Sweetness of Waiting at Throne of Grace. Ps. 119. 103

J. Swain            L.M.

How sweet to wait upon the Lord,
While he fulfils his gracious word;
To seek his face, and not in vain,
To be beloved, and love again!

To see, while prostrate at his feet,
Jehovah on the mercy-seat;
And Jesus, at the Lord’s right hand,
With his divine atonement stand!

“Father,” he cries, “I will that these
Before thee on their bended knees,
For whom my life I once laid down,
Be with me soon on this my throne.”

Amen! our hearts with rapture cry,
May we with reverence look so high;
Ascended Saviour, fix our eyes,
By faith upon this glorious prize!

With this delightful prospect fired,
We’ll run, nor in thy ways be tired;
And all the trials here we see,
Will make us long to reign with thee.

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