“Who of God is made … wisdom.” 1 Cor. 1. 24, 30

J. Hart                                              C.M.

Believers own they are but blind;
They know themselves unwise;
But wisdom in the Lord they find,
Who opens all their eyes.

Unrighteous are they all, when tried;
But God himself declares
In Jesus they are justified;
His righteousness is theirs.

[That we’re unholy needs no proof;
We sorely feel the fall;
But Christ has holiness enough
To sanctify us all.]

Exposed by sin to God’s just wrath,
We look to Christ and view
Redemption in his blood by faith,
And full redemption too.

[Some this, some that good virtue teach,
To rectify the soul;
But we first after Jesus reach,
And richly grasp the whole.]

To Jesus joined, we all that’s good
From him, our Head, derive.
We eat his flesh and drink his blood,
And by and in him live.

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