“Unclean, unclean.” Lev. 13. 45; Job 40. 4

W. W. Horne   7s

Jesus, thou alone canst save,
Thou canst raise the dead to life;
Thy reviving power I crave,
To decide this inward strife.

Sin my every power defiles,
Thought, and word, and action too;
Jesus, in thy mercy smile;
Cleanse, and make me white as snow.

Surely none on earth’s so vile,
So polluted as I am;
Condescend, in love to smile,
O thou sin-atoning Lamb!

Fierce, impetuous, o’er my head
Billows of temptation roll;
Sorrows rise, and joys are fled;
Darkness veils my shipwrecked soul.

’Midst the waves O bear me up;
In thy strength alone I stand;
In thy promise is my hope;
Guide me safe to Zion’s land.

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