Joshua’s Invitation, in a Gospel Sense. Joshua 3. 9

H. Fowler    L.M.

Come hither, ye by sin distressed,
And hear the Saviour’s faithful word;
Soon ye shall enter into rest,
And know that he’s your conquering Lord.

Come hither, ye whose rising fears
Forbid you to exult and sing;
Whose moments pass in sighs and tears,
Feeling your guilt a dreadful sting.

Does Satan tempt you to give up,
And call no more on Jesus’ name?
Cast not away your little hope;
Come hither, and behold the Lamb.

Come hither, to the Saviour come,
Vile as thou art in every view;
In Jesus’ house there still is room
For needy sinners, such as you.

Power and love in Christ combine,
An able, willing Saviour too;
Is he a Sun? On thee he’ll shine.
Is he thy God? He’ll bring thee through.

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