His Tenderness


’Tis the tender hearted Jesus,
Who could weep o’er human woe,
None but this dear Friend could ease us,
Could such deep compassion show,
Man’s transgression
Marred His face and bruised Him too.

See a widow hopeless crying,
She has lost her only son,
Jesus meets her, and her sighing
Touches this most tender One,
Soon He helps her,
Speaks – gives life – her grief is gone.

How He weeps to see that city
Given up to unbelief,
He could see with tender pity,
(And this melted Him with grief),
Near to ruin,
But they had no will or faith.

May a child ask one petition?
Tender Jesus, hear and give,
Let me share in Thy compassion,
Pity me, and bid me live;
All the glory,
Thou, kind-hearted Lord, shalt have.