“Commune with your own heart.” Ps. 4. 4; 18. 6

A. Steele                          L.M.

Hence, vain, intruding world, depart;
No more allure nor vex my heart;
Let every vanity be gone;
I would be peaceful and alone.

Here let me search my inmost mind,
And try its real state to find,
The secret springs of thought explore,
And call my words and actions o’er.

Eternity, tremendous sound!
To guilty souls a dreadful wound;
But O, if Christ and heaven be mine,
How sweet the accents, how divine!

Be this my great, my only care,
My chief pursuit, my ardent prayer,
An interest in the Saviour’s blood,
My pardon sealed, and peace with God.

Search, Lord, O search my inmost heart,
And light, and hope, and joy impart;
From guilt and error set me free,
And guide me safe to heaven and thee.


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