Confession and Prayer for Church and Nation

A. Steele   C.M.

See, gracious God, before thy throne
Thy mourning people bend;
’Tis on thy sovereign grace alone
Our humble hopes depend.

Tremendous judgments from thy hand
Thy dreadful power display;
Yet mercy spares this guilty land,
And still we live to pray.

Great God! and why is Britain spared?
Ungrateful as we are;
O make thy awful warnings heard,
While mercy cries, Forbear!

What numerous crimes increasing rise
Through this apostate isle!
What land as favoured of the skies,
And yet what land so vile!

How changed, alas, are truths divine,
For error, guilt and shame!
What impious numbers, bold in sin,
Disgrace the Christian name!

Regardless of thy smile or frown,
Their pleasures they require;
And sink with gay indifference down
To everlasting fire.

O turn us, turn us, mighty Lord,
By thy resistless grace;
Then shall our hearts obey thy word,
And humbly seek thy face;

Then, should insulting foes invade,
We shall not sink in fear;
Secure of never-failing aid,
If God, our God, is near.

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