“Say unto my soul, I am thy salvation.” Ps. 35. 3

A. Steele            C.M.

Eternal Source of joys divine,
To thee my soul aspires;
O could I say, “The Lord is mine,”
’Tis all my soul desires.

Thy smile can give me real joy,
Unmingled and refined;
Substantial bliss, without alloy,
And lasting as the mind.

Thy smile can gild the shades of woe,
Bid stormy trouble cease,
Spread the fair dawn of heaven below,
And sweeten pain to peace.

My hope, my trust, my life, my Lord,
Assure me of thy love;
O speak the kind transporting word,
And bid my fears remove.

Then shall my thankful powers rejoice,
And triumph in my God,
Till heavenly rapture tune my voice
To spread thy praise abroad.

Chapel 1079

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