Christ altogether lovely. Ps. 45. 2; Song 5. 16

J. Berridge                                            7s

Soon as faith the Lord can see,
Bleeding on the cross for me,
Quick my idols all depart,
Jesus gets and fills my heart.

[None among the sons of men,
None among the heavenly train,
Can with Jesus then compare;
None so sweet and none so fair.]

Then my tongue would fain express
All his love and loveliness;
But I lisp and falter forth
Broken words, not half his worth.

Vexed, I try and try again;
Still my efforts all are vain;
Living tongues are dumb at best;
We must die to speak of Christ.

[Blessèd is the upper saint,
Who can praise and never faint,
Gazing on thee evermore,
And with flaming heart adore.]

[Let the Lord a smile bestow
On his lisping babes below,
That will keep their infant tongue
Prattling of him all day long.]

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