“I will take away the stony heart.” Ezek. 36. 26

C. Wesley                   7s

Dearest Lord, what must I do?
Only thou the way canst show;
Thou canst save me in this hour;
I have neither will nor power.

God if over all thou art,
Greater than the sinful heart;
Let thy power in me be shown;
Take away the heart of stone.

Take away my darling sin,
Make me willing to be clean;
Make me willing to receive
What thy goodness waits to give.

Teach me, Lord, with all to part;
Tear all idols from my heart;
Let thy power on me be shown;
Take away the heart of stone.

Jesus, mighty to renew,
Work in me to will and do;
Turn my nature’s rapid tide;
Stem the torrent of my pride.

Stop the whirlwind of my will;
Bid corruptions, Lord, be still;
Now thy love almighty show,
Cleanse my heart, my mind renew.



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