Encouragement for Seekers. Ps. 69. 32; Isa. 45. 19

H. Fowler    L.M.

Seek ye my face, the Saviour cries;
My soul, where canst thou find supplies
But in the Lamb, for sinners slain,
Who has not shed his blood in vain?

Does bitter anguish fill thy heart,
And make thee from the promise start?
Does Satan tempt thee to give up,
No more in Jesus’ name to hope?

Art thou afflicted, sore distressed,
Embarrassed and by guilt oppressed?
Anxious to know thy sins forgiven,
And find an open way to heaven?

Thou shalt obtain the blessing yet;
Jesus will not thy cries forget;
Wait on the Lord, take courage still;
His promise surely he’ll fulfil.


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