The God of Abraham praise,
Who reigns enthroned above,
Ancient of everlasting days,
And God of Love!
Jehovah! Great I AM!
By earth and heaven confessed;
I bow and bless the sacred Name,
For ever blessed.

The God, who reigns on high,
The great archangels sing,
And, “Holy, holy, holy,” cry,
“Almighty King!
Who was, and is, the same,
And evermore shall be!
Jehovah! Father! Great I AM!
We worship Thee!”

Before the Saviour’s face
The ransomed nations bow,
O’erwhelmed at His almighty grace,
For ever new:
He shows His prints of love;
They kindle to a flame,
And sound, through all the worlds above,
The slaughtered Lamb!

The whole triumphant host
Give thanks to God on high;
“Hail! Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!”
They ever cry.
Hail! Abraham’s God, and mine!
I’d join the heavenly lays;
All might and majesty are Thine,
And endless praise!