the Name of Jesus.

There is a Name which sweetly tells
Of some great wonder done,
And makes the heart which knows it glad,
Though other joys he’s none;
For then his life, his hope begins,
And then he finds that all his sins
Were put away by Jesus.

There is a Name which children’s lips
Most happily can use,
As soon as truly in their hearts
Is hid the gospel news;
For all that’s present, all that’s past,
And every good from first to last,
They then receive from Jesus.

There is a Name which, often used,
Yet never, never tires;
And in the blessèd sound of which
The dying saint expires,
Who thinks of Calvary and longs,
With sweeter note and ceaseless songs,
To praise the Name of Jesus.