“King of kings, and Lord of lords.” Rev. 19. 16; 17. 14

T. Kelly   7s

King of kings, and Lords of lords!
These are great and awful words;
’Tis to Jesus they belong;
Let his people raise their song.

Rich in glory, thou didst stoop;
Thou that art the people’s hope;
Thou wast poor, that they might be
Rich in glory, Lord, with thee.

When we think of love like this,
Joy and shame our hearts possess;
Joy, that thou couldst pity thus;
Shame, for such returns from us.

Yet we hope the day to see,
When we shall from earth be free;
Borne aloft, to heaven be brought,
There to praise thee as we ought.

While we still continue here,
Let this hope our spirits cheer.
Till in heaven thy face we see,
Teach us, Lord, to live to thee.


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