Grace Exalted in the New Birth. John 1. 13; James 1. 18

S. Medley                                  L.M.

Assist my soul, my heavenly King,
Thy everlasting love to sing;
And joyful spread thy praise abroad,
As one, through grace, that’s born of God.

[No, it was not the will of man
My soul’s new heavenly birth began;
Nor will nor power of flesh and blood
That turned my heart from sin to God.]

Herein let self be all abased,
And sovereign love alone confessed;
This be my song through all the road,
That born I am, and born of God.

O may this love my soul constrain
To make returns of love again;
That I, while earth is my abode,
May live like one that’s born of God.

[May I thy praises daily show,
Who hast created all things new,
And washed me in a Saviour’s blood
To prove that I’m a son of God.]

And when the appointed hour shall come,
That thou wilt call me to my home,
Joyful I’ll pass the chilling flood,
And die as one that’s born of God.

Then shall my soul triumphant rise
To its blest mansion in the skies;
And in that glorious, bright abode,
Sing then as one that’s born of God.

Chapel 195

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