On Opening a new Place of Worship. Zech. 8. 7-9

S. Medley            C.M.

Great God! thy glory and thy love
Our humble songs employ;
Propitious from thy throne above,
Look down, and aid our joy.

Thy presence and thy glories, Lord,
Fill all the realms of space;
O let thy presence, by thy word,
Divinely fill this place.

Sacred to thy eternal name,
Behold, these walls we raise;
Long may they stand to show thy fame,
And echo to thy praise.

This day begins the solemn sound
Of sacred worship here;
May every saint with joy abound,
And reverential fear.

Dear Jesus! Zion’s holy King,
Enter with all thy train,
And here thy choicest blessings bring,
And long may they remain.

Eternal Spirit! heavenly Dove!
Enter and fill this place;
Reveal Immanuel’s matchless love
And open all his grace.

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