Praise to the Redeemer. Ps. 107. 1, 2; 1 John 1. 7, 9

J. Kent (last 3 verses)           L.M.

Dear Lord! my panting soul inflame,
To spread abroad thy matchless fame,
And with a solemn pleasure tell,
The grace which saves from death and hell.

Here’s pardon full for sin that’s past;
It matters not how black their cast;
And O my soul, with wonder view,
For sins to come here’s pardon too.

The nation, thus redeemed from sin,
Was chosen, loved, and blessed in him;
They ne’er shall die while Jesus lives;
His covenant life eternal gives.

Let saints prepare to crown his brow
With bright immortal trophies now;
And let their songs record his name,
His honours, and his deathless fame.


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