Cast Down, yet Hoping in God. Ps. 42. 5-11; 43. 5

J. Fawcett             8.7.4.

O my soul, what means this sadness?
Wherefore art thou thus cast down?
Let thy griefs be turned to gladness;
Bid thy restless fears be gone;
Look to Jesus,
And rejoice in his dear name.

What though Satan’s strong temptations
Vex and tease thee day by day,
And thy sinful inclinations
Often fill thee with dismay?
Thou shalt conquer,
Through the Lamb’s redeeming blood.

Though ten thousand ills beset thee,
From without and from within,
Jesus says he’ll ne’er forget thee,
But will save from hell and sin;
He is faithful,
To perform his gracious word.

Though distresses now attend thee,
And thou tread’st the thorny road,
His right hand shall still defend thee;
Soon he’ll bring thee home to God;
Therefore praise him;
Praise the great Redeemer’s name.

O that I could now adore him
Like the heavenly host above,
Who for ever bow before him,
And unceasing sing his love!
Happy songsters!
When shall I your chorus join?


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