“Him hath God exalted.” Acts 5. 31; Phil. 2. 9

S. Medley                           L.M.

Join, all who love the Saviour’s name,
To sing his everlasting fame;
Great God! prepare each heart and voice
In Him for ever to rejoice.

Of Him what wondrous things are told!
In Him what glories I behold!
For Him I gladly all things leave;
To Him, my soul, for ever cleave.

In Him my treasure’s all contained;
By Him my feeble soul’s sustained;
From Him I all things now receive;
Through Him my soul shall ever live.

With Him I daily love to walk;
Of Him my soul delights to talk;
On Him I cast my every care;
Like Him one day I shall appear.

Bless Him, my soul, from day to day,
Trust Him to bring thee on thy way;
Give Him thy poor, weak, sinful heart;
With Him, O never, never part;

Take Him for strength and righteousness;
Make Him thy refuge in distress;
Love Him above all earthly joy,
And Him in everything employ.

Praise Him in cheerful, grateful songs;
To Him your highest praise belongs;
’Tis he who does your heaven prepare,
And Him you’ll sing for ever there.


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