“Whither the forerunner is for us entered.” Heb. 6. 20

H. Fowler    11s

In Jesus combine all the riches of grace,
What glory and grandeur I see in his face;
Jehovah’s eternal and co-equal Son,
Took all our transgressions and made them his own.

Ye children of Zion, now dry up your tears;
For you the Redeemer in glory appears;
Now he lives, now he reigns, now he dwells in the sky,
To answer the needy whenever they cry.

Afflicted believer, thy cause he’ll maintain;
Though rough be thy way, he’ll revive thee again;
In dark dispensations his kindness he’ll prove,
And teach thee to prize his immutable love.

What though thy corruptions are many and strong,
Thy gracious Redeemer will help thee along;
His promise assures thee, when troubles assail,
Though hell should oppose thee, thy faith cannot fail.

Chapel 1033

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