“I said, I shall never be moved.” Ps. 30.  6

J. Newton    L.M.

The peace of which I had a taste
When Jesus first his love revealed,
I fondly hoped would always last,
Because my foes were then concealed.

But when I felt the tempter’s power
Rouse my corruptions from their sleep,
I trembled at the stormy hour,
And saw the horrors of the deep.

Now on presumption’s billows borne,
My spirit seemed the Lord to dare,
Now, quick as thought, a sudden turn
Plunged me in gulfs of black despair.

“Lord, save me, or I sink,” I prayed;
He heard, and bade the tempest cease;
The angry waves his word obeyed,
And all my fears were hushed to peace.

The peace is his, and not my own,
My heart (no better than before)
Is still to dreadful changes prone;
Then let me never trust it more.


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