Who taught the little birds to sing
Their songs so glad and free?
Who taught them how to build their nests
Away up in the tree?
Who taught the busy little bees
To gather honey sweet,
And showed them how to store it up,
For boys and girls to eat?

Who made the golden buttercups,
And taught them how to grow?
Who kept them through the winter time
Down underneath the snow?
Who made the pretty daisies white?
And gave them hearts of gold?
Who told them in the summer time
Their petals to unfold?

Who made the sun so warm and bright
To shine through all the day?
Who makes it sink to rest at night,
And rise up in the day?
Who made the shining stars so bright,
And placed them in the sky?
Who keeps them twinkling all the night
Above our heads so high?

’Tis God, the heavenly Father good,
Who made and cares for all,
For birds, and bees, and shining stars;
He knows if one should fall.
And if He cares for little things,
And tells them what to do,
He surely loves His children more,
And watches o’er them too.