“It is manna.” Exod. 16. 15-21; 2 Cor. 8. 15

J. Newton   C.M.

The manna, favoured Israel’s meat,
Was gathered day by day;
When all the host was served, the heat
Melted the rest away.

In vain to hoard it up they tried,
Against tomorrow came;
It then bred worms and putrefied;
And proved their sin and shame.

So truths by which the soul is fed
Must e’er be had afresh;
For notions resting in the head
Will only feed the flesh.

Nor can the best experience past
The life of faith maintain;
The brightest hope will faint at last,
Unless supplied again.

Dear Lord, while in thy house we’re found,
Do thou the manna give;
O let it fall on us around,
That we may eat and live.

Chapel 1126

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