“The Spirit … maketh intercession for us.” Rom. 8. 26

J. Swain   L.M.

When some sweet promise warms our heart,
And cheers us under every care,
It is the Spirit’s gracious part
To take that word and fix it there.

’Twas he that turned our hearts away
From love of sin and hateful strife;
His all-creating beams display
The dawn of everlasting life.

’Tis he that brings us comfort down,
When we complain and mourn for sin;
And, while he shows our heavenly crown,
Assures us sin no more shall reign.

Our great High Priest, before the throne,
Presents the merits of his blood;
For our acceptance pleads his own,
And proves our cause completely good.

When prayer or praise attempts to rise,
And fain would reach Jehovah’s ear,
His all-prevailing sacrifice
Perfumes, and makes it welcome there.

Chapel 1107

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