Praying for Christ to be Revealed. 2 Cor. 4. 6

W. Tucker          L.M.

Amidst ten thousand anxious cares,
The world and Satan’s deep-laid snares,
This my incessant cry shall be,
Jesus, reveal thyself to me.

When Sinai’s awful thunder rolled,
And struck with terror all my soul,
No gleam of comfort could I see,
Till Jesus was revealed to me.

When by temptations sore oppressed,
Distressful anguish fills my breast!
All, all is grief and misery,
Till Jesus is revealed to me.

When various lusts imperious rise,
And my unguarded soul surprise;
I’m captive led, nor can get free,
Till Christ reveals himself to me.

When darkness, thick as beamless night,
Hides the loved Saviour from my sight,
Nothing but this my ardent plea,
Jesus, reveal thyself to me.

’Tis he dispels the dismal gloom;
Gives light and gladness in its room;
Then have I joy and liberty
As Christ reveals himself to me.


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