The Sufferings and Death of Jesus. Luke 22. 44

J. Swain                                                  8s

How willing was Jesus to die,
That we fellow-sinners might live!
The life they could not take away,
How ready was Jesus to give!
They piercèd his hands and his feet;
His hands and his feet he resigned;
The pangs of his body were great,
But greater the pangs of his mind.

That wrath would have kindled a hell
Of never-abating despair,
In millions of creatures, which fell
On Jesus, and spent itself there.
’Twas justice that burst in a blaze
Of vengeance on Jesus, our Head;
Divinity’s indwelling rays
Sustained him till nature was dead.

Divinity back to his frame
The life he had yielded restored,
And Jesus entombed was the same
With Jesus in glory adored.
No nearer we venture than this,
To gaze on a deep so profound,
But tread, whilst we taste of the bliss,
With reverence the hallowèd ground.


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