“I said unto thee … Live.” Ezek. 16. 6; Eph. 2. 4, 5

T. Kelly   8.7.7.

When we lay in sin polluted,
Wretched and undone we were;
All we saw and heard was suited
Only to produce despair;
Ours appeared a hopeless case;
Such it had been, but for grace.

As we lay exposed and friendless,
Needing what no hand could give,
Then the Lord (whose praise be endless)
Passèd by, and bid us live;
This was help in time of need;
This was grace, ’twas grace indeed.

Yes, ’twas grace beyond all measure,
When he bid such sinners live,
Laid aside his just displeasure,
And determined to forgive;
But he chose our hopeless case,
With a view to show his grace.

And shall we be found forgetful
Of the Lord, who thus forgave?
Lord, our hearts are most deceitful,
’Tis in thee our strength we have;
Should’st thou let thy people go,
They’d forget how much they owe.

Keep us, then, O keep us ever!
While we stand, ’tis in thy strength;
Leave us not, forsake us never,
Till we see thy face at length;
Hold thy helpless people fast;
Save us, Lord, from first to last.

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