“O Lord, rebuke me not in thy wrath.” Ps. 38. 1

T. Kelly   L.M.

Deal gently with thy servant, Lord,
And if the rod should needful be,
Thy seasonable aid afford;
My soul in trouble flies to thee.

Thy frown is terrible to bear,
But grace a spring of hope supplies;
Thy anger more than death I fear,
Thy favour more than life I prize.

But much I fear, lest in some hour
Of sore temptation I may fall;
And, yielding to the tempter’s power,
Faithless may prove, and give up all.

Lord, save thy worm, for thou alone
Canst keep me in the trying hour;
Thy help I trust to, not my own,
Thy love, thy wisdom, and thy power.

When chastisement shall needful be,
Correct thy worm, but not in wrath;
A father’s hand I fain would see;
A father’s rod no terror hath.

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