Christ the Fountain for Sin and Uncleanness. Zech. 13. 1

J. Hart                                                          104th

The fountain of Christ, assist me to sing,
The blood of our Priest, our crucified King;
Which perfectly cleanses from sin and from filth,
And richly dispenses salvation and health.

This fountain so dear, he’ll freely impart;
Unlocked by the spear, it gushed from his heart,
With blood and with water; the first to atone,
To cleanse us the latter; the fountain’s but one.

[This fountain is such (as thousands can tell),
The moment we touch its streams we are well.
All waters beside them are full of the curse;
For all who have tried them, swell, rot, and grow worse.]

[This fountain, sick soul, recovers thee quite;
Bathe here and be whole, wash here and be white;
Whatever diseases or dangers befall,
The fountain of Jesus will rid thee of all.]

This fountain from guilt not only makes pure,
And gives soon as felt infallible cure;
But if guilt removèd return and remain,
Its power may be provèd again and again.

This fountain unsealed stands open for all
That long to be healed, the great and the small.
Here’s strength for the weakly that hither are led;
Here’s health for the sickly, here’s life for the dead.

This fountain, though rich, from charge is quite clear;
The poorer the wretch, the welcomer here;
Come needy, come guilty, come loathsome and bare;
You can’t come too filthy; come just as you are.

This fountain in vain has never been tried;
It takes out all stain whenever applied;
The water flows sweetly with virtue divine,
To cleanse souls completely, though leprous as mine.


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