“Lead me in thy truth.” Ps. 25. 5; 5. 8; John 14. 6

C. Wesley   S.M.

Jesus, the Truth, the Way,
The sure, unerring Light,
On thee my feeble soul I’d stay,
Which thou canst lead aright.

O may thy Spirit, Lord,
Soon as the foe comes in,
His mighty needful help afford,
And stem the tide of sin.

May I from every sin,
As from a serpent, fly;
Abhor to touch the thing unclean,
And rather choose to die.

Myself I cannot save;
Myself I cannot keep;
But strength in thee I fain would have,
Whose eyelids never sleep.

My soul to thee alone
I therefore now commend;
Since Jesus, having loved his own,
Will love them to the end.

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